Path of Exile Open Beta Test Weekend

If you’re still waiting for your chance at the Diablo 3 Beta, or you need a break to try something different, (or you’re a Windows XP user), Grinding Gear Games is running a Public Stress Test Weekend for Path of Exile, with full access to the their beta test for everyone. More details here, from RPG Reporter.

You just need to create a Path of Exile forum account and download the client, and you’ll have unlimited access to their upcoming, free-to-play ARPG… until Sunday night.

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28 thoughts on “Path of Exile Open Beta Test Weekend

  1. I got into beta a few months back. This is a pretty decent game considering GG’s resources. However, once Diablo launches  this game is finished.

    • after 15/05 most of games gogo trashbucket. So better to try them out
      PS Path is NOT BAD 8)

  2. Not my kinda game I think. Don’t like the UI, inventory is really small which is just taking bad things from Diablo 2 instead of good things. Skillsystem looks pretty cool though from a quickglance.

    But unfortunately free to play so gonna let it fly. 
    Looking forward more to TL2 and that other one which looks a bit like Dungeon Siege. Forgot the name again. 

    • Not your kind of game… so i guess you didn’t like D2 then?  This is D2 improved in every way.  😛  I was a big fan of TL, but PoE blows it completely out of the water.  I don’t think there’s any chance at all that TL2 will be better than PoE.  Though i will play them both because i love ARPG.

    • you joking? the stash is huge” you can have over 100 items in it! more then diablo2 that is for sure! And its shared stash so you dont need to mule anything!!.. Try game before you say anything you fuckhead

    • “and that other one which looks a bit like Dungeon Siege”

      maybe you mean Grim Dawn, from the makers of Titan Quest ?
      they just said yesterday that it will be at least 6 months till the alpha 

      h t t p :// 

  3. i agree with Nevindaal! but give a big up to grinding gears for trying. just too glitchy for me aye

    • I haven’t run into any glitches yet actually.

      I just entered Act 2: The Forrest, and the little “tip” on the loading screen was “Bugs should be expected” or something like that.  Made me chuckle. Probably an unintended pun though.

      I’m loving it so far, but my only complaint would be that it’s really easy. Also, not being able to pick everything up and easily go back to town to sell it frustrates me a bit.

  4. This game will last longer than D3. I have been in the beta for a long time now and it keeps destroying D3. D3 by no means will be garbage (which i have the CE pre-ordered) but the customization in the game is huge and GGG actually works with the players. A few good points are:

    – Over 1000 different passives to choose from with each level
    – Skill gems drop randomly and are rewarded with quests
    – Skill gems level up if equiped from the Exp you gain
    – Everything can have a quality of +20% including the spells

    Only a small list here, could go on alot longer. Giving it is a beta i cant really say this is bad or that is bad since they are still adding alot of features to the game but one thing that wont change is how easy it is to mess up your first character. With a daunting passive tree with over 1000 points it was really easy to make a few mistakes along the way. 

    Path of Exile is a great game that will last a very long time but not as long as D3. What is going to be left to do once i get all the classes to lv 60? Sure, that will take a long time with each death and starting over again right from the start. After you reach that goal of getting all the classes to lv 60 without adding yet another soul to the long list and beating this so called difficult Inferno difficulty what more is there. Make another Barb and do the same thing but this time i pick the opposit gender? Path of Exile is the total opposite, i have 3 Rangers going and i have yet another Ranger build in the making.

  5. Been in PoE beta for five months and it’s great and only getting better. Yesterday threads were popping up on the D3 forums and fanboys were bashing it, and some didn’t even play for longer than 5 mins, or complained about the skill system. How can you judge a game without giving it a good run through? Anyways, that burn’t my ass seeing that.

    • I gave it a good run. This game is Titan Quest 2.0. Play once or twice and forget (e.g. go back to D3). Good effort, but not a Blizzard game, sorry.

  6. I decided to try out the Beta for PoE and my first impression was mixed. I have not had the chance to try Diablo 3’s beta so I cant really compare, only provide my thoughts on the direction this game took.

    I was a little confused at first, the chr creation was on a boat and you could hear “boat” noises, then you select the chr. next you get a loading screen, then all of a sudden you are on a beach covered in rubble from a “shipwreck” with no cutscene to connect the dots. It’s a minor thing and is most likely because its a beta and they dont want to give out their whole story. it was just something I noticed. 

    My first class was a Wizard (might have the name wrong) and I couldnt figure out why I had no spells and I was punching everything, then I found the starting weapon that I didnt notice before (after killing almost a dozen zombies as the incredible punching mage). 

    The overall feel of combat is pretty decent and standard as these ARPG’s go, the graphics are quite decent, I like the shadows, the reflection on the water, and some of the UI looked nice (health bars of enemies and the setup at the bottom of your screen) it is also nice to be able to have and use more than one skill (Diablo 2 you had basic attack and one skill on your right mouse button)

    Then I levelled up and found the Sphere Grid…. I hated the sphere grid in FFX. It is nice to see how customizable things are and how many different paths you can take but I really dont like the sphere grid…

    The next thing I got was when I finished my initial quest and got my first skill stone, err, materia. (FFVII) Interesting system combination they have here but they took one feature I liked from a Final Fantasy and combined it with the one I liked the least.

    From what I have been following on this site and the official site I think this game is a big reason why the Diablo team decided to make some of the changes they did. It sounded like, once upon a time, the rune system was going to be just like the PoE materia system. Not too sure how the system was like when there was skill points to distribute but I dont think it was like the sphere grid.
    As well, I couldnt be bothered to pay attention to anything the players had to say as it was all text and in this day and age, especially in a game like this with minimal NPC interaction, it should speak. 

    Another thing that kinda irked me was no gold. Your “currency” is all in trading items, items that have use outside of trading. I wanted to buy something but had no clue how to get the item I needed that he wanted for trade. Its nice to be original but I feel this is a bad idea. 

    Anyway, I know it seems like I am posting this in the wrong forum and not in a PoE forum but I mention these things here because it makes me wonder how much this game has influenced changes in the direction Diablo 3 took and may give insight as to the reasons behind some of the big changes they have made so late in the game production. 

    So, without a way to make direct comparisons, I will fade back into observer mode on the forums until May 15th. (unless i can get a beta key for D3 to continue this post. (wink wink, nudge nudge))

  7. In my opinion, below are some things about PoE that I think could use some improvement if the game is going to make it.

    The graphics.

    I know everyone loved the dark and unsaturated palette of Diablo 1. It was creepy and the game felt like you were in a horror movie. You can see how Grinding Gears may have used that as their inspiration, but the color palette and isometric angle of the graphics in PoE leave much to be desired. I am not asking for candyland, but there are a million colors out there… use more than just hues/tints of 5 of them. Everything from the scenery to the architecture is a washed out brown, green, or grey/blue variation. The graphics look dated… and old. They don’t look stylized. The art team looks like they did the best with what they had available if this were 1991.

    Potions and having to rely on them.

    Potions worked for Diablo 1 and 2… or did they? Having to depend on hitting the hot key for a potion, and having potions on your belt is flat out annoying and not challenging. It also adds an unnecessary item that you have to farm for. Sure, in PoE, the potions are multi-use and only get filled if you kill enemies, but it seems like a band-aid fix to a flawed system. The potions have different buff properties, but this could have been implemented in some other way that is not tied to the potion system. Say you love the increase in movement speed that a potion gives, but the potion itself isn’t great. You end up holding onto a worthless potion simply because you like the movement speed buff it gives until you find another one with the same buff.

    The skill “Web”

    This is definitely a cool idea, but it really needs work. It is a bit overwhelming to look at. If you like to plan ahead with your character, you really need to pay attention to the path that you select on this web of skills. Like the poster above mentioned, it is very easy to make mistakes along the way. Fortunately, you can complete some quests and find certain items to get you back some skill points, but you cannot re-roll your entire skill tree if you don’t like your build. You are stuck and should probably make a new character.

    The socket system.

    Items can have up to 6 sockets. Sockets can be linked to each other so that the skill gem placed into the socket shares the support from the gem it is linked to. Say you find a stellar bow with amazing DPS, it’s a big upgrade from your current bow, but it has 1 socket. You obviously don’t want 1 socket because you want to be able to have your skill gem linked to it’s support gems. You want 4-6 sockets. You’re stuck with your current bow. So, you have to farm an orb that can re-roll the sockets on the bow… at random. You spend several days and have found a bunch of orbs that you can use to re-roll your bow sockets. You finally end up with 6 sockets after 27 tries. But wait, none of the sockets are linked. You still don’t want to use this bow because you can’t link any of your support gems to your skills. Your currently equipped bow has lower DPS, but it has all of it’s sockets linked. You’re still stuck with your current bow. So, the only way to get the sockets linked is to farm yet another item that can link the sockets… at random. Isn’t this fun? A couple days go by and you have finally rerolled and linked all of your bow’s sockets, you put in your skill gems, you’re doing some nice DPS now. Then you find a better bow with higher dps…and 1 socket. Back to square one. This happens with every item in the game.

    The bosses

    There are a few bosses in the game so far and I am guessing that the developers are still working on adding others with the other acts. The AI of the bosses is not intelligent or challenging in the least bit. It is very easy to kite them, and exploit the environment to attack the bosses and not get damaged. The bosses don’t have minions or a support crew, or many interesting/varying attacks. The boss animations and sound effects are not unique enough or seem unfinished. They’re just too damn easy.

    I can keep going, but I think that I said enough. Again, it is not a terrible game considering the small team working on it. It just needs improvement. I feel that Grinding Gears will need more time and more money to make this game worth playing any longer than a few months. I just don’t see the majority of people staying with it, especially once May 15th rolls around. As for myself, I’m only really playing it because Diablo 3 isn’t out yet. That’s the sad truth.

    • I’ve spent the last several hours playing this game, and I honestly agree with everything you said.

  8. I really like the design and mechanical decisions, but the overall flow of the game is just not very polished. It’s a lot of fun but you can tell it’s F2P. Also combat feels kind of clunky at times, but that might just be server stress from the testing.

  9. I’ve got to level 25 so far, here’s my brief thoughts without going into to much detail:

    Art Style:
    The art-style is a lot like Diablo 1, it is very gritty and dark.  But the color palettes they use are horrible and washed out.  Its very hard to distinguish anything.  Say what you will about Blizzard’s cartoony graphic art style, but at least you can see things in their games.

    Its the old tetris-style inventory from diablo 1 and 2.  It might have worked 12 years ago, but not now.  Get rid of it.  

    Skills tree:
    At first, it seems cool.  But 80% of the skill slots you choose are just +10 to an attribute.  There is nothing original about that.  If they condensed the tree and got rid of all of the many meaningless buttons, it would be a lot better.

    I hate pumping potions.  Its just poor game design.  

    Other than that, the game is pretty fun and decent for being in closed beta and free-to-play.  After it gets a lot of work done on it, I can see potential with it.  

  10. I liked the idea of your characters being exiled and having to fend for themselves. I liked the intro with the first ever enemy (no spoilers but let’s just say it was kind of cool.)
    Sort of liked, sort of hated, the ff10- style passive skills layout. Like because it allows customizability dislike because it’s overwhelming and sort of confusing (Does a Merauder want to go down the dexterity path for certain abilities for example or is that a huge waste of what could have been lots of points in Strength)
    Really didn’t like how it’s a huge diablo 3 ripoff except worse graphics and clumsier gameplay, so I’ll uninstall now.
    God, too much of a D3 loyalist to even get to level 5 on this game.

  11. No bugs so far; I’m in act 2, tearing up mobs with a two-hander dualist.  
    It’s an amazing game. At full graphics it’s beautiful and realistic; I’m almost speechless at the game’s quality, honestly. I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s what Diablo 3 should have been, but it’s definitely a Diablo 2 v2.0.

  12. Played to level 18. The game play isn’t very fun. =/
    If you hate absolutely everything about Diablo 3, this game is for you!

  13. I played the PoE for 3-4 hours yesterday, liked the music and some of the graphics. Made it to act 2, but only because I wanted to see if it looked much different. I was bored way before I hit act 2. The pacing was bad several places.

    It has some interesting ideas, but overall it looks more like a polished Diablo 1 clone with updated graphics engine. I didn’t like character models.

    Funniest moment was first time I opened op the skill tree. 😀 But I MUCH rather have it like in D3. Playing D2 and PoE while waiting for D3 makes me realize just how much I like all the updates Blizzard did to D3. D3 feels like the next gen Diablo to me. PoE doesn’t, but its still a good game.

  14. PoE is pretty much Diablo II 2.0 with a lot more depth of customisation. If you like tinkering with builds and items all day long, this is the game for you. There are an absolute crapload of knobs to turn.

    Unfortunately for GGG, the world is FINALLY moving on from the old tetris/no respecs/no monster AI/grindy style of Diablo II ARPGs. While D3 may be a bit dumbed down, it has a lot of good ideas. Now someone needs to bring back 3D combat ala Hellgate and remove potion dependence and we may finally be moving out of the 20th century.

    Anyway, if you like D2 and cannot accept D3, this is the game for you. As for me, I got severely annoyed at the lack of full respecs without an insane grind and decided the time when I was willing to reroll because I spent my points “wrong” in a completely unclear skill tree and waste hours of my time on a useless character in a GAME for ENTERTAINMENT was ten years ago.

  15. Game is very addictive! I`ve played 2 times… At september-december and february-march… Both times it was witches, I`ve levelled them over lvl 70 and it was first time after D2 when I`ve got so much fun! The only annoying thing is wipes and legacy moves… After release I will play it again with pleasure!

  16. It’s a fun game, I got into the Beta at the end of March. 
    I’ve dabbled around with both the Ranger and Marauder.  The graphics/sound/gameplay is good fun. 
    Although, I firmly believe the passive skills need to be simplified.  As it stands, I find it a mess scrolling around trying to find a particular passive skill route.   If they can’t simplify it, no big deal, I’ll make do. 
    Currently 2 Acts, with more coming through the pipes.  The re-playability is definitely there and I find myself actually interested in going through the higher difficulties, which is saying a lot coming from a guy that usually plays a game once and is through with it.
    So, when Diablo 3 is released, I’ll have 2 arpgs to play around with.  There’s bound to be fun to be had in one or both of them.

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