The second interview in a matter of days  focusing on the sound design of Diablo 3 has appeared, this time on PCWorld. In the interview they talk to Andrea Toyias and Joseph Lawrence about how they created the effects and the voice acting work. Here’s a snip:

    Many of the sound effects in Diablo III are familiar to Diablo veterans; how did you decide which to keep, update or drop entirely?

    Joseph: We wanted to include some of the old sounds for dedicated fans, but only five or six of the really inconic sounds from Diablo II were used; the rest is brand-new stuff. We kept the “fwip-fwip-fwip” sound when items drop onto the ground, for example; I didn’t make that one, I think it was made by either Matt Uelmen or Scott Peterson. We made a brand-new sound effect for gold dropping, but we kept the sound effect that plays when you drain a health well because we thought it was important to let returning players hear some of those classic sounds. But you have to remember that Diablo III is a new game, and we had to update the sound design to reflect that.

    Andrea: The same goes for voicework; we brought back the same voice actor for Deckard Cain, but we also brought in a bunch of great new talent to voice all the different player characters. Like I mentioned earlier, Diablo III has the most recorded dialogue of any Blizzard game yet, and I spent a great deal of time working to make all the incidental dialogue great. Not just the male Sorcerer actor, but the guy who voices Random Male Villager #2, all the incidental people you meet in Caldeum, I really wanted to get those recordings right so those people would draw you into the story.



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