Blizzard gave the Penny Arcade guys a chance to try out the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console in a group, couch-rules style, and they’ve posted their exploits in a two-hour video of game footage and couch cam video to show their reactions. They don’t have much experience with Diablo 3 so it’s not a real representative vision of what it would be like for any of us to play the Diablo 3 console, but it’s a fairly entertaining presentation.

    Here’s the 3:30 promo, with short interviews with the contestants and some footage of their early gameplay.

    Click through for the full 2 hour video. It gets an NSFW warning since there’s a lot of language of the type you hear when 4 gamers are playing together on someone’s couch.

    If you skip to the last couple of minutes they give their overall impressions after beating the Skeleton King and they’re all fans of the UI and other features.

    Elly watched a bunch of it earlier while I was out and fired me some funny recaps of the action:

  • 14:40 — “I hate it on the console. I hate it on the console.”
  • 15:50 — Is fun. Trying to stay in a dungeon. They are actually having to instruct everyone to move away from the door as they keep entering and exiting the Damp Cellar.
  • 16:00 — Someone mid-battle decides he doesn’t like his skill so hops into his skill UI – team mates sit looking very fucked off.
  • It seems like this would work best with 4 people who know how to play, or 4 noobs. If it was just you who knew what you were doing and 3 friends, you’d need to be pretty patient to wait while everyone else tried to figure out what they were doing and how to control things and where to move. But the group interaction looks very fun, heckling each other and arguing over loot and such.

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