Last week we posted about a new Blizzard art show at a museum in Taiwan, and included a few photos. If you wanted to see more of the work on display, but can’t jet off to Asia for the experience, you’re in luck. A photo-happy fellow by the name of DDS Net has posted hundreds of photos from the show on his Flickr stream. Most of the artwork seems to be from the Starcraft or Warcraft artists, but there’s a fair amount of Diablo I, Diablo II, and Diablo III artwork on display along with lots of fan art and even some sculptures and other displays.

    If you want to page through the whole collection, head to DDS Net’s stream and look from pages 14 through 34, where you’ll see hundreds of photos from the show, along with various pictures of plants from a botanical garden and even some lizards and parrots at a zoo. Just for bonus fun. I looked through all the shots myself, and grabbed the ones with Diablo artwork; check them out in the Events Gallery, along with other photos from this show.

    New stuff:



    Thanks to Popez for the news tip.

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