Path of Exile: The Awakening beta keys available to PALS

This is a quick heads-up that PALS (subscribers) can now snag a Path of Exile: The Awakening beta key by adding their name to this post in the PAL forum. The beta will be running for a few more weeks and it gives access to the new gloomy looking Act IV.

PALS should keep an eye on the PAL forum moving forward as we will be posting other giveaways like this as often as we can. We’ve also kicked up a thread in the forum asking for your suggestions for future PAL perks so do chip in with ideas.

We want to pass on as much as we can to the site supporters because you guys are actively supporting the site.

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  1. Isn’t this blasphemy, or sacrilege, or something? The Diablo gods might smite you.

  2. Hey Rushster, I donated to upgrade my account to earlier this week, but I still don’t have access to the PAL forum. Can you help?

  3. And I donated a yearly subscription last August (found the PayPal receipt) but I am not a PAL anymore.

  4. This is almost as bad as the ads they have on this website directing you to play Path of Exile. Kind of ridiculous, why not have ads for the actual game this website is devoted to?!

    • Doesn’t make sense. Whoever is on this site doesn’t need an advertisement for D2/3 anymore. Perhaps he found his way to through ads or user recommendations from another games communitysite.

      If being at a time of a new expansion or a successor nearing its release, things would look different. But we’re still waiting on concrete information on that and at such a time the site itself is kinda like a big, ongoing advertisement-campaign already… 😉

      • Exactly. Where would you see an ad for D3 or RoS at this point? We had big ads for RoS last year when it launched, and obviously we’d run them now if someone was buying them. Besides, virtually everyone reading this has already bought D3 and RoS, which leaves what… ads for D3 merch?

        And as others point out… this is a fansite. We’re basically a full site ad for D3. Hence ads tend to be from competing or complementary products.

    • What ads would they be exactly? I haven’t seen any Diablo 3 ads in ages.

    • Too late! I’ve been playing Path of Exile for the last month. 🙂

    • The POE guys are big supporters of this site, they have read the site for many years, even before POE came into existence.

      Blizzard has never directly supported this site with campaigns so we naturally work with people who do.

  5. On the pal subscription front I made a 2 year subscription a little over a year ago I believe and yeah think mine disappeared too. Had it for the first few days of the new forum/when they switched to

    • That’s you sorted Genocides. I think it tripped because you did 2 payments at the same time. But it’s cool we can sort these things out if we know about them 🙂

  6. I’ve watched it some on twitch and the combat looks extremely static when compared to D3. Move a little, fire up some skill. Lather, rinse, repeat. Clearly it has its fans though, which is great, we can’t have D3 being the only viable ARPG on the market.

  7. Please do tell us about any subs anomalies. We are still ironing out a few things with site code (avatars on this page for one :). We will prioritise PAL issues over others.

    • Something that would help is an easy way to find how to reach you (i.e. the site) directly and reliably. I tried to post in a couple threads and profiles and it was overlooked or ignored.

      • Send them a PM (start a “private conversation”). Took me a while to figure out that “private conversation” meant the same as PM. :p

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