Are you picking up the Necromancer Pack? Take the Poll

Next week the Necromancer Pack will finally go live. Now we know the price will you be picking it up and joining in the Necro action?

When we ran our last Necromancer poll we asked you what you thought would be a fair price. The results were as follows:

How much would you pay for the new Necroncer Pack?

  • $5 -10 $USD (37%, 2,016 Votes)
  • $10 - $15 USD (24%, 1,338 Votes)
  • Not interested in the Necro Pack (17%, 951 Votes)
  • $15 - $20 USD (12%, 644 Votes)
  • I will pay anything they want (6%, 333 Votes)
  • $20 - £25 USD (4%, 198 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,480

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Now we know the price has been set at $14.99, are you planning on picking it up? 46% of you were willing to pay between $10 upwards in the last poll but has that changed? Let us know in the new poll.

Are you picking up the Necromancer Pack?

  • Yes - Pricing is perfect. Good job Blizzard! (52%, 767 Votes)
  • No - Not worth the cash. (32%, 470 Votes)
  • Undecided (15%, 226 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,463

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  1. Yes, I’ll pick it, but after summer. My current old notebook would burn to death 😀

  2. First of all its wrong to write that 46 % would buy it if the price was 10-15 USD, the poll says $10 – $15 USD (24%, 1,338 Votes)and not 46 % get there is a mistake with math here 🙂

    • sorry it should be guess and not get 🙂

    • It also includes all the people who said they would pay a higher/any price.

      • First :46% of you were willing to pay between $10 to $15 in the last poll and if it should include higher or any price imo you cant include higher or any price.
        Fact is that the text make a wrong picture if you wanna compare the last poll and this and the fact is that only 24 % was willing to pay 10-15 USD btw I`m not a hater 🙂

        • His wording was wrong, I’ll give you that, but in reality, 46% of people said in the last poll they were willing to pay $15 or more.

        • His wording was pretty spot on: “46% of you were willing to pay between $10 upwards in the last poll but has that changed?” He probably should’ve said “from $10 upwards, but you added in the cap at $15

    • Ok made that a little clearer in the text 🙂

  3. Yes I will, I generally do not care what the haters say.

  4. Voted yes, although, I won’t be purchasing right at release. Price seems fair, but I wish they would fix the core game issues…I’d pay a pretty penny for that…

  5. So it will be a digital download , will the $14.99 equate to the same around the world or will the UK have to pay £15 which will be a rip off , don’t care it’s like an extra £3 it is a digital download , no box , cd etc .
    If so it’s a no for me , not paying into this crap any more , if it does equate then maybe I’ll think about it 6 months after release when all the bugs are sorted 😛

  6. Sigh, why can’t you just make the choices say “yes” or “no”?

  7. Just in time for my next paycheck ftw. I will be all over this, wallpapers and all 🙂

  8. It’s right in that stupid sweet spot where I have to actually think whether it’s worth it or not. It’s not a “wow, that’s cheap!” or obvious “no way, what a rip off!” $12 would’ve been perfect…

  9. the vote options do not reflect my opinion about the pricing. nonetheless, I will purchase the data.

  10. I think I’ll pass

    The skills feel like reused skills from other classes with different textures and slightly different “mechanics”. The class doesnt revolutionize how D3 is going to play, its the same BS like all other classes IMO. It’s not like we get to “build our own builds” with the necro. It’s just more of the same crap.

    Even if we buy it, it will be rifting and grifting until our eyes bleed and all of it for no reason and no purpose, other than endless paragon.

    Man… I don’t know, but D3 just needs to end and they should extract lessons learned and move on to D4, in order to make a real Diablo game again.

    Look at D1 and especially D2:LOD and you know what needs to be done to win back the ARPG crown.

    • First of all Im not a hater but agree with Hector, it will still be same game but with one class more thats all and we must pay for the extra class even i think it should be for free.
      it seems like some dudes will pay for everything if had a bliz logo on it and the worst part is that Bliz know it 🙁 Why should they make a D4 then ? Maybe the next step will be a druid as many want and for the same price as Necro pack so in no time for a few dimes they will have earned 30 dollars for 2 extra classes or the same price for a complete game. I have been in the diablo world from the beginning and as my son told me yesterday, daddy if there will come a D4 you will have passed away 🙁 Why should they invest in developing D4 as long they can add a new class, I still play D1-D2-D3- RoS but admit its a bit boring but lets see how many there will buy Necro pack ifmore than 50 % buy it Bliz say ok no reason to think about D4

  11. ofc
    real diablo fans (almost none of them can be found on this website) don’t care about price , its for the love of the game / the franchise
    so all you haters go back to your uber stupid an uber dull poe shit and stay there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gl to all guys who buy the pack. The problem is not only the money. Wouldnt buy it even if it was 10$ or 5$. I don’t like the game as it is and thats the reason I wont get it. When I say Diablo I remember D2 LoD not this one. I will wait couple more years for D4. I hope it will be better.

  13. I’ve stopped playing the game due to the fact that playing over and over again the same quests gets boring. I probably will wait till late autumn, when I’ve more time to play games, to consider going back to Diablo. And if I do that, buying this extra character is probably one of the first things I’ll do. But if something else comes up demanding my time before that, Blizzard will not get more money from me for the time being.

  14. save your money for Dialbo 4

    Kripp says “I have it on good authority … that Diablo 4 will be announced at Blizzcon.”

  15. Ehh. If $15 also fuels the developmental engine to also add the Druid at a later date, I will buy it.

  16. waiting untill price goes down, which will be soon.

    • Pretty much this. It’s too expensive for what you get. To top it off the class doesn’t even feel unique to me and I find that disappointing because I really liked the D2 Necro. I just can’t shake the feeling that this pack is nothing more than an easy cashgrab.

  17. After the Blizzard general chat forums BLOW UP when they realise no Zoomancer build exists – it’ll be 5 bucks… lmao

  18. I’ll probably buy it next time I go to play Diablo 3 seriously again. Which will probably be if they ever get another expansion.

    It’s just too much of the same, to me. All this class does is just add a way to do the same stuff a different way.

    I come back about once every other season to level a character to 70 and run some rifts. Unless I play more often than that, this pack isn’t worth the money.

  19. Stash for cash! Bonus that the meta may change with necro :D. Def buying it.

  20. Yes – But pricing is too high, this should cost £9.99, I am buying because I am weak.

  21. I’m definitely buying, but i’ll wait for a few days that the servers settle.

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