Blizzard has now confirmed that their third-party payment partner will indeed be PayPal which was of course the obvious choice considering you can pay for your WoW account subs via PayPal. However, I suspect more will be added depending on which regions are involved as hinted at in the post by Blizzard. PayPal will no doubt be pleased as they will receive a fee from any cash-outs from the RMAH.

    We’re pleased to announce that in most regions, PayPal will be our payment-service partner for the Diablo III auction house, allowing players who trade with real-world currency the ability to cash out the spoils of their battle-torn adventures via a PayPal account.

    PayPal will also soon be added in several regions as a payment option on Battle.net, providing another convenient and secure payment method for digital purchases of Blizzard products and services.

    We’ll share region-related specifics, as well as further details on everything mentioned above, in the near future.  Stay tuned!

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