PCGames.de Reaper of Souls video interview

German site PCGames.de are the next in line to talk to talk to Blizzard about the Reaper of Souls and topics covered include the game’s new antagonist, gear changes with Loot 2.o,  new abilities on existing classes, the RMAH and the fact they want to make finding items the main way to acquire items because it’s “more fun”, and more…

Thanks Orion for the tip.

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    40 thoughts on “PCGames.de Reaper of Souls video interview

    1. She asked some good questions, not typical media-I-have-never-played-this-game-before-but-I-should-act-interested questions.

      Also, Crusader is the only new class. No surprise there.

      I’m excited to see what other new stuff they have planned.

    2. Great , a lot more features are coming , I was worried they covered most of them.
      1 class only is confirmed and I cant wait to see the other classes new abilities.

      • Definitely best part of the interview. I guess I should have figured there’d be more, but best to hear it from them.

    3. About crusader being the only new class…ok I don’t want more shinny things (classes, monsters, acts, items…) I just want the actual things to WORK, that’s were I “hope” they work.

      -Less but better items, better legendary itemization, random dungeons, etc…YES.

      -40h of cinematics, 20 new monsters with no new mechanincs, 10 new maps with zero randomization sense, 4 new classes with no appeal…NOPE!

      • I think this is a good point I’ve seen others make.

        Yes, only 1 class added in D3X while D3X added 2, but D2 didn’t add any new content for the other classes. D3X is adding new skills and runes with the 60 to 70 max level change, so the existing 5 all get new toys and updates.

        I’d actually prefer that to 2 new classes and no changes to the existing ones.

        • I’m actually excited to see what these new skills and passives are that they’re adding for the other classes. There is definitely room for improvement for example for the barbarian passives and wizard passives. I hope they don’t cheapen it out and only put in 2 or 3 new skills but then again I suppose 5 runes per skills means 5x per skill but there always seems to be only 1 or 2 runes that are the good runes while the rest suck. Hopefuly they’ll improve existing skills and runes on the classes as well. Arcane Orb for example on wizards could have runes to turn it into ice orb or fire orb etc.

        • Not really better because new classes = new style that may appeal to someone.

          Quite obvious when you see how many people ask about druid/shapeshifter for example, don’t you think?

          Current classes have enough skills they are just bad, bland, boring and overlapping. It is quantity over quality.
          Fixing them would be better instead of adding more.

      • I noticed that as well, but I’m sure they have an explanation to that. Making Cain no longer the last Horadrim screws with the entire lore of the series, it’s not just a tiny retcon.

      • Well, all of a sudden there was another evil artifact to hide from the world, and why should sanctuary’s top experts on hiding demonic corruption in dark, underground mazes forever* not reestablish their order by recruiting some new cannonfodder and step up for the task again?

        *Oh maybe except the Tristram incident. And that little Tal-Rasha whoopsie. Ok, and …

      • I raised an eyebrow at this also, but after doing a little wiki-diving, read this little tidbit:

        “. . .an ancient brotherhood of magi and wizards that were formed by the archangel Tyrael. . .”

        So I guess if Tyrael did it once, he can do it again . . .

      • Yeah, there’s no reason Tyrael can’t create a new group of Horadrim. It’s not like there’s genetics involved or anything. Cain was only the last Horadrim because he inherited Horadric texts from an ancestor and eventually decided to care about what they said.

    4. Also…
      Using Dashing Strike to zipping around all over the place, is terrible for HC. -.-

      No crafting improvments?

      No new act 4 areas?
      Act 5 will be replayable and randomized?
      So you don’t go back and improve act 1-4 to be on par? :S

      Infinite Paragon is good… makes relevel on HC better.
      But how about an option to clear achivments/gold/paragon if you want clean slate for expansion?

      • I think you are nitpicking a lot of what they said. The zipping all over the place was just one example of many. You do not have to play that style. ALSO, using it oh HC would be great! it gives you the ability to leave clusters of monsters, if one is wondering around outside!

        And I think act 1-4 are good enough. I would rather them focus on act 5, and make it really, really good instead of them taking development cycles reinventing 1-4.

        But ya, Paragon is a tricky subject…. at least my paragon will be there when I level a new character, so it does not feel like I’m grinding as much.

      • There are crafting improvements. They haven’t gone into detail but it was mentioned in the main presentation. Uses for white and blue items, new reagents, etc.


      Like, if with infinite paragon levels comes infinite character power, the only chance i can see for a remotely interesting PvP will be premade characters (most likely with premade gear as well). Maybe i’m wrong. But yeah, i find this pretty awful. So thanks again Blizzard for completely focking things up with a stupid bandaid solution.

      Peace out.

      • You know, its ignorance to say things without completly knowing.
        How the hell do you know how pvp will work ? Maybe paragon wont be counted, maybe there will be a matchmaking system that tries to allocate similar level paragon against eachother, or maybe there will be no pvp arena, again, who knows ? Quitt whinning and WAIT for the rest of the info.

        saying peace out after raging like a b!tch means alot.

      • I see another problem with infinite paragon. In the very very very long run…

        The price of items with “-no main stat” will skyrocket.
        Cause people will just choose mainstat on paragon. Respec paragon. And keep their items:

        -All Res
        -Crit Chance
        -Crit Damage
        -Attack Speed
        -Socket/+elemental damage/any other affix they like

        And swap them between chars, at least for softcore.

        For example:
        Assuming 5 points per paragon level, level 1.000 paragon would net 5.000 STR for a barb.
        Currently on diablo progress top soft barb got 5.214 STR.

        Gotta factor in other things though… dificulty of leveling to 1.000 paragon, expansion stat inflation, other parts of paragon system.
        But for now, mainstat is the best stacking is the best option.

        Wonder if HC people would go for Vita?… DC protection even on MP10. haha 😀

        • I think you’re overthinking this a wee bit. Let’s wait a bit before passing judgment on the new itemization and paragon systems.

    6. I think there should be a cap on Paragon Levels, having endless stats will make the game too easy.

    7. I don’t like the idea of converting old paragon levels into the expansion.

      Say i have 3 chars: plvl 50, 75 and 80. That means when expansion ships i’ll be 195 account paragon. Now i can only imagine that reaching 196th is gonna take a lot more time than 1 to 2 would.

      What’s the point of unlocking 200 points right away, when the fun is always associated with unlocking them, and not just having them unlocked.

      • Agreed. I hope they’re just keeping it simple for quick interviews and that they’ll actually be adding the total experience accumulated up and then giving us whatever Paragon 2.0 level that gives.

        • Lylirra has previously stated that it’s the EXPERIENCE numbers and not the LEVEL numbers that will be converted.

          • That’s the point to stress, and we won’t know more until we see charts for how the account paragon increases. Look at the current P1-100 tables:


            It takes more exp to go from P99 to P100 than to go from P1 to P17. Imagine that continuing to scale up with higher and higher levels and I think our current Paragon tallies won’t mean a whole lot when D3X hits. Adding up a bunch of P43, P22, P55, etc isn’t going to amount to some gigantic immediate boost. You’d need to be one of those P500 or P1000 people to see that kind of instant mega bonus.

            It does seem like incentive to not just keep playing your P100 now, though. Play another class or make another of the same class and just pass down your gear if you really love one build, but keep counting up more total paragon levels for the Sharagon bonus.

      • yeah, that’s what I thought, but it doesn’t work that way

        there’s only one Paragon level per account and your COMBINED EXP from ALL your characters determine your ACCOUNT Paragon Level


        so there is no such thing as having 3 chars: plvl 50, 75 and 80

        so figure out the xp it takes to reach plvl 50 and plvl 75 and plvl 80
        now add that xp up

        that amount is the total xp that determines your paragon level for your account

        so currently it takes 20 160 000 xp to reach plvl 10

        so let’s say you have 10 chars at p lvl 10
        your total xp is
        (10 * 20 160 000) = 201 600 000

        but it takes 322 560 000 to reach plvl 100
        322 560 000 – 201 600 000 = 120 960 000

        so you can see having ten chars at p lvl 10 is not the same as having one char at p lvl 100
        you’d still be 120 960 000 xp short


    8. QUOTE

      I'd actually prefer that to 2 new classes and no changes to the existing ones.

      Yeah, very much so.

    9. think this is a good point I’ve seen others make.

      Yes, only 1 class added in D3X while D3X added 2, but D2 didn’t add any new content for the other classes. D3X is adding new skills and runes with the 60 to 70 max level change, so the existing 5 all get new toys and updates.

      I’d actually prefer that to 2 new classes and no changes to the existing ones.
      I’d much rather see them put massive effort into to the existing Passive/Skill design/balance than see new skills.

    10. Yeah the catch with endless paragon levels is it isn’t as OP as it seems, the amount of XP required to hit paragon 150 from 149 would probably be like doing paragon 0-100 all over again. It would get exponentially harder.

    11. QUOTE

      The "best gamer of the world" has to work for money? Cannot be, or? ^^
      Here's the Razer-Athene D3:RoS interview from gamescom:
      I'm glad he did cuz he asked some good questions and I think he's the only one to ask about the Nephalem Trials?

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