Play D3 in Germany @ Gamescom

a news item on PCGames.deBlizzard more or less confirmed this last month, but now it’s official. Diablo 3 will be playable for attendees at the German Gamescom convention next week. Here’s the quote from This year’s Gamescom, via the Google translator.

Like a spokesman for Activision Blizzard to confirmed is Diablo 3 on the next gamescom 2009 be playable. The long-awaited action role-playing game still has no release date, but you must at the upcoming fair test if the game your needs.

The translation seems pretty straight forward, but if someone with German fluency can confirm, it would be appreciated. This year’s Gamescom runs from the 20-23rd, in Cologne, Germany.


Update: From Blizzard’s European site:

Blizzard Entertainment Games at gamescom


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