We like our occasional features not least because it means we can slack on them without reproach (but never quite as badly as our notorious Diablo 2 Facts of the Day).  Another reason we like them is because they’re usually a bit of fun and involve the community.

    This one we’ve called Pimp My Space and every so often we’ll post one of your work game desks (station, plot, corner, pit, nest) – some pictures and text provided by yourself.  They don’t have to be super geeky with NASA-standard equipment and they don’t need spring cleaning either.  You can even include a picture of yourself sat there demonstrating what you look like when you’re playing games – I will insist though that if you’re partial to playing in saggy old ‘Ys’ that you throw a rug over your lap, that goes for the boys too.

    Click through for photos and captions that fully explain the depravity of Gorny’s snack choices.


    Here you can see the tools of my trade so to speak. Out in front and beyond my desk is the courtroom I currently work in. You can see the attorney’s tables, the gate that leads to the gallery of benches and further beyond, the doors to the hallway. Of course, the screen has the forums up on it and on seperate tabs behind them are two different screens, one is for data entry of my court orders or pleadings and the other screen is a duplicate of the work one but it remains in guest mode and I use it to look up cases during my call or when I’m data entering.

    To the left of the monitor is the clerk’s standard calendar, it lists the whole year 12 months at a time with weekends and court holidays and the like shaded out. I have to consult this calendar for half a million different reasons at any given time. Just underneath the monitor and on the desk to the left is the redbook. I use it to keep track of how many cases I have continued to a given day, I give out return dates for 30, 45, 60, 90 days and 5 and 6 months out. In truth the red book is a bit outdated as I use the computer often to check case loads.

    Just underneath the monitor and on the top shelf are various court orders and things that I may have moved out of my way as I multitask. Underneath that spread of documents is a stack of blank case management orders that attorneys use to set deadlines and other things. To the right there is a basket of carbons used in drafting multiple copies of orders. Astute viewers will notice a Chicago White Sox Flag in the top right corner.

    On the desk are the WOTLK mousepad there in the corner. Also to the far right are my court stamps. They are used to date stamp pleadings or court orders.

    Not to be outdone, my desk at home… now cleaned up.

    Normally the laptop is not there, but I wanted to show my full potential if needed. WOW is on the main screen, with the laptop set to the forums. I am typing on the laptop as I have WoW up on the other comp. Note my keys are right there, with a Blizzard Authenticator attached. They never go out of my sight, even at work. Next is my trade mark can of Pepsi and some munchies off to the left if I feel the need to snack. Cup of coffee to the right and cellphone there too. My keyboard and mouse are the same as Elly’s and note the TBC mouse pad as well.

    On the top left shelf near the lamp is a limited edition Minas Tirith Lord of The Rings Bookend. It has a secret compartment for storing change or some other loot. Behind my cell is a stack of books, these are a few WoW manuals and some outdated D2 guides.

    With the laptop folded down you can see my Game Boy Advance and PS One sitting there as well as the click-free automatic backup device on the right there. Seeming to prop up my monitor is a Physicians Desk reference and some other books. These are my mom’s and were once used to prop up the old monitor which has since been replaced.

    A view of the area with the junk present. On the shelf to the right are the collector’s editions of WoW TBC and WOTLK, as well as copies of D2 and LOd, Star Trek Armada, Star Trek Elite Force and the Myst game among others. My old HDD is sitting on the shelf there, and the tower and cords and crap are underneath.

    The Campbell’s Cup is a limited edition Olympics cup from a few years back. This is usually my Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate cup. It holds more than your average 8 ozs. A note as to munchies and my choice of drinks at any given time: I normally don’t have munchies by the comp but I tossed in the Goldfish crackers for fun. As to drinks, when it’s not coffee, it’s usually a can or cans of Pepsi or if it’s not a work night it might be a beer (Miller Lite), lastly, when none of the above is available, I settle for something cold…in the case of tonight…it’s cold Ginger Ale!

    We’d love to share some of your spaces and if you’d like to then simply , you don’t need to write as much text as Gorny mind you.  You can tell us what sort of set up you have technically too.

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