Path of Exile vs. Diablo 3: Mega-Comparison List

D3 vs. PoE: Conclusion.

D3 vs. PoE: Conclusion.

Gaming blog has posted a massive graphic with a point by point comparison between Path of Exile and Diablo 3. The author has been adding to the chart for a few months, including more and more content and updating it as the games are patched, so it’s comprehensive and fairly up to date.

The chart ranks/compares virtually every aspect of the games, including:

  • Content: Storyline, Environment, Housing, etc.
  • Mechanics and Gameplay: Skills, death system, difficulty, learning curve, etc.
  • Economy: Trading, crafting, items, etc.
  • Community: Social, clans, parties, etc.
  • Technical: Graphics, sound, interface, bugs, etc.
  • I sniped out just the conclusion above for a sample image, but definitely look over the whole chart and see what you think. I’m very up for arguing some of the individual category scores in comments, and I bet some of you guys are also.

    So what do we think of the Path of Exile vs. Diablo 3: Mega-Comparison List, ranking PoE well ahead in the total points? I’m not here as a D3 fanboy to argue the points, though if someone wants to do that in comments, go for it. Back in 2010 I was lucky enough to be one of the first people ever to see and get some hands on time with PoE, playing their earliest demo on Chris’ laptop right in their SF hotel room when GGG was on their first ever media tour. So while I don’t currently play PoE and I prefer D3, I know a lot of players who like both games.

    If I have a major critique of the entire chart, it’s that every category gets the same 1-5 points. That’s handy for the comparison, but it’s not realistic in terms of what makes a game really worth playing. Imagine an ARPG with an amazing combat engine and great skills and characters and monsters, but with terrible housing/stash space, no achievements, and no social or clan support. Would you play that? I bet you would, and I bet most of you did, since that’s Diablo 2. Consider the converse; would anyone play a no-story, almost no-action game just because it had infinite housing and stash space? I’d say no, but someone would probably make a MineCraft joke.

    You see my point, though. Some comparison categories should be worth much more than just 5 points, since those are essential to a playable game, while a lot of other categories are just a nice side touch. And I think D3 does very well on most of the essential categories, while there’s definitely room for D3 improvement in terms of housing, clans, varied events, etc.

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    1. I have played both, for me, PoE has all this wonderful 'variety' and 'choise' but this HUGE passive tree is mostly +10 stat or something relatively mundane. It's great for a free game, because, it's free, it has given me a few handful of hours enjoyment, and there are some really great ideas with how you can modify skills, that's pretty much the coolest thing in PoE… but if you're fighting a crab, a human or some kind of weird thing, it's just kinda samey, I have no feel of actual difference within combat, it just feels like a wire skeleton that has a different skin attached, and I can feel that it is the same wire skeleton I'm fighting, just with a different look.

      In my mind, there is no comparison, D3 is the better game, and it kinda has to be, beings as it is what it is, and blizzard like to do things right. Sure you can argue this or that, but when you need to satisfy 10+ million people, you ideal is gonna be different to one of the other 10 million.

      Saying this, there is no need for a comparison, as they're different games, if you have D3, then great, you don't need to pay any more money! But like I said, IMO, D3 > PoE.

      P.S It would be cool to integrate some of the cooler features in PoE with D3 to make something possibly more special than D3. But then again, I'm not a developer or anything like that, so perhaps having such intricate features might have an impact on the game, which IMO, is what PoE has suffered and which is why it's lesser to D3.

      • I don't want to sound like I'm bashing on POE or whatever, but I thought the rating for monsters was ridiculous. As you say, PoE has mostly humanoid enemies with different skins. Reasonable as that's their game world and they had very limited budget for artists and animators and such, but the incredible variety of monster types in D3 really stands out to me. And how well they are all animated, with such different motion types based realistically on their body types.

        It's obscured in D3 since you kill everything .5 seconds after it appears in vast hordes, but I often wonder how D3 would look/feel if they made a first person version, with 1/10th as many enemies and much longer battles.

        • I agree, I really enjoy the battles you have early on in the game, untwinked, where they're not too long, but there is some meat to them, and decisions don't have to be made within the millisecond otherwise you're dead. But on topic, you can't really say PoE is better than D3, that's just fanboy, or lack-there-of, much like the whole ps vs xbox fiasco that goes on forever. On a side note, i liked the idea that Torchlight 2 had with the whole map thing where mobs would have certain aspects and you would gain some sort of bonus. But again, TL2 was good, but something just didn't hold me, like Diablo does. Blizzard make good games. Despite those eyes. Which I haven't seen a pic of in ages, maybe get some in before blizzcon?In reality, from someone who is neutral – D3 would be voted better. End of.

        • Flux, you forgot about monkeys (apes?). Haha, I couldn't believe what I'm killing in PoE, 😆

      • Often times when you need to cater to a greater number of people, the game actually suffers for it. You fall victim to what is known as Lowest Common Denominator. IMO, this is clearly evident in D3. Fun game though.

    2. I agree that the categories do not have the same value. It is also clear that this person really loves PoE. His main issue with PoE, The Desync issue – i think – has been resolved in the latest version of the game so expect the next update to the comparison to blow d3 out of the water.

      My 2 cents: I think D3 is a more polished game with better “gameplay” feeling and great build-changing items, but PoE has a superior skill system. I always disliked the “free respecs always” factor of D3, in PoE you need to take care while building your characterm and plan ahead. The mega passive skill tree is not that complicated once you start getting used to it. You need to figure out the big nodes you are looking for and find the best “path” there.

      • "is not that complicated once you start getting used to it". Every single thing ever fits this description.

        • Except "getting used to it" in PoE only takes maybe 80 hours. That isn't much time at all. We aren't talking about biochemistry or architectural design which requires 5000 hours of study to "get used to it".My point is PoE isn't very complicated even though it appears complicated at first.Anyway, D3 and PoE are both great in totally opposite ways.

    3. I personally prefer D3 over PoE. The \core\ gameplay in Diablo is simply amazing. The combat is very satisfying and everything just feels right. PoE on the other hand, doesn’t feel nearly as polished when it comes to combat, imo. There’s no \flow\ to it.
      That said, the biggest flaw with D3 is the limited longevity. If D3 got something that was able to keep me hooked for more than a couple of weeks/months, I’d never return to PoE again. But as it stands, PoE is the only (modern) solid ARPG that has the longevity that diablo 3 is missing.

      • "PoE is the only (modern) solid ARPG that has the longevity that diablo 3 is missing." I'm genuinely curious as to how PoE has better longevity/a better end game than D3. I see endless theorycrafting, players farming and constantly trying to beat the next grift, etc. How does PoE handle this part of the game and why is it better (in your opinion) than D3? BtwI wish the article had tried to answer this type of question instead of trying to find a "winner".

    4. I agree with the above two posters comment’s. For me, D3 lacks the skill system and the need for the sets and stat sticks kind of makes POE feel the same with the need for certain uniques.

      It’s always going to be apples to oranges for some features. I think POE feels slightly easier with when playing using spells for damage more than melee skills for the need to constantly find a better weapon with the right sockets and or mods.

      I feel the currency thing slows me down, great for those that have hours to pour into these games, I have but not on a dedicated and consistent basis as others might and I think that’s where the gap divides both the casual and the regular players.

      Seasons help keep things fresh for me in D3, otherwise I get bored really quickly just hunting for that set item to actually start playing the way I want to play. POE tries to bridge me towards my build, but sometimes the builds aren’t suited until late game with x, same with D3.

      oh look, now I’m rambling lol, I guess I’d rather have both these RPGs than one only in this world :).

    5. But categories have weights. 🙁 Anyway i didn't see point clash two games head to head. If it's two different good games, i'm OK with that.

      • Yeah, this confused me too. The author clearly does include a weighting system. But as you say, both are different but good/great. I've said it before and I'll say it again: a true fan of the genre should play and love both for what they are.

    6. **This post is pretty Off-Topic**, amazing.  I knew the name looked familiar, after going to the site and checking who wrote it a whole host of memories came flooding back.  Anyone else remember David Allen's company Artifact Entertainment and the mmorpg Horizons: Empires of Istaria?

    7. "[D3] doesn't have any features that emphasize hardcore play (except for hardcore mode)"

      • I laughed. Also, the fact that PoE's hardcore isn't actually hardcore, since when they die the chars just become softcore.  (Admittedly, a fate worse than death.)

        On the overall points, if you look at features D3 doesn't that PoE does, it always seems to be a 0 or 1 for D3 vs. 4 or 5 for PoE. Housing, events, currency, etc. Whereas features that D3 has that PoE doesn't, like followers, D3 gets a 3 and PoE gets a 1. Obviously PoE does better on events and housing (stash space) but unless PoE's system is the ideal best possible ever for X, it shouldn't get a 5, and those category scores seem designed to boost PoE's overall tally.

        • "[…] but unless PoE's system is the ideal best possible ever for X, it shouldn't get a 5, […]"How do you want to quantify anything, when taking possibly better solutions in the future into account? Ain't the bar normally on what has been done in the past? And if a game exceeds what has already been done in the genre, it usually receives top marks, while bringing something in that hadn't been done yet raises the bar genrewide, if it's not even giving birth to a whole new genre of games. (Like Diablo gave birth to the arpg genre?)Followers, for example, had been a feature of many arpgs before in many different variations (: Take a look at 'Legend – Hand of God' for a quite exotic, though well done example here…). And D3s solution hasn't really risen out of the already existing bunch.By the way: Hardcore gamer and casual gamer vs. hardcore and softcore mode? On good days, you wouldn't only have gotten the jab, but would have made it yourself, Flux… Being occupied with something we might be interested in? 😉

      • Do you want more popcorn? We have all kinds of flavors. Even salty!

    8. I'll give this article a meh. He contradicts himself on several occasions, and while it's clear he plays PoE, I'm seriously wondering if the same is true about d3. Who the hell calls the legendaries color "dark gold"?

      • He is completely PoE-biased. on the Quests category, he says D3 quests and bounties are repetitive, and then he doesn’t say the same about the “dynamic” quests of the Masters… which are basically the same over and over. D3 has MUCH more variety here.

        Poe’s item system nowadays is like Diablo in the Auction House era… I have seen like 4 orange drops (none of them useful to my character) EVER in PoE. Nowadays Diablo’s item game is better, IMO.

    9. By looking at the date this vs-review was 5 months ago. I don’t know about PoE, but Diablo 3 is an ever changing game. With all the things that will come in the next patch, would his 386 points for Diablo raise above his 410 points for PoE ?

    10. PoE's combat just doesn't hold a candle to D3's in my humble opinion.   I played PoE thru the first difficulty.  I couldn't bring myself to play further than that.   The tree is overwhelming and you can get completely lost in it.  Remember screwing up your D2 character cuz you didn't know what was what or how to optimize a build?   PoE passive tree is that times 1000.  PoE was fun for being free.  Quite good really.   But you won't find me playing seasons there and starting from scratch.   It really does come down to the feeling of the combat.  D3's is so very smooth and feels really good.  PoE's simply feels awkward.  I wouldn't say it "sucks" it is simply odd.  Race's were by far the most interesting thing I tried in PoE.  I never got to the map end game system as the game just didn't hold my attention that long.

      • sigh…how did some of you get line returns???  come on Flux, get this fixed already.   Chrome on a Mac.

        • Rush has looked into it, but didn't see the issue and there's a lot on his plate.  Most people get line returns; it works fine for me in FF or Chrome on a windows machine.

          I'm not editing my posts or anything, just entering them in the comments same as you guys.

          If people who get the no line returns, mention your browser and OS and maybe we can figure the issue more quickly.

          • php's function of nl2br($comment) should be all that's necessary in printing the comments.  Many CMS systems have their own "pretty print" functions.  Like wordpress is wpautop($comment).  I suppose it could be a case where the system isn't saving line breaks.   If you wanted you could send me the page template code via email and I'll glance at it and see if their is an obvious fix.

          • Using latest Firefox 39, Win 7 64bit. My wonderful line breaks went bye-bye and now my posts look like I'm a juvenile delinquent raised by wolves, which is only half-true. Thanks anyway for everything Flux!

      • Sadly you stopped before the game gets good. The first difficulty is pretty painful since you don't have any good gear or gem synergies. We've told GGG many times that they need to make Normal difficulty scale up much faster because too many players quit before ever experiencing PoE's awesome passive abilities and 4-5-6 link gem setups. So basically, you only played PoE for 15 hours or so…and you didn't experience most of the fun stuff. It is no wonder you prefer D3, and I don't blame you but I do think PoE deserves more of chance.

        • Very true! At the first difficulty you maybe link one (or sometimes two) support gems to a skill. You primarily play using basic skills, while it gets more awesome when more linked sockets drop and you unlock better skills and supportskills. POE feels really slow at the start, but when you look at the same point, one difficulty further.. you see a completely different type of gameplayspeed!

    11. Overall I prefer D3. I recently played PoE again for quite a few hours, but I couldn't stick to it. Forcing me through the game three times just to get to the interesting part gets old really fast. While the passive skill maze looks cool in practice it's merely a classic skill tree in disguise. Even worse in some ways, since it only has about a dozen interesting stuff on it, the rest are boring stat bonuses and it also decreases class diversity to a significant degree, since classes only differ in starting position, but that's only a skill point difference of about 10. The exorbitant amount of trash that drops is just ridiculous, essentially forcing players to use items filters or drown under useless items. Oh and sure, every item can be changed to whatever you want it to be, but since if you don't start with a really good one (or even if you do in the endgame) it will cost you tons of materials to make it good, which kind of defeats the purpose of their crafting system. You don't farm for good items, you farm for tons of crafting materials. Yay, what an improvement. All it really did to me was put it into concrete numbers how much I have to farm still, which was often disheartening. I also dislike the D2-like difficulty on Merciless, where 95% of times you are bored to tears, then suddenly you get a Unique monsters that instakills you. That s*** should have died with D2. Others already mentioned the general combat, which just feels more fluid (I really can't find a better word for it) in D3. What I really like in PoE though is the general atmosphere of the areas and the great music that has rhythm. Overall though, it feels like a game from a previous era, one that caters more to our sense of nostalgia more than anything else.

      • Oh, I also think PoE's skill gem system is brilliant, as it allows for some really cool skill combinations. I'm not too keen on the gems being item themselves, but the way we can mix and match them is great nonetheless. It instantly reminded me of FF7's Materia system, which was also one of the best skill systems in the JRPGs I played so far.

    12. Comparing PoE and D3 makes little sense. They’re incredibly different games that target different audiences. That said, having played both – D3 definetely is the game I enjoyed far more.

      And… Well, RoS pushed D3 from slightly disappointing to really good and with the next expansion just around the corner (I hope!) will become straight up amazing 🙂

      • Halve offtopic: Ever played Dwarf Fortress? A fun game to take your time diging into, ain't it? Has consumed quite a few thousand hours of ingame time from me… (The comparison distinguished hardcore and casual gamer as target audiences for a reason, I'd say. Centered on an arpg genre perspective, nonetheless…)

    13. This was much my sentiment regarding PoE. It held my attention through about the first act of the second difficulty (somewhere in my mid 40s). I did feel like the skill tree was unnecessarily large to the point of being silly. D3 certainly has its short comings: in particular, it desperately needs a level of customization that is not gear, and Kanai’s cube looks like a good step forward. That said, the core game play, the feel, the smoothness, is vastly superior – vastly. PoE always had a certain clunkyness to it. Even if desync is fixed, I don’t believe it will be on the same level as D3.

    14. Well, if there's anything to counter the PoE-bias of the referenced article it's posting about it on a D3-focussed forum. PoE clearly destroys D3 on a variety of features, and D3 clearly destroys PoE in some others. Ideally a mix of the positives of both games would be the greatest ARPG of all time. For my 2 cents, I'm recently getting back into PoE, and it's physically painful to me to see so many great decisions and well-thought-out ideas be implemented in that game, and then compare it to many of the debacles of D3. If you don't recognize that D3 is a game that's still effectively in Beta (being rebuilt with the expansion and not yet finished) then I'm sorry but you're blinded by your bias. BUT, the fact that D3 is still fun despite this shows how flawless and smooth the gameplay mechanics of D3 are (as others have pointed to).

    15. Did Flux just say Diablo 2 had NO social or clan support?  D2 had Bnet 1.0, which for the 1990s was arguably the ultimate SOCIAL gaming experience.  On a scale of 1-5, Diablo 2 gets a 5 in the social department.

      • Diablo 2 was released in 2000, so a ‘hot feature for the 90s’ isn’t exactly a ringing compliment.

      • Well there were minimal IRC style chat channels on Bnet back in the day (which I used for hundreds of hours), but D2 had nothing in terms of clan support, friends lists, etc.  Probably no games did, back in 2000, though.

      • Being online in a chat room with 50 bots and 100 12 year olds is hardly the ultimate social gaming experience.

        • Therefore we had a rise of fansite based communities to allow for civil and moderated discussions and otherwise complementing the lack of features offered by BNet 1.0 …

    16. PoE is an ugly looking game, the gameplay feels like one decade old, and the skill tree is just unacceptable for a casual player. Sorry for being so honest. ^^

      • I find it unacceptable as a hardcore player as well. Coupled with the actual skills being drops it hinders character planning, because the game doesn't give you an overview of what your options really are. Anytime you have to leave the game to plan your character the game failed in some way and you have to do that a lot in PoE, unless you know all 1325 nodes on the skill map and every skill gem by heart. When you actually have the options laid out in front of you in a good format, like in that of a wiki, the choices are often pretty clear cut. It's depth through obscurity and bad design in my opinion. Hell, their very own online skill maze planner is a huge upgrade over what they have in the actual game, because it lets you search for nodes. Give me that in-game, together with a list of all skill gems on a single page (even if I didn't find them yet) and that would already be a huge improvement.

        • With the expansion most gems you can buy from Vendors or get through quests or get through trading – you're not limited to them dropping. Also it's exactly the same in D3 – your build is limited by the gear that drops… "Anytime you have to leave the game to plan your character the game failed in some way" I cannot agree to this at all. ANY game with depth requires you to take time to learn it. That's the definition of depth. The PoE skill-tree isn't perfect, but I don't see any argument existing that can say that the ability to customize your character is better than no ability to customize your character.

          • Yeah, from vendors across 4 acts and through a UI that doesn't support filtering for some reason, even though our stash does. It's not exactly easy to see your options this way. I consider it a UI fail, when doing a text search on a wiki is the superior way of looking through my character's skills in a game. Also, buying gems from vendors gets more and more expensive, which puts an increasing price on trying out new things. It's best to look outside the game if people don't want to waste crafting materials. It's much less of a hassle to see videos on YouTube to see how things work in practice, instead of using the game to learn by ourselves.As for the actual customization, I honestly don't see anything extra in PoE that D3 doesn't have, except for the awesome skill gem system and the way we can combine our skills. That is actually fun, interesting and provides tons of legitimate options. It's a real shame that around it is a game that I find wholly unappealing, one that is full hoops we have to jump through to get to what we really want, which are a few key passives, our chosen items and skills gems. Every one of these is put behind gates that add nothing to the game, the level of customization and depth. We have to slog through boring stats to get to what we want on the passive tree, meeting the requirements of our chosen items the same time. None of these are really our choice, the passives at the end and the items are. The same goes for our skills, which are gated by the random rolls on sockets. In this way it's a worse system than D1's, where only the skill drops themselves were random. Adding an extremely random crafting system as a solution and then shifting a good chunk of farming from items to materials isn't an improvement.D3 did away with much of the fluff D2 had and PoE added more. While it's skill system is really cool and gives us actual options, that's the only thing it has going for it in my opinion. It has interesting passives, but I think D3 has them as well, without forcing us to meet requirements. Instead those stats you slog through in PoE were moved to items in D3. Having item requirement is essentially the same as having those stats on the items themselves, without the need to give the player something to click on every level, which I wouldn't consider customization, merely a gate to it. Items are also very similar from what I've seen, endgame Uniques giving rise to specific builds. As for build diversity, we already talked about it below previous news articles. I'm still of the opinion that PoE's diversity is the result of it's difficulty ceiling designed to make even worse builds viable and not because of inherently better balance. This does increase diversity, but downside is that the challenge of a high difficulty goes away sooner or later.In short, the only thing I really miss from PoE when I'm playing D3 is the interesting skill system. If we would get something similar with the next D3 expansion I'd be ecstatic. Even though I don't particularly like PoE I do think it's good that it exists. ARPGs are still fairly rare and the more there are the higher the chance that people can find one that they really like. We both did it seems, which is a good thing. 🙂

            • Most of those critiques can apply to D3 as well e.g. ball-breaking RNG wall. The PoE crafting system is superior (D3 barely has a crafting system) in the sense that it allows either a cheaper RNG-fate option or a more expensive chosen option to get the stat on an item you want. This is how the Mystic should have always been  (and hopefully will in the xpac), but instead it's a slot-machine simulator. PoE key-stone passives aren't really "locked" in that you can easily unlock them simply by levelling, as you do in D3, but I do agree that it's a shame that some chars can't get certain passive due to their location on the tree, but this is the same as D3 where diff chars don't get the same passive. Also key-stone passives in PoE LITERALLY change the way your character works, which is amazing. In D3 almost none, if any, of your chars passives could be said to really change the way your char works (maybe slightly), not to mention 75% of your passives are almost always useless. Yeah, I'm glad both exist too, but I'd prefer if only one of them existed (I'm not siding on which one as that seems kinda pointless) as long as it combined the good things from both games.

            • Thing is though, no two people could agree on what are the good things in both. This is a hugely subjective matter, which is why it's better to have more than one games, each with different design philosophies.

            • Now that's a point I can agree to.

      • @ "It's depth through obscurity and bad design in my opinion"That was basically my summary in a PoE review I had written 2 years ago.

    17. Got turned off by the amount of backtracking i had to do in poe and gave it the flick. The maps just felt amateurly whacked together and the itemization felt slow, unrewarding and unimpacting. As for the skills, I wouldn't really call them that. They didn't actually take anything good from D2 either, they just did another 1/2 baked clone of D1.A person should be paid or compensated for playing poe. It feels more like work to me.

    18. I play both and love both. My PoE gametime goes up in direct relation to how long the latest D3 patch has been out, then when a nice D3 patch comes out, I pretty much put PoE down for a few months. Like right now, I’m done with my season character and with my non-season guys, I’m just doing T6 speed rifts to stockpile grift tokens ready for 2.3, but I’m playing PoE more.

      No doubt D3 is better but i feel some of the PoE criticism here is a little harsh, yeah it’s a little rough around the edges, if you play for any extended amount of time you pretty much have to buy more stash space but everything else is great. With a little research the skill tree isnt an issue at all and I prefer it’s skill / gem system. However, due to the much slower leveling process, you dont get to play the variety of characters I can in D3. I would probably be paying my wizard or witch doctor in D3 but I’m literally running out of stash space and hate doing bank characters, hopefully this will change with 2.3 and the cube. 🙂

      • Thank you for your post! I also play both and love each for different reasons. D3 is your fun, party friend, and PoE is your intellectual debate-all-night friend. Both are good, but both can get old…diversity is the spice of ARPGs.I think the comparison list is very accurate in giving PoE the slight edge in features. That being said, PoE is too hardcore for its own good at times. I have put slightly more hours into PoE than D3 simply because PoE is a deeper experience, but when I just want to have pure mindless fun, D3 is king.Also both were really rough when they first released, but both have become so incredibly good with PoE 2.0 and D3 2.2/2.3. Now is the best time to play both, so I recommend everyone try both again.Thanks for the article Flux. I also really enjoyed reading your original PoE preview article. It is so great to see how far PoE has come since then.

      • I play and enjoy both as well. My wife and I both game actually and we both play poe more than d3, although that's not to say we don't enjoy them both. Seriously though, the fact that poe is being compared directly to a triple A title that was created using probably at least 10 times the budget of poe says a lot in itself.Both games are good in their own way, some people will like one, some the other. That's why we paint cars different colours.

    19. I do think they mean indepth stat mechanic in stead of hardcore . Thats the point where PoE is better and i really do not agree with those ratings. I played both but D3 just feel better / plays better and that is more worth imo than those indepth mechanics and  huge skill trees…

    20. Lol, monkeys, really, haha, and this beats fallen shamans? Haha, lol.And this "big" passive tree, reduntant like hell.Oh, please, PoE is a good game, but it stayed too much in the past. D3 tried to be fresh and it succeded in some areas more in some less.Overall I can't agree with that graphic at all. Both passive tree and crafting from PoE for me was pretending to be enormous and awesome while being shallow. And how one can say that end game in D3 is anywhere good? It's terrible, with some weird decision (dead campaing mode) and lack of diversity. I don't play much (not even Para200), still it's too repetetive, as bounties and rifts needs more randomness (like random boss spawn in Rifts or bonus dungeon levels in act clearing).Both games differs to much to be even comparable. It's like comparing Halo to Half-Life 2. They're both FPS but differs in many core mechanics.

    21. D3 will always be >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> then poe
      infact every game is better then poe !!
      poe is pure shit and a waste of time !!

      • Your medication!!

        • look at your own , fucker


          • @ ofrit: The only one you're embarassing is yourself. If that's your thing, so be it and just look at this comment of mine as never being written out. If it ain't, please elaborate a bit on the "Why"s behind your opinion. And please try to refrain from personal attacks, while doing so…

    22. The skill tree that’s getting bashed is one of PoE’s strengths in my opinion. One of the reasons I like playing ARPGs (or RPGs in general) is building characters. PoE lets you do that through the skill tree. Diablo 3 has nothing like that. One barb is the same as the next once you strip the gear away.

      Despite D3’s far superior, crisp gameplay, I’d say removing this ability to customize the intrinsic values of a character takes away from the gaming experience somehow. I’m just not as attached to any D3 characters the way I am to my PoE ones.

      Going on a bit of a tangent, but I’d even argue that D3 should get rid of the concept of leveling once you kill Malthael or something and give you your level 70 stats with all skills unlocked so that you can jump into what the game is all about which is gearing.

    23. D3 and PoE should absolutely be compared and contrasted, as each game can learn a lot by looking at what the other features. Imagine D3's fluid combat/graphical smoothness with PoE's itemization depth… what a game that would be. I've played each game for a couple thousand hours(at least) and I prefer PoE. Here's why:1) D3 is simply too damn easy, and the risk-reward for "progressing" into Greater Rifts is simply not significant. At the end of the second week of D3 season 1, I had my full M6 set and an endgame weapon. A month later I am wearing exactly the same gear. Maybe 5% upgrade from better rolls. There are no items for me to find. Grift gems upgrade significantly at rank 25, but after that it is very marginal. Why progress, just to be on the leaderboard? PoE progression seems to be balanced better so that you are finding valuable items at a better pace, and so far I have never been at a point where there at least does not exist an upgrade I have not found.2) Rifts have always felt like a watered down version of PoE maps to me. I mean… isn't that what they are? It would be like picking a random white map in PoE over and over. Greater Rifts provide some progression, but again, for very little to no reward.3) I see a lot of complaints about PoE graphics. That is true, when comparing D3 at full settings to PoE at full settings. However, for my case (and many others if you read the D3 tech support threads) D3 performs very poorly in 4 player games. I'm talking FPS drops down into the low 20s with an exceptional rig. When they changed their game filesystem this seemed to help quite a bit, but it's still far from perfect. PoE was plagued with DeSync for years but now in 2.0 it is basically fixed. Maybe this makes it a tie, I dunno.4) Disconnects and the D3 logout timer mechanic. I shouldn't even need to talk about this as I think everyone knows how bad it is by now. If you are playing Hardcore in D3 and you DC or crash you are fucked. I have lost characters to it. In PoE, you are out damn near instantly. I never lost a HC character to connection issues in PoE, ever.5) Trading in PoE. Some people like trading, some people don't. In the current iteration of D3 they have simply removed the concept of an economy, and even made gold virtually free with the addition of goblin portals. The Auction House had problems, but their solution of scrapping trade altogether aggravates me to no end.6) Lack of proper utilization of D3's "respec anytime" skill system via requiring all classes to use the same set items. In D3 the (original design) idea is you should be able to switch specs based on what items you find, i.e. "this item looks awesome for this skill, let's switch!" I don't have a problem with that design choice on paper but now for most classes if you want to play in end game you are pretty much required to use "those" skills and wear "that" item set. You have no choice, and yet the ability to respec anytime was suppose to allow this… seems like a failed design to me in some sense. In PoE you plan out a build, find the required items (maybe a priori), and play the character. Want to play a different type of character – well you have to repeat the process but at least you have many gear/build options!

    24. While it is evident that the author put a lot of thought and time into the comparison, I think there are a lot of things that he missed or got it wrong.

      Also, it doesn’t help that the author is obviously biased towards POE. He used “we” a few times when talking about POE. Also making much more detailed comments when talking about POE compared to D3.

      I personally play both and I think it is impossible to compare the two objectively. There is no point to because you can either play one or both, its not that hard. BUT if I had to pick one for the sake of argument, I would pick D3 simply because of the fun factor.

    25. I agree you need to look up A LOT if you really want to get the best out of PoE. Would be a nice change if things were made more clear in the game. Though I must say I was really surprised a few weeks ago, when I picked up PoE with the new expansion after more than a year not playing.

      Those masters really improve the experience to me, since you get a bit more control over the sockets and stats you can get in an item, which doesn’t restrict me as much when I find a cool weapon which initially doesn’t have the sockets/links/colours I need.
      Can’t say it was made clear in the game at all how it works with the crafting benches..I had to find out for myself by asking around or looking at the Wiki.
      The fact you need to find out a lot yourself can also be seen as a strong point, making players ask each other for info a lot more. PoE feels a lot more social to me, kinda reminds me of the D2 prime days in a way. I fondly remember the many hours I spent on the Arreat Summit \Wiki\ to look up information and plan my new buildin D2.

      Personally, I mind the weaker points of PoE a lot less since the huge updates and I’m sure they’ll keep improving. Feels more like a game \filling the gap\ D2 left. D3 I occassionally pick up every few months. Really hoping for a second D3 expansion, since RoS was an amazing upgrade.

    26. They removed Desync with the latest patch so this “monumental problem” has been resolved

    27. in d3 you need to get to max level; it’s mostly an \issue\ for the first character, all the rest can be boosted (not so in poe)

      in d3 after you get max level you can get to torment 1 rather quickly and if you’re not a casual then you can hit torment 6 in a week or so.

      you can’t really get to merciless dominus in a week (well, at least i can’t but i can get to torment 6 in that time)

      the other thing is that you can’t really push forward in poe, you need to spend some time farming levels before advancing… and there is also the gear grind (especially if you’re self found)

      and also there high spike damage, many random (unforeseen) encounters that can just kill you

      and finally: all classes in diablo 3 have the cheat death mechanic but there is no such thing in poe.

      overall: i love hardcore in diablo 3 (cause i’m rather on the casual side, but not a filthy casual) and i prefer softcore in poe

    28. in d3 you need to get to max level; it’s mostly an “issue” for the first character, all the rest can be boosted (not so in poe)

      in d3 after you get max level you can get to torment 1 rather quickly and if you’re not a casual then you can hit torment 6 in a week or so.

      you can’t really get to merciless dominus in a week (well, at least i can’t but i can get to torment 6 in that time)

      the other thing is that you can’t really push forward in poe, you need to spend some time farming levels before advancing… and there is also the gear grind (especially if you’re self found)

      and also there high spike damage, many random (unforeseen) encounters that can just kill you

      and finally: all classes in diablo 3 have the cheat death mechanic but there is no such thing in poe.

      overall: i love hardcore in diablo 3 (cause i’m rather on the casual side, but not a filthy casual) and i prefer softcore in poe

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