A fan on the B.net EU forums asked if we might get a pause button added in Diablo III, and got short shrift in a reply.

    Is there a pause function in Diablo III ? Like the one they used in Starcraft. If not then it would be nice to see it in the release. It’s needed when a phone rings or boss walks by or pet catches fire or something equally distrubing.

    Don’t really see any viable reason why this function shouldn’t be in the game but if there is then I’m open for some education.
    Vaneras: There is no pause function in Diablo III.

    If you need to take a break from playing, the best idea is probably to go back to town.

    I must admit that I simply glanced at this post, snorted, and moved on. There’s no pausing in Diablo! We’re hardcore action gamers! However, comments from a colleague caused me to rethink my quick reaction.

    There was a pause option in D1 and D2, in the single player version. As we know, there’s no single player version of Diablo III; you must be on Battle.net in order to play the game. But you can play alone, and many/most people will choose to do so. So why shouldn’t there be a pause button then? Assume it just freezes everything, including your player. You can’t use it to pause monsters and exit unscathed.

    For that matter, is a pause in an MP game out of the question? Heroes of Newerth, an ARPG with a fast pace not unlike Diablo’s, has a pause button and players like it, though of course there are requests for feature changes. A pause button in a multiplayer game would have some limitations, of course; the other players in the game must agree to the pause, each player gets a limited number of pauses per game, it only pauses for a minute so no one can lock up the game indefinitely, etc.

    So… can you guys envision pausing in Diablo III? I’ve often heard people say they don’t do hardcore mode because sometimes just have to rush away from the computer without even 10s to go back to town. Their progeny begins screaming in the other room, for instance. Why not have a pause button, if it wouldn’t allow cheating? In solo games, or even in MP, with HoN style limitations on it?

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