Fmulder points us to PC Gamer’s list of their most anticipated games of 2012. They’ve got a master list which has info on more than 100 games, while the bigger titles, such as Diablo III, get individual preview pages.

    The D3 coverage gives general info about the game, as well as some specific comments about the gameplay tweaks we’ve seen during the beta test. Weirdly, the author seems to prefer (or be unaware of the nerf) the new version of DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted to the previous Hydra-powered version. They also lose points for captioning the last screen as a Demon Hunter. (It shows a Wizard.). That aside, it’s a decent write up which will provide a quick rage refill for those of you who are not yet beta testing.

    Not since Quake Test have so many played such a small chunk of such an exciting game for so long. The first two Diablo games mixed the compulsive character progression of an RPG with the reactive combat of an action game, and Diablo III refines both. It’s going to be the drug of choice for the addiction-prone PC gamer in 2012. And we know this because we’re playing the same small chunk of it – a modest beta version – over and over again.

    Interestingly, though, it’s not quite the same chunk each time we play it. Not just because of some randomised side quests and environments, but because we’re getting to see Blizzard revise and overhaul the game as it gets closer to completion. Quite drastically, it turns out.

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