Penny Arcade on the Always-Online Issue

Web comic Penny Arcade has offered their take on the Diablo III online-only issue. Like all of PA’s humor, it’s satire stemming from gross caricature and exaggeration (and I mean that as praise). Like all such humor, it’s funnier when it’s not about you.

That said, our latest vote suggests that at least half of you guys will find this funny. (PA has previously touched on the Art Controversy and the mandatory Real ID debacle.)

Amusing or not, you have to admit that it’s topical; our last two posts on this issue (not counting the vote one) have well over 100 comments, and forum debate abounds as well.

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    44 thoughts on “Penny Arcade on the Always-Online Issue

          • So, you find silly exaggeration funny. Penny Arcade’s punchline just cuts too close to home I guess. Lol.

            Maybe go on a diet, and get off of here during the daylight hours at least?

            • What was that about silly exaggeration?
              So now if I don’t find funny what you find funny I’m a fat vampire loser? Okay man.

            • @HM Hey, way to be an asshole to one of the forums more interesting posters.  You’re the man, or the something.  And no, PA has never been funny, to my knowledge, only topical.  Also, if a dude who looks like that has been online gaming since 1999, he will not be buying D3.  He will most certainly be playing it, but not buying it.

            • @SavalBork, Hehe thank you. I really am the man!  8)

              I do find PA funny on occasion and that’s all that matters. 😉  Risingred is interesting, yeah in some ways… But I don’t think he’s going to slow down his rage posting just because of my little comments.

              p.s. you guys really need to learn how to laugh at yourselves sometimes.

            • I’ve personally had a hard time ever finding Penny Arcade funny.
              And the punchline should be “Saw this article 23 seconds after it was posted because he has been online since 1999”
              “Pissed that he can’t mod the game anymore”

      • “Was there ever a time when penny arcade was funny?”

        Yes. from about the point it debuted, onward.   “gross caricature and exaggeration”? More like, level-headed accuracy. The more time you spend online arguing that being online is a problem, the weaker your argument becomes.

        This site is becoming a more of a cesspool of biased whining every day.

        • I’ve never found it funny. They make horrible “observations” on issues they clearly don’t understand, make some shallow comic over it.

          Sense of humor? I like xkcd and cyanide and happiness. :p 

          “This site is becoming a more of a cesspool of biased whining every day.”

          …because I don’t like a comic strip? Are you serious?

          • I wonder how their horrible observations have managed to fund multiple conventions, and a successful charity for sick children.  Good thing so many of us fanboys are shallow and not master-observers like you.

            The cesspool comment wasn’t directed at you, but at Flux’s insistence on making article after article of the topic “look, more people are whining about everything that Diablo is not”, when that attitude is, in actuality, the minority.

            • When did I say anything about their success or charity contributions? Good on them, and I donate to child’s play annually. I usually find a chuckle in the enormous amount of zealotry of their fanbase, and it was merely coincidence that it showed up here today. It’s my only trolling guilty pleasure. Calm down, guy.
              But you are nobody to say what the minority is or not because, you know what? Everyone here? We are the minority. So you’re speaking of a fraction of the audience, and further breaking down that fraction. It’s irrelevant. I’m still excited to play D3. It just takes time to adjust to (what I perceive as) bad news.

        • I enjoy PA and read every comic, though I seldom get through Tycho’s TLDR posts about games I don’t care about. That said, I wonder if HyperSapien understands what “gross caricature and exaggeration” means? It’s not an insult, and I’ve seen Tycho describe their comics in very similar terms. Though I did leave out “profanity laced and hyperviolent” which would have provided a more comprehensive summary.

          I included links to 2 previous PA strips about D3 issues, both of which are precisely coterminous with my description of this one.

          • wow, “coterminous”.. i get the meaning by context, i’ve just never heard anyone use that word before now.

    1. I’m against it but thankfully it probably won’t affect me. Already sick of the whining though.
      Still found this pretty funny. Not a fan of webcomics but PA can be ok occasionally.

    2. Good god… so much negativity… quickly, everyone name 3 things they DO like. And no, “offline” cannot count as one of them 😛

    3. Although I’m not even close to someone like that boy, I would like to draw Penny Arcade as a ball-sucker money-whore and oversized Blizzard just gave her payment.

    4. “continuously online since 1999″… hot damn!!  Who’s his service prodiver?? Sign me up! 😉

    5. Except I’m not always online… in fact all week I’ve been having outtages. Yeah, my provider sucks. But it’s not like I have any other choice without moving out of city.

    6. Skimp over the fact that always online means good bye to always being able to play a game that you want when you want to. Regardless of your conenction, what happens when the game servers shut down for good, and all you have left are memories and a log in screen? It’s probably just a matter of time now before every video game is online only, anyway. This looks like a convenient place to give up on the hobby.

    7. Wait until you’re one hit away from a killing a big boss and your ISP momentarily drops you on a “seemless” transition, for nightly maintenance, or your server hangs, and then we can all have a good laugh.

    8. “Honda Fit, ftw!”    for real-real ? 

      Some station wagons can be cool.  The Subaru STI wagon kicks arse imho…

      But truthishly <—(family guy reference) this comic isn’t funny personally.  But many will enjoy based on their personal feelings about the games’ progression.  How many people out there are against the changes and will still buy the game just like the comic? 

      I’m sure quite a bit.   Unfortunately, I’ve removed myself from such segment and into the damned :p

    9. Just my take on some of the issues raised in this thread:
      1) IMO, Penny Arcade is SOMETIMES funny. And it’s gotten better in recent years. Though I actually prefer Tycho’s prose to the comic itself, most days (even if I don’t care about the game, he comes up with novel turns of phrase which are not just regurgitations of the same old memes 🙂 )
      2) I disapprove of the always-online thing, mostly because the Internet is not yet as reliable as electricity.
      3) Things I like: Jack Daniels, kittens, and hot tubs 🙂
      As for this particular strip, I think it’s funny even if I disagree with the position it represents. And as Tycho’s editorial makes clear, he and Gabe actually have different positions on always-online.

    10. The comic is bloody funny why? because there is so many Fing hypocrites on the interwebs.
      Fanboyplayers stating ultimatums about features being removed or they won’t buy the game, pathetic. I’m glad this comic shows some truth.

    11. I don’t find this particular comic funny. Primarily because it attempts to marginalize the valid points provided by those who are opposed to that ‘feature’, and implies that their concerns are neither valid nor will have any impact on the sales or popularity of the game. That said, I do own a couple PA books, so I don’t hate them, just think this particular comic isn’t funny at all.  And for what it’s worth, I honestly don’t know whether or not I will buy the game. I guess we’ll see when it comes out.  Between now and then, there is some thinking to be done.

      • That’s what I tried to allude to in the news post. It’s how most PA strips work; they satire/sarcasm something, with caricature. And almost all of us think it’s funny when it’s not about us, but when an issue is, we see the nuances or feel misrepresented, etc.

        Years ago when I used to listen to the Howard Stern radio show, he made much the same argument. People would call in and say they loved all of his stuff, but X or Y was just wrong. They loved jokes about drunks until their sister crashed her car while buzzed. That sort of thing.

        As a content creator, you just can’t really worry about that. Humor that offends no one is invariably bland and not funny. Pick up a newspaper and look at the comics for infinite examples. PA has to push the borders and risk upsetting some people with their jokes, or they’ll have no edge and not be worth reading.

      And the funny thing is that Tycho made it clear in the news part that he’s also against always online DRM…

    13. My internet connection is slow. Plus my brother is a torrent hog. I’m not going to buy D3 unless they offer a single player offline mode.

    14. The comment’s observations are correct but it didn’t make me laugh because I’ve seen many people say it in comments already …..DRM is crap but I’ll still buy the game.  Maybe if I had not seen comments saying it already it would have made me laugh.

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