Plan Your BlizzCon Schedule with the BlizzCon Planner

Community member DarkPhenomenon created a handy BlizzCon 2011 planner so you can see the schedule in it’s entirety. We have made a couple of edits to the original to highlight the Diablo 3 sections so you can plan your DirectTV viewing, or if you’re at the show, so you don’t miss anything.

All times are local California time, -8 GMT.
BlizzCon 2011 Planner

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  1. In case anyone doesn’t know, the schedule can also be viewed in Blizzard’s BlizzCon app:
    You can set up alarms for events with it and see where they will take place on the floor map. It looks quite handy for people new to BlizzCon.

  2. I wish there was a panel “Big D3 Announcement”.. I wan’t some really good news like release date, because.. if not at Blizzcon, when?

  3. so Black Soulstone is D3 stuff not D2… exciting!

  4. Gotta love how they give the sound panel a half hour where it could have two hours.
    What does that tell you?

  5. Allow me to sum up Blizzcon 2011 in regards to Diablo 3:
    Omgawd it sounds even more like Diablo than Diablo 2 did!
    Omgawd a new cinematic
    Omgawd some talk on reworking runestones once more
    Omgawd can’t forget LORE…..(cool for some but its not that exciting for me)
    and NO release date for Diablo 3. Im just sayin.. don’t get your hopes up. 😕

    • BlizzCon is our only chance to gain insight into what comes after the beta, so forgive me if I’m excited about it. 🙂

      I would very much like to hear what’s the devs current vision for the Runestone system. After I explored the beta areas I’m also really excited about the dedicated Sound Panel, even if it’s short.

  6. What timezone are these times in?

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