Penny Arcade on the Diablo 3 Beta

The guys at Penny Arcade have joined the cavalcade of online media with their fingers in the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta pie, and Wednesday’s comic and news item referenced the game in largely positive terms.

Well, the news item did, at least. The comic looks like something they had lying around from WoW some other RPG, since neither of the characters, nor the object depicted, nor the description of the quests, bear any resemblance to the Diablo 3 beta, which is shockingly free of mysterious hooded crones. Not to mention FedEx-type quests with crappy rewards. (There were many such DiabloWikiquests in the past 3 Blizzcon demos, so their absence is probably a temporary state of affairs.)

Here’s a quote; the comic is thumbed to the side since it’s full of naughty words. Click to embiggen it unto legibility.

I came into the beta of Diablo III with a sizable chip placed squarely on my shoulder, a chip of substance, very nearly a pauldron. The reality is that Runic games makes a twenty dollar version of the Diablo series with grace and expertise that satisfies the starving gecko in my brain which longs to click. I played the sequel at PAX, and it’s incredible; I would buy the game for the idle animation on the female Berserker alone. You see “tough” barbarian-types, you see “crazy” ones, there’s a pronounced “noble” strain – but you don’t see wild, for some reason, which I thought was the point. Her eyes are rolling around in her head like marbles. I’ve never seen the like.

But Diablo III doesn’t leave anything to chance; it implants the proboscis with utter precision. Even if you are a jaded gaming satirist actively hostile to it, your hypothalamus is pumped with so much liquid nectar that the corners of your mouth curve up into a smile even as the saliva wells behind the lower lip. The best way to say it is that the experience is clean, magnificently clean, without being sterile or predictable. That’s quite a trick.

Thanks to no one for the tip. Don’t any of you guys still read PA? First I heard of this was when I checked my bookmark there Wednesday night.

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    15 thoughts on “Penny Arcade on the Diablo 3 Beta

    1. P-A’s rss feed has been pretty wonky since the new (HIDEOUS) site redesign. That’s probably why no one mentioned it here.

    2. Lol Fuck town… This reminds me of the comic in the WoW strat guide! “please sir, could you complete my quest by getting my book on the shelf?” the hero replies “but the book is three feet from you!”

    3. lol @ blizz. “we have no idea how our system works”. “were releasing a 30 minute long beta to only test server stability [bc our game is basically done]”. “we decided we need to push back the release to “early” 2012 [at the earliest]…and we’ve given more than enough explanation as to why”.

    4. I still check penny arcade. Not each day they come out but once a week, sure.

      I can’t help but feel the gaming media’s coverage of D3 is well, shit. Not in the sense that is too critical or too praise worthy, but it fails to mention what the game is and it’s main aspects. All the articles are covered in: ooh its pretty and i waited so long bla bla bla, but no informative substance to the reader.

      • Thank you for pointing that out Peter you always bring so much to the conversation 🙄

        Gladly you don’t run a D3 Fansite.

    5. I figured no one mentioned it because Penny Arcade has never been funny. Even CAD has a few moments (although it is still 99.9% shit) but I’ve never even smiled at a PA “comic” before.

    6. There are some cool early WoW comics (around 2005) but yeah, PA stands mostly for cool images but flat jokes.

    7. Well, the comic had nothing to do with the game, and the accompanying text was logorrhea. It’s just babbling to me.


      It’s like they’re trying way too hard to pander to a crowd that they don’t understand, with a game they know nothing about.

    8. I actually like Tycho’s writing, though I don’t necessarily agree with his taste in games.
      And ONCE IN A WHILE the comic is funny. To me, anyway. Not consistently, though, for sure :/

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