PayPal for Diablo 3 and Battle.Net

Blizzard has now confirmed that their third-party payment partner will indeed be PayPal which was of course the obvious choice considering you can pay for your WoW account subs via PayPal. However, I suspect more will be added depending on which regions are involved as hinted at in the post by Blizzard. PayPal will no doubt be pleased as they will receive a fee from any cash-outs from the RMAH.

We’re pleased to announce that in most regions, PayPal will be our payment-service partner for the Diablo III auction house, allowing players who trade with real-world currency the ability to cash out the spoils of their battle-torn adventures via a PayPal account.

PayPal will also soon be added in several regions as a payment option on, providing another convenient and secure payment method for digital purchases of Blizzard products and services.

We’ll share region-related specifics, as well as further details on everything mentioned above, in the near future.  Stay tuned!

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    43 thoughts on “PayPal for Diablo 3 and Battle.Net

    1. +1 yay or something first pay BLizz a % fee of take out the earnings in cash then pay Paypale a fee to get your money from them to your bankaccount 😀

        • Time invested in a computer game isn’t simply air.  If you’re not making at least $15 an hour, then it’s not trivial – it could be time better spent working  at a real job rather than deluding yourself thinking you’re making money.  When does the game end/fun stop when you are so absorbed into playing the market and grinding for gear?

          Food for thought.

          • You’re right, it’s not simply “air,” however your time spent playing just about any other game earns you absolutely zero dollars.

            • I don’t play game to make money; I play game to have fun. If every item I find has to be sold because “OMG profitz!!”, then said game is not fun anymore.

        • I didnt complain at all it was more of a humorous statement, I don´t mind the fees and what not at all since I will put all of the earnings back into the RMAH and save up to pay for the expansions 😉

      • Rush, fyi: I tried to downvote this comment and the rec’d icon popped up. Did the graphics change back to the old system but not the functionality?

      • the downvote option has been gone for i think over a week.  at any rate, fromrussia, you may think you are being funny, but it comes off as offensive.  please keep those sorts of comments to yourself.  this isnt stormfront or a chan forum.

    2. This was a no brainer for me anyway.   I always assumed it would be paypal since they have the best infrastructure to handle such things. Not that I have had what I would call the best service using them but they are pretty much the goto for all online sales that don’t want to use CC.

    3. PayPal can kiss my ass.  I had a problem with them six years back, their handling of the situation was abysmal, and I’ve never looked back.  They basically got scammed, as a result of their own stupidity, from someone I received payment from, then tried to pass their 1K loss along to me (I, having done the correct due diligence, wasn’t having any part of that).

    4. 1.) Why do they get a fee? Normal transactions cost nothing…
      2.) Fuck paypal… they give a shit on the money of anyone though they try to fulfill the trading restrictions of the US in any country on the world. What great politics.

    5. Welp, unless there are other options, this basically confirms I’m not going to be using the RMAH. Too many headaches from PayPal. Once hung up multiple grand from a friend due to verification issues. He was essentially out a few thousand dollars for 6 months for no reason.

      • I’m also not terribly thrilled at using paypal. Why not something easier (for U.S. residents) like Chase or something?

        I do have a paypal acct but haven’t used it in about 10 years. I’d have to re-verify everything which will be more of a hassle than its worth. No RMAH for me.

    6. Point 1) I REALLY REALLY wish downvote was back.
      Point 2) Everyone is remembering their EBAY or goods-for-currency experience with PayPal… let us walk through a typical RMAH transaction and figure out how it would remotely resemble either of these experiences:
      I go to RMAH knowing that $20 was routed from my verified bank account to PayPal.  I find a pair of “The Crudest Boots” for $3.50.  I click “Buy” and the item is transferred INSTANTLY to my inventory.  My account is charged via the Blizzard Diablo 3 client $3.50 with a resultant transfer to the seller.  SO, exactly how does that follow the eBay or other online storefront deal where A) the seller’s post was fraudulent, or B) the seller never shipped the item?  The transfer was handled INSTANTLY by the game client.  Am I missing something here?  Where is the point of fraud or PayPal incompetence?

      • RyTEK, there are always haters crawling out from the basement in Clueless Town who just hate everything new before they think it through

        • And you can both shove your myopic assumptions.  Many of us have valid reasons for our opinions, based on experiences and even, yes, “thinking it through”.

          • I refuse to shove anything because I made no assumption.  Please re-read my post where I pose a question and specifically ask if I am missing something.  I understand that you had quite an ordeal with a $1k transaction and a scammer.  Where, in a RMAH instantaneous transaction for items, is there room for this type of scam or other types of scam.  REALLY, I’M OPEN TO ANSWERS.  Just trying to discuss, WHY U MAD BRO?

      • So how is the Seller side handled?  For the sake of discussion let’s say Blizzard’s cut is $0.50.  Is Blizzard’s $0.50 pure profit or does Blizzard have to use a portion of the $0.50 to pay PayPal for handling the transaction?

        And when the Seller goes to cash out, does the seller get the entire $3.00 or is PayPal going to charge the seller a fee to get his/her money?

        • My understanding is that the buyer “buys”/transfers/whatever $x into their Blizzard account, then in-game they buy said Crudest Boots for $3.50. If Blizz take $0.50, the seller sees $3 hit their Blizzard account. When the buyer wants to transfer that cash to their bank account (via PayPal), PayPal takes whatever cut/fee that they’ve agreed with Blizzard & the seller get’s the remainder in their bank account. Not sure if it ends up in their PayPal account or bank account though.

    7. Dineromail!!!! HOORAAYYY!!! I’ll cash out my money (actually I won’t because I won’t buy D3) and I’ll see the money in my acccount after 10 years maybe.
      Yes, I could use paypal but Blizzard will most likely also use dineromail for the south america transactions and their services sux.

    8. Perfect, an organization known for abysmal customer service and even worse policies.

      Am I another clueless hater? Before you decide, here is one of my favorite PayPal stories:

      If you want another half dozen epic fail stories where PayPal basically stole money from legitimate customers, just ask.

      I will not be participating in the RMAH. Even if they weren’t a band of pirates, I’d still avoid them for how ridiculously difficult it is to claim your own damn money. I know the alterrnatives are scarce, I just wish Blizzard could have made their own back end.

      • Nailed it. That fiasco is exactly why I won’t participate in their garbage system. What’s next, licensing their DRM scheme from Ubisoft? This is seriously disappointing for anyone with experience using PayPal as a seller.

        I had a sale on eBay that scored me close to 8 grand (pallet of computer gear I won at auction). It took me over a year to see that money. I came very close to losing my condo over it. I tried everything including involving a lawyer, and I’ll tell you right now, you will NEVER speak to a human being that works for them that has ANY measure of control over the financials. To this day I do not know why the funds were withheld.

        Considering boycotting the game entirely over this. I refuse to support that organization of criminals even by proxy.

      • You realize that there is no fiasco there.  SomethingAweful broke the ToS and Paypal froze them on it.  You are not allowed to receive more than $10,000 a month without proper account permissions.  On top of that, their complaints about the fees are unfounded since that is a standard fee that you also agree to in the ToS.  Their only complaint is that they were too dumb to read through and understand the ToS before using the service.

    9. for me its good, i will never buy an item of a video game, but will gladly sell my hard earned loot for morons and idiots who waste money in this shhit. also, downvote is really for fanboy babies who get angry at every critic or different opinion and wish to vent their rage on the internets. pathetic really  🙄

    10. Personally the only problem I’ve ever had with PayPal is the abyssmal currency exchange rates – which is a concern for me since I live in Australia.
      It is possible to convert the funds elsewhere and then send them to PayPal, but it’s a total PITA.

      • There shouldn’t be any currency exchange occurring.  Blizzard plans to release the RMAH in each region using the local currency.  The money they drop into your account should be native.  They state this in their FAQ.

        • There will probably be exchanges for Europeans, especially British players. Not everyone uses the Euro yet.

      • Maybe not a Visa, but perhaps a Mastercard.  That might be a business/premium feature though.  I didn’t pay that close attention to those details in the ToS and have never investigated such a thing for my own use.

    11. Now if they can just get PayPal to allow you to transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account, that would be lovely. The only reason I ever use my PayPal is if I’m buying something online, and I haven’t, and don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. So I’d like to be able to use any money I get from this game in the real world, and no I don’t trust their debit card option.

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