Penny Arcade on Diablo III’s Launch

Add Penny Arcade to the general gaming media who reacted poorly to the frequent server downtimes we’ve seen since Diablo III’s launch. Quote from the news item:

This was a goofy joke when we wrote it at eleven or so yesterday morning, though it became less hilarious as the day progressed. During “normal hours,” the failure of Blizzard to recall that Diablo is a popular game was a boon: I have my own shit to write. But later, when I began to prowl for leisure activities, and it occurred to me that I might utilize the sixty dollars of congealed entertainment I had recently purchased, I was not able to. And then I was, and then I wasn’t, and then no wait it’s still okay now it’s back. Requiring that players be online is one thing – but we are! We’re online right now! They’re the ones who aren’t online. Who watches the watchmen?!?!

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    16 thoughts on “Penny Arcade on Diablo III’s Launch

    1. Sooo, I am the only one who had a good play time so far? Granted, due to real life issues I wasn’t able to log in untill the 16th, on the 16th, after maybe five minutes of waiting, I logged in just fine, and played it with only few lag spikes and no other major issues. I play in Europe and I geniunly think that this launch issue was overblown and now anyone with any problems, even the slightest, is complaining. But, then again, I can’t speak for the launch day

      • I’ve had a plenty good experience. I waited an hour and a half at launch to play. It sucked but it was expected. I missed a lot of the downtime the next day at work, got home and played 2 short sessions with a server outage in between. I got a good 7 hours in the first 2 nights, which is pretty good, and today I was able to play another 5 or so.

        I don’t get why people make a big deal out of it. We KNOW the game will be good and playable in a few days, or worst case in a couple weeks, so who cares if it has some problems now? Yes I want to play nonstop and I can’t, but at least the game is out and real and awesome. 

    2. “Requiring that players be online is one thing – but we are! We’re online right now! They’re the ones who aren’t online. Who watches the watchmen?!?!”
      Excellent point. Answer that DRM loving ActiBlizz.

      • Man would you let it go with the DRM bullshit. They don’t want their games pirated. How hard is it to understand. 


        It takes enormous effort from hundreds of people to deliver a game like Diablo 3. No one has the right to rip them off. I’m glad bliz makes their games online only. They will make money and they will go on to make the next genre defining game…like they do EVERY FUCKING TIME.

        There are peeps making games which are free…so if you hate the DRM thing go play those games. If Diablo 3 went for sale at 150e I would still buy it because it is worth it and it’s my money im spending.

        You are welcome to call Blizzard all kinds of names when you find a game of equal quality DRM-Free. I kinda doubt that you will though. 

        PS: TL2, POE and such are a standard of mediocrity. Not because they were made by bad developers or because those developers do not care etc. But because it takes a shit load of money to make an epic game.

        Blizzard makes epic games. Give them your money.

        • The thing is Blizzard successfully turned DRM into a game-improving thing.
          Yeah, as shocking as it sounds, because it does sound shocking. DRM is screwing the game for many. But for the long haul, the online only requirement is going to pay off big time. Not just in features but in security too.

        •  Yeah, it’s totally for piracy, that’s why EA now wants you to pay for BF3 servers… 
           Also, there are private WoW servers, and Blizz knows about it, so let’s not kid ourselves that they think this will stop piracy any more then it did for SC2… 
           I remember when SC came with a little option for a spawn install… Blizz is now officially Metallica.

        • It’s being pirated now Mr. Alex, do some homework on the internet.
          Just like people were so protective of the Diablo 3 Beta,
          I will stand up for TL2 and POE, you have no right to judge those games before they come out, they may be mediocre but they can also be better than D3, keep all those scenarios in consideration. Talent makes good games Mr. Alex, Talent, not money or how much realistic your cinematics are.
          No offense, but you sound like a blizzard representative or a really big Blizzard Fan boy who doesn’t even know what is good for yourself. You need help when you actually say to a company like Blizzard to take your money, what are you, a WOW geek?
          It’s really disgusting to see this type of attitude where according to You Whatever blizzard does is great and ok and a step forward and should not be questioned or you are a Hater. As a side note, Diablo 3 story s*cks. Admit it that Diablo 3 would have been 100% more well received if it had an offline mode.
          No offense 🙂

          • None taken.

            Lets assume you are the most talented game developer on the face of this planet. How much would you charge per one minute of your time had you worked at Blizzard or any other company?

            Money buys talent!

            Grow up. No offense 🙂 

            PS: I have every right to compare pre-release info and (poe beta time) with that of D3. 3 years ago D3 was miles beyond what TL2 could ever be, times PoE on crack with cherry on top.

            It’s my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

        • Funny story, since around the release of D3 I’ve been playing “The Binding of Isaac” almost nonstop. This is a game made by two people that costs five dollars. I pirated it at first, but then I bought it just because I thought it was good enough to justify rewarding its creators. Plus, it was just five bucks.

          There’s three points to this story, Alex: a) there are indeed developers who benefit from piracy and in all likelihood understand that they do, b) people who hate the DRM thing do actually go play other games, thanks for the tip and c) unless you equate production value or popularity with quality, there is in fact a multitude of cheaper, superior options with no DRM whatsoever.

      • If it makes life more difficult for botters and dupers, I will take this any day of the week, server instability and all.
        The server was down for maybe 3 hours of the first 48? Not really that surprising, and I don’t see it as that big of a problem.

    3. Released day was unspectacular.  On the 16th, the servers (US East) were quite stable most of the day (morning/afternoon).  Interruptions picked up during the evening as the herd began to arrive.  At the that same time, Blizz began applying more server side tweaks/patches.  One thing they should do is get the timing right for server-side fixes (dont do it during the herd’s trampede!

    4. Just popped in because they had to shut the servers down. Its good that they let us know in game that this is going to happen. +1 Blizz!!!

      • I don’t understand why do you want Diablo 3 to fail so badly?

        I mean we are gamers here out to have fun. While I like D3 a lot and can see myself spending a lot of time on it, I don’t wish ill on its competitors either, in fact I also bought Torchlight 2 coz I’m sure that I’ll want to play that too, surely I don’t ‘wish them to die’.

        What with all these blind hatred from you? Are you financially connected with Blizzard competitors? I’m a gamer and I play to have fun, not to spite and wish ill on other games or developers. I also appreciate the resources and production values these companies had put in. 

    5. Yes, there are private WoW servers, as there will probably be private D3 servers.
      The difference? have you ever been on one of these private servers? They are nothing like the real game. The enemies behave diferently since they don’t have access to enemy AI scripts. Items are often fake (you pay the server runner real money to whip you up something imaginary and game-breaking which will let you solo raid bosses etc) and for diablo 3’s case, the random loot generation equations are also unknown. so on a private server, you will be killing enemys that act like random mong, and getting loot that does not match the proper game loot. Sure it’s been pirated, but it’s just a shell of the true blizzard product.
      now if they had offline mode, players would have host to all of the game files (AI and loot and more) which would be a much larger file than the 7.5gb, and this would let people pirate the TRUE game completely as blizzard intended it to be run   so theres a huge difference.
      PS: avoiding hacked items to be snuck online in a game where real money can be traded? very bad, anything that reduces the chance of that happening (online only, people not having access to the item files) I am all for.
      (this was intended as a reply to ‘random’)

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