The  holiday issue of the US PCGamer will be focusing on Diablo 3 and PCGamer has fired up the cover art of the issue in question which features a female Barbarian complete with ‘bed hair’.  (See that image in HQ in our gallery.) They also outline some of the content that will be included.

    15 years ago, the original Diablo hacked and slashed its way into PC gaming history. Now, on the run-up to Diablo III, we take a trip to Blizzard to look back at how all began, and forward at where it’s going—including insight into the Diablo III that almost was!

    Of course you know what ‘almost was’ is because you read this site, so you may want to save yourself a few bucks. Thanks to Fmulder.

    Update: Some interesting quotes in the issue, scans of which you can probably find floating around here and there. I typed out a couple of toothsome morsels for your erudition:

    The [first version of Diablo III] that I saw was trapped in the exact place that i was concerned about us not going; it didn’t fell like much of an evolution from Diablo II.” Wilson admitted. “I think there was more concern about being ‘true to Diablo‘ than there was about being fresh and interesting. There was a lot of really good stuff it in, though. A lot of it did go into the current Diablo III in one way or another. There was some great monster design. There was a boss fight in the old build that we’ve struggled to get as good as it was in that build. But it lacked the high-level feel of identity. People would look at it and say that it felt like Diablo 2.5. That’s not the Blizzard way.”

    …Early on we actually even explored concepts — this is going to sound crazy — like if the Demon Hunter could climb on the Barbarian’s shoulders and shoot from there,” enthused senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng. “Or you have that classic image of Colossus throwing Wolverine, what is it the Fastball special? So what if the Barbarian could pick up the Monk and throw the Monk? Each of those things that we implemented would’ve been something that a designer and an artists thought and would look super awesome, but that everyone would have to do. You’d be limited by what we came up with.”

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