Play Diablo III and Win Beta Keys with Blizzard at CeBIT 2012.

Happen to live near Hannover, Germany and want to win a Diablo III Beta key? Well then you’re in luck, since Blizzard is attending this years CeBit in partnership with ESL.

CeBIT is a unique exhibition of digital technology, games and much more which takes place every year in Hannover, Germany. At the 2012 show, which starts on March 6, Blizzard Entertainment will be showcasing the Diablo III beta in the free gaming area, in partnership with ESL.
Members of our Community and eSports teams are looking forward to meeting you there! So if you’re going to CeBIT make sure you drop by to see us, especially as you’ll have the chance to win some nice prizes — including Diablo III beta keys — in the various contests and activities we’ll be organizing.
CeBIT is also hosting the final of the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI, where 24 of the best StarCraft II players will fight for the title of IEM World Champion and an impressive prize pool of $75,000! The roster so far contains famous names like Greg “IdrA” Fields, Giacomo “Socke” Thüs, Moon “MMA” Sung Won and Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan – so make sure to follow the matches live or tune in on ESL TV.
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
Event: CeBIT 2012 / Intel Extreme Masters Season VI World Championship
Location: Messe Hannover / Exhibition Grounds 30521 Hannover Germany
When: March 6 to 10, 2012
Stream: ESL TV
More details: ESL news / CeBIT website
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14 thoughts on “Play Diablo III and Win Beta Keys with Blizzard at CeBIT 2012.

  1. Oh yeah they did make a new announcement through the conference call.  Release date announcements all a blur at this point.

  2. Add 2 months to the release date every time they hand out beta keys. Of course this is Blizzard, i will add 3 months just to be safe.

    Wish they would stop handing out beta keys and finalize the game already…

    It’s been 5 months since beta started. So late next month I can expect any day that they will announce the release date since they said beta usually run for 6 months.

  3. I don’t see how them handing out beta keys says anything about release except ‘after that date’.  They only really need 2 months notice of the date for advertising, there’s no reason why they can’t give out beta keys until a few weeks before release.  Even a week’s time is enough to enjoy the beta content and they could run the beta until a week or two before release.

  4. Hm 300KM away from my home. Naa, too much money needed for waiting 4 hours in line next to sweaty gamers just to play D3 for 15 minutes.
    Waiting for EU beta key, blizzard!

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