PCGamer have today made the DiabloWikiReaper of Souls preview from their September UK issue available online.  This was based on the playable build at DiabloWikiGamescom in August and therefore doesn’t contain information regular readers won’t already know. Nevertheless it’s an insightful read.

    I tried out Reaper of Souls’ new class, the DiabloWikiCrusader: a hulking mass of Teutonic iron armed with a flail, a shield and a fanatical love for reducing evildoers to mulch. He plays like the Paladin’s brawnier brother….Blizzard describe him as a ‘mid-range melee’ class, but there’s a bit of wizard in his DNA.

    It didn’t take long to adjust to the Crusader’s combat style. Of the skills available in the demo, few targeted just one enemy. I would circle an incoming mass of monsters to get them to clump up, zap this ball of creatures with Fist of the Heavens, scatter most of them with Falling Sword and then finish anyone left with Consecration. I’d occasionally hit a few creatures with the flail when they got close, but much of combat was about managing kill zones. I’d spread out multiple bolts to engage hordes of small enemies, and stack them onto one spot to take out generals or super-powered mobs. It’s easy to imagine the Crusader serving as the central rock in a co-op group, throwing out righteous spells to thin enemy ranks and dive-bombing bosses with his explosive bellyflop.

    Read the full PCGamer Reaper of Souls preview with screenshots.

    Thanks to Ericbrighteyes for the news tip.

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