PCGamer Join in Release Date Bingo

PCGamer Games to watch in 2012 with release dateThe holiday issue of PCGamer (US) featured a ‘Games of 2012’ article which appeared online in December. A scan of the hard copy of the issue appeared via Likes2PaintShit on reddit. At the bottom of the piece it has the release date down as March 2012.  (I didn’t annotate it with the red marker). Yes, before you caw that Blizzard never give release dates to outsiders first, I’m aware of that, so keep your knickers on. Unlike retailers who are often that specific to help secure pre-orders magazines usually put TBC (to be confirmed) so it seemed strange they went specific there.

It’s true that PR always maintain that this sort of info is never divulged and that also applies to game announcements but what PR want and what happens when people get chatting can be two different things as we know only too well on this news page. So perhaps when pushed on the ‘early 2012′ release announcement one person PCGamer had access to said something along the lines of “yeah, well, probably about March but you can’t print that, we’re not being specific, just go with early 2012’. Or, perhaps PCGamer thought that on this occasion they’d do away with the TBC (or even the official ‘early 2012) and go out on a limb for once with an actual made up release date.

The scan has been archived in the magazine scan gallery.

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    26 thoughts on “PCGamer Join in Release Date Bingo

    1. Totally useless prevision. This dates are like Blizzard targets. Not set in stone unless the very last release. So it’s worth nothing.

      • its actually no real bingo because they said first quarter (and didnt revieded it yet) … so its just the “official” timedate yet… nothing specific.

    2. March is believable date and one I’ve been thinking about ever since they started the most recent Twitter beta contest.  The contest runs until the 23rd and Blizzard normally closes the beta between 1-2 weeks before the launch of the game, so if they were to end the beta and get ready to roll out the game on the last day of the contest it’d be released in the first or second week of Feb. at the earliest.  Since that scenario will never happen, for obvious reasons, I’m guessing they’ll run the beta until mid-late Feb. and then the launch in March.

    3. IDK, I still think that the game will be relased sometime in February. Though, knowing Blizzard, anything between January 2012 to January 2013 is possible.

    4. If it released before spring break I will be over the moon!!!  But I am not holding my breath.

    5. The March release is feasible.

      Blizz said “early 2012”. So, early 2012 is Q1 (Jan-March), as Q2 does not feel like “early 2012”. As March is the last month of Q1, I am not surprised that lots of magazines/websites bet on that month.

      • Though I share you sentiments on the possibility of the releasing being in March, early 2012 could be spun into anything before July 1st.  “It’s still in the first half, that constitutes the earlier part of the year.”

        • Sure, it might also be Q2, if its “early 2012” for Blizz =)

          But then again, whatever our speculation is – eager to hear some official news from Blizzard. The wait is getting unbearable, hehe =)

        • But if it’s anything before July 1st then that makes everything from that point on the later half and then there’s no middle of the year… Maybe we should be using thirds instead of quarters or halves here… so early 2012 could be anything up to the end of april…

          • That’s what I was saying to Azzure just last night. If there’s an ‘early’ there has to be some point where that turns into ‘mid’.  July is definitely not early though as that’s already over the half way mark so it can’t be then by anyone’s interpretation of the word ‘early’, even Blizzard’s.  But then early could have turned into mid recently and we’d not know.

            As always it’s fun to speculate, well, ’tis getting a bit less fun 3 years down the line, it has to be said.


        • Personally if you’re going to split the year into terms like early, mid and late then it makes sense to split the year into thirds, not quarters. Early would thus be Jan – April.

    6. Of course they release the game during my final semester in school. Now I’ll be stuck finding a full time job as soon as I graduate which means little D3 for me if they don’t release it really soon…

      • Hey buddy, my wife and I are going to have a kid in june, so I better get some D time before the baby arrives because after that… 😉

    7. the reason was probly hype for fansites like this one… notice pcgamer in title… success! they don’t know the release date either.

    8. While my excitement to play the game has not lessened, my love for Blizzard’s release date games has.  Honestly, this isn’t rocket science.  It’s an action RPG.  The graphics aren’t revolutionary, the interface isn’t, the loot isn’t and neither is the gameplay.  This game was announced in 2008 and we still don’t even have a release date.  In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying games that were announced around the same time or even after that are just as quality.  Love Diablo but it is more than a little insane that almost 4 years later we still don’t have a release date.

    9. It’s been 7 years of heavy development of D3 (11-12 if we count Blizzard North’s development. After all D3 has some of the early concepts).. A huge MMO like SWTOR with all voice acting, story etc. took 6 years.

      There’s definetely something wrong here. A small ARPG like Diablo 3 should have taken 3 years at most. Bethesda had developed Skyrim for 3 years and they think it was really long.

    10. Yep, I don’t understand how it could take so long to make this game. Look at games like Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Like you had said about the other games great voice acting, expansive environments, and good DLC’s and the development time is nothing compared to D3.

    11. Blizzard likes to announce the release date for a game 2-3 months beforehand. Seeing as it’s already January, March is still feasible… but if this month goes by without a release date announcement, then March is probably unrealistic.

      Knowing Blizzard, mid-2012 may be likely. They’ve seriously dragged the development of this game for too long though… 3.5+ years from announcement of a game to release is completely unacceptable (most games take 1-1.5).

    12. Yep.

      2008-2010 = excitement
      2011 = Ok release it already
      2012 = Whatever is taking so long, it better be worth it, this is insane.

      Honestly, after playing the beta for endless hours, I don’t think this game can possibly live up to the anticipation.  It’s been too much guessing, too many false hopes and now, just no solid release date.  Early 2012 in Blizzard’s book really just means “2012”.

    13. If they hit first quarter 2012 that means it will release between now and the end of march…obviously its not out now and likely will give 1-2 weeks notice…time for production and shipping and the like…its not likely to be in january…so them saying march is kind of like a 50/50 shot…odds are if its in first quarter then saying it will launch in march is correct…though i bet they might be aiming for feb 29 just for the amusement of doing so…i know i would…

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