PCWorld Talk Diablo 3 Sound

The second interview in a matter of days  focusing on the sound design of Diablo 3 has appeared, this time on PCWorld. In the interview they talk to Andrea Toyias and Joseph Lawrence about how they created the effects and the voice acting work. Here’s a snip:

Many of the sound effects in Diablo III are familiar to Diablo veterans; how did you decide which to keep, update or drop entirely?

Joseph: We wanted to include some of the old sounds for dedicated fans, but only five or six of the really inconic sounds from Diablo II were used; the rest is brand-new stuff. We kept the “fwip-fwip-fwip” sound when items drop onto the ground, for example; I didn’t make that one, I think it was made by either Matt Uelmen or Scott Peterson. We made a brand-new sound effect for gold dropping, but we kept the sound effect that plays when you drain a health well because we thought it was important to let returning players hear some of those classic sounds. But you have to remember that Diablo III is a new game, and we had to update the sound design to reflect that.

Andrea: The same goes for voicework; we brought back the same voice actor for Deckard Cain, but we also brought in a bunch of great new talent to voice all the different player characters. Like I mentioned earlier, Diablo III has the most recorded dialogue of any Blizzard game yet, and I spent a great deal of time working to make all the incidental dialogue great. Not just the male Sorcerer actor, but the guy who voices Random Male Villager #2, all the incidental people you meet in Caldeum, I really wanted to get those recordings right so those people would draw you into the story.



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    6 thoughts on “PCWorld Talk Diablo 3 Sound

    1. It sounds like they spent a fortune (time & money) for artwork, voices, cutscenes and sound but waited until the last minute to determine if the elements that make up the actual gameplay will work.

      It’s too bad really. All that work just for a couple months of real gametime.

      • You’re right. In my opinion, apart from items, deeper customisation, a larger act iv, etc., something’s missing. It’s not quite right, not brilliant.

    2. [i]Like I mentioned earlier, Diablo III has the most recorded dialogue of any Blizzard game yet[/i]

      They keep talking about this like its a good thing

    3. as the days go by with endless gold farming on the same damn maps… its just like yesterday, or the day before.. and your credit card calls to you with its siren’s song. O Lord, give me strength to withstand this mightiest of foes..

    4. I enjoyed the interview, but it was too short to get into much more depth than others I’ve read.

      You definitely get an understanding why Blizzard treats their games like movie productions. There are so many artists, actors, sound effects, etc. people all working together and trying to finish at the same time.

      The graphics, presentation, sounds, etc. in DIII is great.

      Too bad it seems like they did not have quite the right people doing the software/system design/architecture. A lot of the frustration over items, skills, difficulty curve, etc. is decisions at that level.

    5. They should have given the guy who does the male barbarian some voice acting lessons. He has a good voice for it, but he sounds like a total retard and very forced

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