This promises to become one of the worst-kept secret on the internet.  The latest issue of PCGamer could well be hinting at a Diablo 3 being announced later next month. PCGamer have a history of hinting at big game announcements, sometimes they do a god job of hiding what it actually is and other times it’s so obvious what they are hinting at they may as well not say it’s a secret. I’m not sure which category this falls into though but you can decide.

    Have you ever had a secret that you’re just dying to blurt out, but you can’t for another month, and the stress of holding it in makes you want to do the pee-pee dance? That’s what the PC Gamer staff is doing right now, because the August issue will be chock-full of exclusives, including a top-secret cover story so huge we had to go to xxxxxx to get it. Just 30 days more …”

    Could the censored word be [B]hell[/B] or part of a longer statement saying [B]hell and back[/B]? We’ll have to wait and see but WWI can’t come soon enough.

    Thanks MedievalDragon for the tip.


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