Pause Button in Diablo III?

A fan on the EU forums asked if we might get a pause button added in Diablo III, and got short shrift in a reply.

Is there a pause function in Diablo III ? Like the one they used in Starcraft. If not then it would be nice to see it in the release. It’s needed when a phone rings or boss walks by or pet catches fire or something equally distrubing.

Don’t really see any viable reason why this function shouldn’t be in the game but if there is then I’m open for some education.
Vaneras: There is no pause function in Diablo III.

If you need to take a break from playing, the best idea is probably to go back to town.

I must admit that I simply glanced at this post, snorted, and moved on. There’s no pausing in Diablo! We’re hardcore action gamers! However, comments from a colleague caused me to rethink my quick reaction.

There was a pause option in D1 and D2, in the single player version. As we know, there’s no single player version of Diablo III; you must be on in order to play the game. But you can play alone, and many/most people will choose to do so. So why shouldn’t there be a pause button then? Assume it just freezes everything, including your player. You can’t use it to pause monsters and exit unscathed.

For that matter, is a pause in an MP game out of the question? Heroes of Newerth, an ARPG with a fast pace not unlike Diablo’s, has a pause button and players like it, though of course there are requests for feature changes. A pause button in a multiplayer game would have some limitations, of course; the other players in the game must agree to the pause, each player gets a limited number of pauses per game, it only pauses for a minute so no one can lock up the game indefinitely, etc.

So… can you guys envision pausing in Diablo III? I’ve often heard people say they don’t do hardcore mode because sometimes just have to rush away from the computer without even 10s to go back to town. Their progeny begins screaming in the other room, for instance. Why not have a pause button, if it wouldn’t allow cheating? In solo games, or even in MP, with HoN style limitations on it?

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115 thoughts on “Pause Button in Diablo III?

  1. Yes, there should be a pause button because there are lots of real life events that without one means you will either have to ignore the more important real life event or let your hard core character die. For example, you hear your child scream…are you going to take 10 seconds to call up a town portal (hoping no monster hits you and resets the timer) or are you going to go see what is wrong? You child may have seen a mouse, have had little Timmy pull her hair, or may have had a serious accident or something else that needs immediate attention. In any event you need to immediately go see what the problem is.

    • everything you mention here…this just begs the question…should you be playing at that time?   If your child is at the age where they don’t need constant supervision and god forbid they do hurt themselves and are screaming…ITS JUST A GAME!!!!  go take care of whats really important.   I’d suggest you play soft core if at the same time you need to be child sitting.  Save hard core for times where you can take a moment to get back to town if you do have to step away from the computer.

      Sure a pause feature during single player games should exist.  there is no reason not to. (what does it harm?)  Since Blizzard at the moment doesn’t feel inclined to put one in though, gamers will just need to make priorities and put real life first.

    • Well the same applies to D1 and D2 multiplayer and there a way to deal with it anyway its called save and exit.

  2. In fairness, if I genuinely think my child had a serious accident, pausing a video game would be the last thing on my mind.

    • Yes because the only reason you would need to pause a game is a kid (who has an accident)…

    • So, if your child saw a mouse, you wouldn’t care to lose a 60th level hardcore character with good gear?
      You’re a saint! 😕

      • Lol I got one word for ya: CONTRACEPTION, problem solved and your hardcore dood will live to fight another day, unless your connection resets and he gets swarmed by Arcane Enchanted fluckers and their Hydras in the process

        • Chances are you won’t need contraception if the only sex you get is the one you carpal syndromic hand gives you…

    • I didn’t say I didn’t think there weren’t other reasons. I was making light of the “won’t someone else think of my children” argument.
      Personally, I don’t care if there is or isn’t a pause button, provided both ways don’t intrude on my gameplay.

  3. In fairness, if I’m playing Diablo Hardcore, my child’s serious accident would be the last thing on my mind.

  4. There are people that will buy this game as a singleplayer, and a singleplayer game needs pause. Yes, they cannot implement it, but thats not an excuse.

    • Or, the game could not have a pause feature, and everyone can learn to deal with it.  It’s impossible to make something that EVERYONE will think is perfect for them.  I personally don’t want a pause feature, because the last thing I want is to be playing in multi-player games and have to constantly have the game paused waiting for other people.  It was bad enough waiting on people in raids in WoW who had to step away from the computer every 5 minutes.

      • if someone calls a pause vote then say no. Or if they kept doing it, leave the server and fine another one

        • or instead of going through that hassle of having pause votes all the time, or leaving a game because someone keeps pausing, they could just not…you know…implement it.  when it comes down to it, i dont care whether there is a pause feature or not, but it worked fine in d2 online not having one, so i dont see what the problem would be for d3 to not have one either.  plenty of other popular games dont have one yet no one complains.

          • Clearly people do complain.
            Or instead of going through that hassle of dieing when you need to go afk all the time, or leaving a game because you have to go afk, they could just, you know, implement it?

          • “hassle of having pause votes all the time”
            Aren’t you being just a little dramatic? I highly doubt you’d see this very often. In all the SC2 I have played, I don’t think I have ever had someone pause the game. Lag, yes. Pause…not once.

  5. Since Blizz seems to have a “pause” button on their beta invites and on their release dates, I think it only fair we get one for single player!



  6. People will complain about anything. Can’t you just walk backwards a minute or two to spots you’ve already cleared, and just stand there? I’m pretty sure D2 monsters didn’t roam past where they spawned.
    Or, maybe D3 isn’t the game for you if you value the life of your character so much that the thought of them dying while you attend to a real life situation is such a terrible prospect.

    • So features that have no downside and save players from minor inconveniences should not be included? Because um… why? The game should be made inconvenient and annoying whenever possible?

      If there were a pause button in the game, and always had been, and someone suggested it be removed, would you make this same “argument” in support of that?

      • I’m sure its a technical reason relating to always-online. The same reason why there wasn’t a pause button online for D2. There wasn’t a pause button and people got on fine without it then.
        I would never have made any argument for its removal or its staying because for me, and probably many others, it is such a non issue.
        Let’s be honest, this site examines every corner of the game, and now we are just grasping at straws. Blizzard has stated they have every intention of moving people towards multiplayer and co-op play, and this results in no pause button ala D2 This seems more like people not coming to terms with always-online.

      • There are downsides, as anyone who’s had to deal w/ pausing in SC2 or stuck around waiting for AFK types in WoW raids will tell you. They really want single player D3 to just be co-op multiplayer by yourself, ergo, all of the same rules apply. That means you have to learn all of the tricks, such as, run somewhere safe, cast Recall, wait. I just hope there is a kick function for chronic AFKers. If I wanted to sit around waiting all day for someone to play w/, I’d still raid WoW.

      • implementing a pause option would take at least 4 months of Blizzard time.
        I can just see how it would work.

        First week, they put the pause option in the game and it works just fine. Weeks 2-8 are spent on iteration. At the end of week 8, (after about 10 iterations) they change the art assets a few times.  After a week of play testing they remove it,  because the play testers didn’t understand why the world froze.

        quote form tester: “Is this a bug? I don’t understand why I can’t move anymore”

        Then after about 1 month they decide to put it back in the way they had it the first time and leave it. One week later Bash tells the forums that a Pause option is in the game.

        Swizelnuts replies: ” God why did you put a stupid pause option in… the game is already dumb down… You just did this for all of the WoW noobs that don’t know how to play a real game…”

    • That really doesn’t answer \why not have a pause\ sure that’s what people could do IF there wasn’t a pause. But why not make a pause?

  7. Really you can’t imagine why a pause button in single player mode is a good idea?

    Blizzard has already publicly come out and stated that the majority of players in the beta(!!) have been playing single player mode so even if it were restricted to that mode, it would be huge step forward for this increasingly dracronian company.

    There’s a hundred reasons why someone would need to pause a game right away and so far only one goddamn reason why a pause button isn’t available in single player mode. That’s tilted.

    And as it has been demonstrated many at time, even pausing in multiplayer isn’t that far fetched.

    Yes its a game but if you’re playing hardcore why the added idiocy that you can’t easily step away from the game? There’s a reason its called hardcore, because it requires an added investment into the game but yet it can be trashed simply because Blizz refuses to implement a pause?

    • this point of hardcore people not wanting a pause either. Surely the GAME is meant to be hardcore, not “life”.

    • there is NO single player mode.  they’re simply playing in a game by themselves. you’re still playing multi-player even if it’s by yourself.  also, i’m pretty sure just about every mmo does NOT have a pause feature, yet it’s not an issue.

      • It’s not a fucking mmo though is it? 4 people vs thousands.
        you’re being an idiot if you think that. Starcraft has a pause, so does HoN and many others. And “playing a multi-player game by yourself” are you even reading that? MULTI-player, SINGLE-player. If you’re on your own then it’s fucking single player dumbass.
        Also it’s not a living breathing persistent world. As soon as the last player leaves it, it does. So there is no reason a pause can not be included.
        And just because another game doesn’t have a feature doesn’t mean all games shouldn’t LMAO

        • clearly someone has issues.  first, i did not say D3 was an mmo idiot.  my point was in an mmo world, where people have the same issues that people here are complaining about needing a pause button for, they work around not having a pause button just fine.  i have never seen anyone complain about not having a pause button in an mmo, where its more important than a game like D3.  it’s only HERE that i’ve seen people complain.

          as far as multi-player vs single-player…there is no game mode in d3 where you pick single-player OR multi-player like in D2.  it’s a multi-player game, with the option to make private games, where you can end up playing by yourself.  which is what i said.

          i never said there was no reason a pause feature could NOT be included, you just don’t like reading, and if someone differs from your opinion you clearly get offended.

          and just because another game has a feature doesn’t mean all games should

          • I read yours, your comments above just outline how bad you are at communicating. Considering half your “points” were vague at best. Ofc you can back track on what you implied because, well you didn’t say it did you? You didn’t SAY Diablo was a MMO but you implied it considering we’re talking about fucking diablo here and you said “also, i’m pretty sure just about every mmo does NOT have a pause feature, yet it’s not an issue.” comparing diablo to a MMO…
            You’re right, the ways mmo’s work is fine like that, why? Diing isn’t important. And it isn’t in Diablo I guess, imo a shame but w/e but Hardcore there IS a reason. There isn’t a hardcore in MMOs, you die, you respawn. In hardcore, just because your baby woke up and you needed to cuddle them, why should you be punished for having a life?

    • I can communicate just fine, you’re just too dumb to comprehend it.  I’m not back tracking on what I implied, because I wasn’t saying D3 was an MMO, moron.  What I implied was that in an MMO you can’t pause the game, and no one complains.  If you’re in the middle of a raid, and you have to suddenly leave the computer, you can’t pause it.  You tell whoever and just go.  Again, I’m not saying D3 is an MMO, but simply saying that in a genre of game where a pause feature would be FAR more useful than in D3, no one complains about it, and instead they learn to deal with it.

      You’re right that in hardcore there’s more reason for a pause feature, but should you be punished for having a life?  Well…in a way, yes?  In your example, you chose to have the kid (or maybe not in some cases), so you should know that at any point you might have to leave the computer to go take care of it.  The first thing that should be on your mind are your kids (again, using your example) and no video game should be first.  I know if I had to choose between taking care of my child, and dying in a hardcore game at lvl 60, I’d choose my child every time.

      Would I rather not have a pause feature? yes.  Would I care if there was one? as long as there is some limitations on it kind of like Flux suggested, I could learn to deal with it.  And like I said before, you can’t always have your cake AND eat it too.

      • So you have two points. Development time and asshattery?

        Just for you reasons show you just don’t care about anyone other than yourself. You’d rather NOT have a pause function? for the reason that you don’t want to have to wait for another human to do anything?

        Well that just shows the sort of person you are and anyone who agrees with you. Apart from development time there is no reason why a non-persistent world shouldn’t have a pause.

        The 2nd fact you fall back on is that “you’ve got kids so you shouldn’t be able to play games” is bullshit. And before you try to re-phrase yourself you say that by saying: “I know if I had to choose between taking care of my child, and dying in a hardcore game at lvl 60, I’d choose my child every time.” But why do you have to choose? Sure if the game didn’t have a pause I would choose the same thing, that is not the question. The fact there is a simple solution for this problem (a pause) makes your argument moot. Stop using it, it’s illogical and wrong.

        Also saying that “people deal with it just fine in any other MMO” is again NOT a good reason. Yes people DEAL with it, but if they didn’t have to, I’m sure they would be happy! The numbers thing come into it, making 9 people wait 1 minute as you really need to do something isn’t half as bad as making 40 people wait. And with simple options (which flux outlined) these can be controlled so one person pausing cannot ruin the game for others by constantly pausing.

        So yeah; one valid point. But I assumed Blizzard had the best programmers… oh…

  8. Well, if the game had a pause feature I’d probably use it but if it didn’t, I don’t think I’d miss it.

  9. I fully support there being a pause function for people that make private games and play solo. If they have to nip away from the pc. They are playing a single player game which affects no one else by pausing other than maybe not dying or annoying the girlfriend/wife when she’s trying to talk to you 😛

    A pause for multiplayer in a Diablo game is a bit weird to be fair so i don’t see them ever investing time into doing that, therefore they probably won’t do it for people that play by themselves which i kind of think are ignoring a large amount of players that would really appreciate it.  🙄

    • Tell that to the Starcraft 2 devs… because they apparently found a way… easily… which makes this all the more sad… 😐

      • And that feature SUCKS and should be banned. I hate the SC2 pause feature, especially in 3v3 or 4v4.

        • You can easily unpause those you know… It’s up to the person pausing the game to explain why… and you can only pause it like 3 times per game anyway…

      • lmao. are you serious? I actually had no idea that was for MP. Im not a starcraft fan but love diablo!

  10. There absolutely should be a pause button, especially for hardcore mode. Blizzard has repeatedly stated that its goals are fun & challenge; there’s no added fun or challenge to losing a hundred hours of time investment due to a real life interruption. I’d like to see some kind of autoquit for internet service / power interruptions as well. We could even have the game state saved and resumed the next time we logged in to force us to deal with the in-game situation. (this admittedly is some feature creep that Blizzard probably wouldn’t waste time on)

    Anyways, there’s no fundamental reason there can’t be multiplayer pause, and I can’t imagine the technical hurdles are that great. The main concern is slowing things down for your fellow players, which is easily solved by limiting pauses in some way. My own preference would be that multiplayer pause needs to be enabled just like shared loot or hostility in D2, plus an option to end the pause by other players after 30s or so.

    • It’s anti-cheat why they don’t cater for the power cut thing (alt+f4ing or pulling out your power yourself)
      but regarding the pause, +1

      • That’s why I really like a suspend/resume option – but again that seems much more time consuming to implement than pause, so it’s not likely to be added even if I could get it heard by Blizzard devs :/

  11. If players can pause multiplayer games in Starcraft 2, I see no good reason why the same can’t be done in Diablo 3 especially when there will only be four people max in a game and you can have upwards of twelve people in a single Sc2 game… so yeah… Blizz fails again… 😕

  12. why do they not have a pause button?  easy answer: HARDCORE.

    if there was a pause button, then every hardcore player that ended up in a dangerous situation could just pause and quit.  if this was restricted to solo games only being pausable, then you would have hardcore players playing exclusively in solo-games.  not going to happen with blizzard wanting people to play co-op.

    seriously, how many times have people run into a situation where they have to pause RIGHT NOW?  do you really run into situations that often that you cant spend 5-10 seconds to run away from mobs to get into a safe place to TP to town?

    the odds that you run into a situation that requires you to pause RIGHT NOW and you are stuck in a situation in game where you cant take a few seconds to get away to a safe spot is extremely rare.  and if it does come up more often you probably have much more pressing matters you should be attending to over playing a video game.

    • Here’s an idea… make it so when you pause you can’t use the game menu and thus can’t quit the individual game… and if the player closes out the diablo 3 window then it would be the same as forcing quit otherwise… yaaay another moot point… 😐

      • Your suggestion is complicated to explain to unexperienced players (aka non-intuitive) and therefore goes against the design philosophy of Blizzard.

        • There’s a 10s delay on exiting a game in D3, if you’re not in town. Even if you unplug your computer, cut the ethernet, etc. A pause button wouldn’t affect that in any way I can think of.

  13. I dont see the point of having a pause button because you can’t be killed by a player in a game just like in Diablo 2, so all you have to do is to wait in a place with no monsters.

  14. I’m amazed by how often I see the incredibly selfish argument of “I don’t care so no one should care” about all sorts of things. Why are so many people so small- and narrow-minded??

  15. They need to release the game so people can stop obsessing over every stupid little thing they can think of.

    Would pause be nice? Yes.

    Is it critical for Diablo 3 to have instant-pause? No.

    • that’s fair point! But tbh most think this should’ve been core from the get-go :\ not only that, it wouldn’t be bad if blizzard said “Considering it, but not until after release” etc

  16. Blizzard’s being so weird with D3. With SC2’s development, my only worries and complaints were Warcraft style colors and gameplay , and it taking 90 years to come out. With D3 EVERYTHING just seems so messed up. What kind of game is this that has nothing? Not even a pause button? Sheesh, they’re really trying to re-invent the wheel with this one.

  17. Actually, I’ve been pointing out there should be a pause button since I first heard about D3. I’m surprised that the rest of you have only started thinking about this now 😉
    AND a true world save, which D2 didn’t have either… but which is another feature that I see no reason whatsoever shouldn’t exist in single-player (i.e. no re-rolling random maps and monsters when you quit).
    These are trivial to implement… and it’s not like the tech is poorly understood :p The large majority of games implement both of em.

  18. Simply retreat from whatever battle you are in, use the town portal and chill in town. The town should be a safe zone so it wouldn’t matter having a pause button anyways. And if something important really comes along most likely it would be better to quit diablo 3 then deal with the issue at hand.

    • That is the whole point. When I am in single player and the door bell rings, I am not going to backtrack and then wait 10 seconds to go to town. Either I say “screw whoever is at the door” or “I don’t care if my char dies” there is no middle way (obviously not true for basement trolls who can have their moms open the door).

      • or you can back track a little, because i’m sure it won’t take long to get to a safe spot in most cases, then start the 10 second cast to go to town, and while it’s casting go answer the door.  it doesn’t have to be answer the door right away, or don’t answer it all.

  19. I would rather have a pause button. Especially since I’ll be playing hardcore. I’m sure that there will be some unexitable parts of the game so if something urgent comes up during then it would suck big time.

  20. This whole debate begs the question — will consoles have a pause “feature”? The ability to pause definitely appeals to the casual gamer, and I imagine, most console gamers. Heck, I remember back in the day when I’d be playing some intense SNES games and mom would yell, “Suppers ready! Get down here while its hot!” … *PAUSE*
    But… I guess we’re heading into the future. Pausing will be a thing of the past. This makes me think of turbochargers for fuel efficiency. They are just now showing up as a fuel efficient device while being invented nearly 100 years ago. Sometimes society “unlearns” things just to pick them up later on, for some odd reason.

  21. I just want to remind everyone that some bosses at least, and the Skeleton King is one of them, CANNOT BE AVOIDED AND YOU ARE TRAPPED WITH THEM UNTIL YOU KILL THEM!!!
    So if you need a pause when you are fighting a boss, you’ll have to kill the boss in order to save your child from the mouse.
    It’s completely idiotic, I say. But it’s their game, they do whatever they want. If they want to put pink bunnies in, let hem.

  22. I really like the pause button. Its helpful to me as a kid living at home when the paretnals call, or when my little sister superglues herself to the door. I mean, if Blizzard leaves it out, then when D3 comes out we will all forget and swear there’s never beeen a game as good, and never mind the lack of minor details. Really, having a freak attack on a forum is getting you nowhere.

  23. No pause. As Kyr said, it would be abused by hardcore folks. There are always ways to interrupt a network connection, and therefore save yourself. Blizzard can’t stop someone from pulling the cable out of their NIC.

    What they *can* do is make it inconvenient. How many folks are going to sit with their hand on their network cable, ready to pull it out? I’ll bet there will be a few. But not many. By not allowing pause, they’re making it more inconvenient to cheat your way out of death.

    If there was a pause option, then folks would be able to pause immediately, with no effort, and then do whatever needed to be done to drop the connection in a leisurely manner, whether it be to force quit the application, pull the network connection or whatever.

    Their decision makes it more of an annoyance to cheat, and will prevent casual exploitation. In my opinion, it’s the right call.

    Edit: I’m also going to point out that the danger of losing your hardcore character due to external events outside of your control has always been there, in the form of lag. Hardcore is risky – that’s nothing new.

    • The point is, saltcadet, that although it was always there in D2, why should it be there in D3? Just “because”? or is there a reason. Some of us (me included) want to play hardcore but know that REAL LIFE will stop me from having a hard core GAMING experience. Just because I know my kids will come down or cry at night and I’ll need to drop what I’m doing and go help them.

      In a boss fight, that’s gonna wipe my char which would be a massive shame 🙁

      Why SHOULD you lose a hardcore character to EXTERNAL events!? The whole point of a HARDCORE experience is within the game, not because of external stuff. + if blizzard see the disconnection when paused, they can unpause it and make sure they suffer the same fate as anyone else with a “power cut” so that’s moot.

        • It sounds like you shouldn’t if you think the world should stop for them. Sorry mate, the world goes on even though kids exist!!
          If something outside of your control causes you to be afk for a few minutes why should a product punish you for it? This is after all a recreational activity? Or are you telling me that after having kids you will never do anything recreational ever again JUST IN CASE MY KIDS NEED ME!
          Grow the fuck up.

  24. THey could prevent disconnect abuse the same way Wow Does… it goes on without you, you log back in in to find that you have been killed in your absence. simple. (and that one poster didn’t understand the \multiplayer by yourself\ comment as that what it looks like single player really is)

  25. Flux is just trolling and trying to stir a debate.

    If they implement pause function he writes Blizzard is catering to the casual masses and is steering away from the original series. If they don’t he writes it’s been a decade already and Blizzard should move forward and look at what other new games are doing.

    So in other words Blizzard can’t win.

    • yup, he’s a contrarian.  By his own admission he initiates debate here just to get people talking. I guess he’s got to generate ad revenue somehow, right?

    • So you’re saying you DON’T want things to talk about on diablo3? Flux’s job is surely to point out these situations Blizzard are in for us to talk about?

      • Flux is like the Fox News of gaming sites. He makes mountains out of molehills, constantly trying to convince his readers that everything blizzard does is the wrong choice.  That’s not how reporting works, and its wrong to think that this type of behavior is the only way to have content for his site.

        • I don’t think he does that :\ I mean in this article he states that he never thought about it and thought “meh, why do you need a pause?” but someone ELSE pointed out a few reasons so he said “hmm I might as well throw this idea to the wolves to see what they think!”
          That’s good reporting imo

  26. I’ll prooly be playing Softcore ( at least on release ) so my first thoughts were that this doesnt really affect me, but after thinking on this for a while and plans to do hc later on, I find this to be lame, expecialy while playing alone, hopefully they’ll listen to feedback and implement a pause feature.

  27. I like how the naysayers’ arguments always revolve around hardcore and multiplayer.
    I haven’t seen a single justifiable reason why it can’t be implemented when playing solo (you know, that minor mode that’s active by default).

    But keep droning that same message across, I’ll play your game and pretend it’s not completely moot.  🙄

  28. If I do buy this game, it will be to play single player. I would like it to pause. I’m one of those people still very interested in the game but very turned off by the online-only format.

    • If I could recommend this 10 times I would.
      Many, many Diablo customers want to play single player.  We want to play even if our Internet connection is down.  We’d like to be able to pause for a bio-break, interruption, etc.  These are very reasonable requirements.  Trying to force everyone into a multi-player mode makes THEIR DEVELOPERS’ LIVES easier.  But they aren’t paying the bills – we are.
      Re: Consoles – every system I’ve ever played on has a way to pause the game.  On the Wii and PS3, you can jump to a system level menu that is independent of the game being played.  So it is hard for me to believe that they will be able to get away with no pause there.

  29. After playing median XL far far longer than original cLOD, I can safely say that I’ve used the “pause” feature all of……5 times? You used TPs….OFTEN. Some ubers more than others.
    In the original game….none? Nothing in the original game was hard or challenging enough to warrant an “oh crap, gotta pause” because you were killing so much, so fast that all you had to do was go back to an area you had cleared out and stand there.
    So I’m fine with no pause. It doesn’t really need to be in there and if you find yourself in a terrible situation, there’s plenty of ways to survive/gtfo.

  30. Starcraft has a pause.  Others can cancel it,  but its there.  there is NOT reason blizz cant port this blizzard feature  to another game.

      • Yeah, all of it but one point are regarding programming and delay. Nothing really but speculation on your part.
        The last point only takes multiplayer into account, and ignores completely the obvious point that it could still be there when playing solo, just like DI and DII.

  31. The main reason as far as I can tell that they have no pause button is Hardcore abuse.  As of right now they have the forced timer (I think 10 minutes) that you’re stuck online after you log off, this is to prevent the D/C cheese that players used to save their Hardcore characters with all the time.  If you can pause the game and then disconnect you’re computer, it’s entirely possible that your character would just hang out in pause for 10 minutes until the eventually D/C.  There may be a way around that, there may not be, but it’s the most likely reason that I can see.

  32. I had no idea there was a pause function in Diablo 2, but I rarely played single player in the years and years I played the game. I am against implementing a pause feature in Diablo 3 – at least in the multiplayer mode.

  33. I don’t buy the premise that “Because it has been done before elsewhere” demands the conclusion “It should be done here”.

    Some of you are arguing that there is “no downside”, which is false.  Here’s several:  1) More things to program, longer until the game is finished.   2) The more features that are programmed into the game, the more testing needs to be done.  3) The more features in the game, the more chance for something to interact incorrectly with another feature and cause a bug. 4) same as #3, but added security risk of someone finding an exploit. 5) In every MP blizzard game I’ve played with a pause button, usually when its used it’s for one person that wants it, and a handful of people that are annoyed that they have to stop.

    Play the game when you have time to play it. Accept the fact that real life happens, to the detriment of your not-real life, and you might die sometimes because of it.

    • Your reasons all stem from: it won’t come out as quickly.   I would rather play a fantastic game later  than  a mediocre game now.

      This feature would help to make up for the lack of a single player game option, and the inconvenience it may  pose to others in the game c an be overcome by the fact that they can override it (as in SC).  There are already inconvenient things in the game anyway like only 4 ppl per game, what if I prefer more?  THough  some  may  get irritated when the game is paused, we all need to pause it every  once a while and are glad the feature is there.

        If this feature would be too much to ask, then I would love to see a single player feature in instead.

      • Well for starters, its already been established that this isn’t a single player game, so arguing that it would be a helpful feature in *single player* is a moot point.  Nor is it a reason for them to make the game more-like-single-player, when that isn’t the direction they’ve been taking all this time.

        Second, I can respect the position of “I’d prefer they take longer time to work on it, to give us a better game in the end product”, but somewhere the line has to be drawn.  When ever they do release it, we could hypothesize that it would be even better if they took another 6 months to work on it, but that doesn’t justify them actually doing it.  I can think of a multitude of games I play that can not be paused (WoW, the new BF3 beta, online fighters, etc).  D3 is by no means the first game that has denied players the ability to pause; treating it as though its such a rarity seems silly to me.

        • But does development stop after release? No.
          IMO (as stated many times) is that a pause could be done without a way for people to abuse it and should’ve been there from the start. However it hasn’t been done and I agree they could do such a thing after release if they wanted (since clearly they’ve not thought about doing it up until this point and we don’t want to delay it more!)

        • If I can play a game as intended alone you can call it single-player. It doesn’t matter if you are online, you still are alone. There even are extra features only active when you play single-player (i.e. alone).
          So don’t go all “this is a multiplayer game…”

  34. I can’t believe no one has yet called attention to the left-hand/right-hand nature of the response, “go back to town”.  Hasn’t Blizzard stated that they wanted to make trips to town less frequent and less convenient because it was a way to quickly get out of trouble?

  35. “be right there hunny, I know, dang it I know you’re about to have a baby, give me a minute, dang it just let me beat this part and THEN we’ll go to the hospital!”

    • Apparently you can’t do anything when your wife is pregnent or if you have any children as something may happen and you might have to “pause” (whatever this PAUSE thing is) and continue later!!
      At least according to some trolls here

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