Penny Arcade on the RMAH

Penny Arcade added their take on the RMAH in a comic on Monday. It’s got a nifty illustration, but the content is quite banal, and can be summed up with, “once you buy a new item, you’ll see something slightly better that you want even more.”

In their defense, most people don’t come up with one funny joke a month, and they’re trying to do 3 a week, so sometimes the temptation to take the easy way out has to be fairly strong.

Penny Arcade on fungibility in the Real Money Auction House.

You can see this image, and nearly 100 others, many of which are actually funny, in our Diablo III Humor gallery.

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15 thoughts on “Penny Arcade on the RMAH

  1. I bet that’s what people think 2 levels after buying some of the low level weapons I put up for 10 bucks.

      • Well, we have people paying for fart apps for smartphones. We have people paying 1000 bucks for an app that says “I am rich”. People paying 10 bucks for worthless items on the RMAH sounds totally possible. You know, the big masses out there aren’t too smart people.

  2. As is often the case with PA, the post that goes with it is more worthwhile than the comment, and it is a pretty biting condemnation of D3 in its current state, and the RMAH in particular. Not that it raises any new points, but those guys have a big following of gamers and if their view is typical it is bad news for the future of D3.

    • I skimmed it before I grabbed the comic and thought it was an unremarkable summation of what a RMAH does/means, and not worth quoting. I Shall take another look and stick it into the post, though.

  3. The funny part about this comic is the assumption you can actually find better gear for yourself! LOLOLOLOL

  4. The idiocy and ferverous defense that comprises the minds of those who write for this website is insane.

    PA is not always hilarious, but for the most part they tend to be brilliant. I’ll leave that matter to opinion.

    But Flux’s idiocy when posting the news is unremarkable.
    “You can see this image, and nearly 100 others, many of which are actually funny(…)”
    Holy shit. What is
    A personal blog?

    Superior Soulflayer of Soulflaying is priceless. It’s a simple, almost juvenile thing, and manages to be funny (not unlike fart jokes). I don’t even have to get into the essence of the joke, and the “phonetic” part. It’s funny.

    And if you don’t find it funny, that’s fair game.
    Posting shit on a weekly basis stating how you dislike a certain webcomic comes off as retarded. would fit perfectly.

    The problem, though, lies within the fact that the people who frequent this site, wholeheartedly agree with the opinion that PA is “not funny at all, and they never were”. It sounds more like they’re offended by something, than simply not being able to appreciate the type of humor.

    Everytime someone dislikes PA, it sounds like hate.
    Then someone mentions charity, which has got 0 to do with it.
    And then the discussion goes apeshit bananas.

    All in all, I can appreciate the vast majority of their jokes, although I hate the way Jerry writes for his comments (I much prefer Mike’s “modest” talk; he sounds normal), and I’ve spotted several comics which are unfunny, or just pretty bad.

    But this “whole thing” looks stupid. “They’re pointing out an obvious thing”. Pointing out that a fat person is fat can still be hilarious. It tends to be. Pointing out the obvious flaws within a game is the same thing.

    I’m gonna end on this note, since this comment is in and of itself incredibly irrelevant to the vast majority of this site’s readership.
    Correction: any site’s readership.

    • This comics joke is probably intended for people who are aware of the Diablo 3 RMAH, but don’t actually play Diablo 3. For a Diablo 3 player, the joke really wasn’t even that funny. And I’m not saying that because I can’t take a joke about myself, I love jokes about myself. It genuinely was not funny though.

      • I completely ignored the RMAH part. All I really laughed about was the name of the item. The whole RMAH thing requires no webcomic to be hilarious. I stopped playing D3 right after finishing Inferno in SC (I only cared about HC in single player D2, since I had 0 lag, no trading, no randomization (it saved, if you didn’t play in open B.Net; thus feeling more “definitive”) and it was all about me).
        But I know a couple of people making good money off the RMAH, and it’s plain ridiculous. People who buy the items, of course. Not the concept. I’m all up for tricking idiots and taking away their money. More power to the smart ones. I love taking advantage of morons. Few things give me more pleasure in this world.
        But the fact that the morons themselves “exist” is always hilarious. It’s not sad, it’s not depressing, and it doesn’t wake any angst in me. It’s just funny. If there was no stupidity (in me, and others), and no serious subjects, there would be no humor. I’d have nothing to laugh about.

    • Well seeing how Flux thinks the 2nd weapon came from the AH when it clearly doesn’t there’s some truth to that argument.

  5. Pretty sure that comic wasn’t a joke, but more of an argument about how finding your own stuff is more satisfying then buying it…

    Also, that new item is obviously dropping from that monster, so “once you buy a new item, you’ll see something slightly better that you want even more.” is completely off-base.

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