D3 vs. PoE: Conclusion.

    D3 vs. PoE: Conclusion.

    Gaming blog Requnix.com has posted a massive graphic with a point by point comparison between Path of Exile and Diablo 3. The author has been adding to the chart for a few months, including more and more content and updating it as the games are patched, so it’s comprehensive and fairly up to date.

    The chart ranks/compares virtually every aspect of the games, including:

  • Content: Storyline, Environment, Housing, etc.
  • Mechanics and Gameplay: Skills, death system, difficulty, learning curve, etc.
  • Economy: Trading, crafting, items, etc.
  • Community: Social, clans, parties, etc.
  • Technical: Graphics, sound, interface, bugs, etc.
  • I sniped out just the conclusion above for a sample image, but definitely look over the whole chart and see what you think. I’m very up for arguing some of the individual category scores in comments, and I bet some of you guys are also.

    So what do we think of the Path of Exile vs. Diablo 3: Mega-Comparison List, ranking PoE well ahead in the total points? I’m not here as a D3 fanboy to argue the points, though if someone wants to do that in comments, go for it. Back in 2010 I was lucky enough to be one of the first people ever to see and get some hands on time with PoE, playing their earliest demo on Chris’ laptop right in their SF hotel room when GGG was on their first ever media tour. So while I don’t currently play PoE and I prefer D3, I know a lot of players who like both games.

    If I have a major critique of the entire chart, it’s that every category gets the same 1-5 points. That’s handy for the comparison, but it’s not realistic in terms of what makes a game really worth playing. Imagine an ARPG with an amazing combat engine and great skills and characters and monsters, but with terrible housing/stash space, no achievements, and no social or clan support. Would you play that? I bet you would, and I bet most of you did, since that’s Diablo 2. Consider the converse; would anyone play a no-story, almost no-action game just because it had infinite housing and stash space? I’d say no, but someone would probably make a MineCraft joke.

    You see my point, though. Some comparison categories should be worth much more than just 5 points, since those are essential to a playable game, while a lot of other categories are just a nice side touch. And I think D3 does very well on most of the essential categories, while there’s definitely room for D3 improvement in terms of housing, clans, varied events, etc.

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