Diablo 3: Play Your Way Returns June 23

After a long hiatus Nevalists brings back Play Your Way; the old weekly stream featuring players builds from the community. This time in a bi-weekly format.

Also said streaming players builds will now be down to shortened videos to showcase the builds. The streaming element of the old Play Your Way is also not returning.

Play Your Way

It’s been a while, nephalem. We took a break from bringing you regular build highlights, but the time has come to once again submit your builds and showcase them to the world!

With the return of Play Your Way, there will be a several changes coming to streamline the process and make the feature a smoother, more manageable beast than before. Between the hundreds of submissions to review and the original weekly schedule, we realized we needed to space things out to provide better content. We also received plenty of feedback about how you’d like to see the Play Your Way experience enhanced and looked at data to determine which aspects you most enjoyed. After a lot of review, experimentation, and tweaking, we’ve put together the final format. Here’s what’s changing:

  • Updates are coming to the Play Your Way web form to better cover all the important aspects of a build, including Kanai’s Cube Powers and Legendary Gems
    • In the meantime, we ask when submitting your build to use the “additional information” text field to include this information
  • Play Your Way will be moving to a bi-weekly format; this means you can expect regular posts to occur every other Thursday
  • Each feature will include a short gameplay video to highlight the builds and provide a visual look at player creations
  • Play Your Way livestreams will not be returning; while we know plenty of folks enjoyed these short hangouts, many more players enjoy the blogs so we’re focusing our efforts primarily on those.
  • Blogs will be shorter and more to-the-point; less commentary, more statements of fact to get you in game and experimenting as fast as possible

We want to know how you play on a day-to-day basis and give you the chance to share your findings with the rest of the community. There are plenty of places on the internet to find the fastest or most efficient build. However, that’s never been the spirit of Play Your Way; we’d much rather give the average hero a chance to show off their creativity and inspire others. We hope to get to explore some amazing, funky, and downright cool gameplay styles together with our community as a result.

So what are you waiting for? Start sending those builds in, and we’ll see you in Sanctuary!

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  1. “builds” lawl…”Wear set pieces and use the abilities they tell you to use.” yeah. Difficult and complex, rewarding system you got there, Blizzard…*eyeroll*

    • Yeah it’s waaay more fun having my mage spend thirty levels whacking things with a stick before I can spend any of the points the guide I read online told me to and then putting on all the gear it tells me to use that I bought off jsp.

      • Both not the perfect solution, yet. Agreed. Well … , what more can we fans do, than to try pitching our own ideas?! Were they ever being read? Was the attempted development process from pitched idea to pitched idea evaluated as a whole? Or just each pitched Aspect (, that’s naturally out of context to the rest, ) for and by itself? Communication HAS become better, … but that part of the internal process of talking to the critical fanbase is still somewhat obscure; as if it were something of a trade secret in and by itself …

      • Fun is subjective, and I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I played Diablo 2. that’s on you, fella. But you have no choice BUT to play this way on Diablo 3. Nice try. 0/10.

  2. There’s a small PTR patch out. Spike Traps are totally different and buffed, Firebird’s won’t proc w/o three skills, and they’re closing the Blue Elite loophole, Akkhan and Raiment are getting buffed, and there’s a Spirit Barrage channel buffer or something. I’m assuming it’s first draft stuff. Spike Traps sound really interesting.

  3. I wonder if it is to kindle interest in D3 again before Blizzcon xpac announcement, so it does not seem so out of nowhere. One can hope.

    • Hope? Yes. But trust? Blind trust?

      I’m sorry, but if the suits really are in total control now, there’s actually no reason for trust. On the contrary, it just makes weary even more, that the criticism still hasn’t been understood and adressed to the party responsible for openly shitting(!) on D3s predecessor and the development of the genre in the meanwhile.

      There was a reason, why Blizz North and Blizz “Central” , in tandem , were able to create two games in a row defining and shaping a whole Genre. Have you really not gotten it yet … ?!?

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