Add Penny Arcade to the general gaming media who reacted poorly to the frequent Battle.net server downtimes we’ve seen since Diablo III’s launch. Quote from the news item:

    This was a goofy joke when we wrote it at eleven or so yesterday morning, though it became less hilarious as the day progressed. During “normal hours,” the failure of Blizzard to recall that Diablo is a popular game was a boon: I have my own shit to write. But later, when I began to prowl for leisure activities, and it occurred to me that I might utilize the sixty dollars of congealed entertainment I had recently purchased, I was not able to. And then I was, and then I wasn’t, and then no wait it’s still okay now it’s back. Requiring that players be online is one thing – but we are! We’re online right now! They’re the ones who aren’t online. Who watches the watchmen?!?!

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