A press release about the 2009 G-Star show in Busan has some welcome news, for any South Korean Blizzard fans.

    G-Star 2009 welcomes more than 198 exhibitors and sponsors which is jumped from 162 last year. The first-time participant Activision Blizzard as well as South Korean first-tier publishers such as NCsoft, NHN, Nexon are going to offer a glimpse of their upcoming games; Activision Blizzard showcases playable versions of StarCraft2 and Diablo 3, while NCsoft unveils Blade&Soul. NHN shows the highly anticipated game Tera, and Nexon shows Dragon Quest and four other games.

    We’re assuming the D3 build is from Blizzcon, and thus won’t show anything new or changed. And who knows if anyone will even play it, with Starcraft 2 sitting nearby in SC-mad Korea. But maybe we’ll see some ninja cell phone videos or articles from major media…

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