Pimp My Desk Overachiever

A fan named Scrambles posted a thread with a bunch of pictures of his desk, which he’s customized to provide the best possible presentation to frame his Diablo III playtime. It’s an amazing display, especially if you’ve got a candle fetish, don’t mind a complete lack of desk space, laugh at hot wax on your hands and keyboard, and wish to play D3 amidst a massive fire hazard.

If you’ve got a cool desk setup going of your own, perhaps featuring that tiny god of a new computer you just built for D3, we’ll be happy to feature some photos of your set up. Post them in the forum or use the Send News button to fire them in an email; we’ve got a gallery devoted to showcasing cool desk spaces.

I’ve included a few sample images below; hit up his Photobucket page for a dozen more.

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    25 thoughts on “Pimp My Desk Overachiever

      • no, cow tongues and frogs’ feet. at least mine do, next to a decent-sized wooden Diablo head/torso statue I bought off Ebay a while back :). for 15 bucks I think I got a pretty good deal! alot better than the 5-buck second hand dildo I bought my granny for Xmas….even though she vowed to be buried with it

    1. As cool as that looks (and I must admit that that looks pretty awesome) I can’t imagine actually playing in that environment.

    2. His mom must be pissed.

      But seriously I have nothing to add other than my desk is covered in loose bits of notes/notecards and empty cans of arizona green tea. And a mini statue of Marv from sin city on an electric chair. 

      • Heh. I have a bunch of loose bits of notes/notecards, too. And probably for the same reason. The statue of Marv is pretty cool, but I have a lego model of Boba Fett’s ship. Legos are cool.

        • Legos are cool. I only have a few wiki notes (just got them done) and the rest may as well say “derp” on them.

      • notes notes notes….wait. Cain’s Desk? He gonna own Evil once again? ..poor demons..3rd Game – Cain always wins

    3. I’m excited for the game too, but you don’t see me being stupid about it.

    4. My gaming PC is balanced on a small end-table, and pulled up close to my couch. There is no room for anything else on the table.

      I am only one syrup-dunked waffle away from being that fat guy in “Gamer”. 

    5. Hey I have the same mortar and pestle! Though I keep mine in the vault under my house where I grind intestines to a pulp. Each to his own.

    6. wait I know who this guy is. a census taker once tried to test him. he ate his liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti…..slurp slurp slurp slurp

    7. So cheesy.  Cheese does not enhance one’s gaming experience.  Seek therapy, guy.

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