Path of Exile Beta Test is Live

The Path of Exile beta test has begun, and invites are flying. There’s even a nifty timer on their main page, counting down how long until the next invite goes out. Names of the lucky forum users are displayed with each, so you can look on and hope for yours, while cursing those who have already received one.

If you’ve not gotten lucky yet, don’t despair; I talked to lead developer Chris Wilson a few days ago, and he said the plan is to scale up the number of testers quite quickly. He also stressed that this isn’t one of those, “everything is perfect and we’re just polishing up a bit” type of betas. The game is still under heavy development, and beta testers can expect to see a lot of new features going in over time, such as additional levels, the sixth character class, a whole PvP system, and much more. The beta is the full game; nothing is held back, and user feedback is very much desired, so you’re a full partner in the game’s development; not just a tech support crash test dummy like the D3 beta testers will be.

If you want to get into the beta test, create an account on the Path of Exile forums. While you wait and hope you can talk with current testers, past Alpha testers (like me!) and catch up on the game content, which is well-detailed on the PoE website. Also, keep an eye out for beta key promotions, Chris said they had a lot of those coming up… like this one!

We’ve got 8 keys to give away, today. These will give you immediate access to the Path of Exile beta test, and all you’ve got to do is tell me, in 40 words or less, why you want one. Five are going to our site pals, and three to anyone with a forum account. Pals use this thread in the private Pal forum, and everyone else can post in this forum thread in our PoE sub-forum. Good luck and don’t delay, I’ll be selecting the winners later today and sending you your beta key via a forum PM

Update: As there was so much demand (over 100 replies in the open thread), Chris sent me 15 more beta keys. I picked more 5 more pals and 6 more people from the public thread, and with 4 keys left, here’s the deal. I will randomly pick one person who posts in a thread in our PoE subforum for a beta key the next four days; Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Good luck!

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  1. Ever since your first writeup on PoE Flux, I’ve been hooked. Joined the day the site went public and continuously been impressed with each Dev Diary and video. Skill gems, flasks with mods, leagues, ethical shop.. Truly amazing looking ARPG.

    • Ive been following Path of Exile and Diablo 3 Since 2010, always being a forum rat reading but could never post since my WoW account isnt active and never had anything to say in Path of Exile because it is perfect.  I want a beta key very badly.

      Ill fight Chuck Norris for a Beta Key to PoE

  2. The words “Beta Test is Live” made my heart jump! If they don’t give us a date for beta soon i’m gonna lose my f-in mind!

  3. D3 will be the BEST Game Ever. I am really looking forward to having this game in my hands as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!!! I dont have any game to play at the moment, just waiting for it !!

    Thanks for your post !! =D

  4. Looks pretty fun, can’t wait to give it a try!

  5. I’ve been reading PoE’s blog posts about what they’re doing and it all sounds quite interesting.

  6. dont know but i dont like the skills , it looks like a browser game. is it one ?

  7. I have been following the development of D3, and looked at all its changes… I have been following the development of PoE closely too… It is as if both games are being developed in a twin way… So… Beta!

  8. Flux, didn’t you say you were gonna post another write up after playing the alpha for a bit? Did I miss that, or have you simply not gotten around to it?

    • I never had a chance to play enough to write anything more comprehensive. I did interview Chris Wilson last weekend for the podcast, but sadly a computer crash on my end wiped out the recording. We’re doing it again this weekend though, which will be interesting since i can get his his thoughts on the first few days of the beta.

      This afternoon I heard from him a couple of hours after the beta had gone live and he said things were insane; 400 testers in at that point, over 100 emails and PMs for him in the previous hour, servers stressing out, etc. Fun!

      • Yeah, Ive been following the forums and it’s complete chaos. Looking forward to the podcast, and maybe beta myself soon.

  9. “Beta Test is Live”
    At first I was like AWWW YEAH, but then I was like son I am disappoint.

  10. AT first I was like fuck yeah……………..d3 beta baby then realized it was for another game. I signed up to try this new game out. 8)

  11. Signed up for this forever ago.

    It’s kind of cool watching the names of people who aren’t me go by every five minutes or so. It’s like practice for not getting into the Diablo III beta.

  12. The reason I as a gamer want to play Path of Exile is because I need to be able to head into Diablo 3 knowing that another game(PoE) isn’t worth playing. Right now I look at diablo 3 with no average RPG standard. although POE is a MMORPG, it takes an RPG outlook. The flask system POE is using interests me as it’s more of a diablo II lookout on healing vs’s Diablo3’s new idea/version.  Their skill tree’s seem unique & interesting. Overall PoE looks like a pretty well thought up game from a small company. Would love get my hands on it up front.

  13. HOLY CRAP I was 100% sure it was the D3 Beta and they just gave some special name to it like they do for WoW patches (like Rise of the Zandalarians)
    Damn, shit would have been so cash.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks this game looks ugly?

  15. Actually alpha testers and closed beta testers become shocked when they see the graphicss and how well optimized those incredible graphics for an aRPG.

  16. wow… this game looks awsome. at least the graphics and atmosphere… like twice as good as diablo.. no kidding omg
    i really really wonder if diablo will get better atmosphere in the 3. and 4. act as they said.
    i guess these PoE vids made me realise what could be possible for d3.. insane!!

  17. damn flux xD
    i will check my mail acc the whole day long now -.- 😉
    i hope i get in the beta =)

  18. The only reason why I didn’t win the key for the beta was the fact that after slaughtering demons for countless of hours I couldn’t find enough humor in me to charm Flux in a witty way. :-[) Gz to everyone who got a key!

  19. Been following PoE since it was featured on here long, long ago.  I am really looking forward to playing it – THAT SAID, they need to get a move on!  If PoE launches around when D3 launches, there will only be 200 people playing at any given time.  I must say, the same thing goes for Torchlight 2.  I loved Torchlight 1 and will buy 2, but for every 50 hours I spend in D3, I will only spend 1 hour in Torchlight 2.
    The delays are really going to cost PoE and Torchlight 2 in my opinion. If I’m not mistaken, both games were slated for “aggressive” 2011 launches which damn well should have been before Q4.

    • Completely agree. But honestly it wont hurt their sales. Like you said, every 50 hours of D3 = 1 hour of TL2, but no matter how much players play PoE and TL2, chances are alot of ARPG fans will purchase all three games. I know I probably will, and never finish either of the 2. Diablo 3 will consume my life; at least for a while.  🙂

  20. Madmaxio, probably… PoE’s first impression actually looks more polished than the D3 footage up to this point.

  21. Looking forward to give this game a shot

  22. PoE looks pretty sweet. If I had to choose PoE or TL2, PoE would be my choice. A few things I’ve seen on PoE I don’t quite like though. The whole potion spamming is soooo Diablo 2.. lol. But besides that it looks legit.

  23. Is there an NDA? Any chance of it being streamed on jtv for those of us that don’t have keys :-(?

  24. Flux do you have any keys to give away?

  25. Damn. Missed this. I’ve been waiting to hear news from Path of Exile since I first time read about it here.

    I really much hope that this site will keep covering Path of Exile, because it looks very promising and the game certainly can use the attention as it’s close to an independent game, if I understand correctly!

  26. Looking forward to when I get a chance to play this.  I keep checking the site to see if by some odd miracle my name will be on the screen right at the moment I decide to check.  Probably easier to just check my email, but I think its more fun this way.

  27. omg i really want to try this game.
    will someone PLEASE give me a key??
    [email protected]
    i’ll do anything nohomo

  28. If anyone has some spare PoE keys, i would love to get one @ [email protected] ! Thx Alot <3 !

  29. Heyy iv been wanting to start up a beta review and general advice channel on youtube and thought path of exile would be a good start, If you got any spare beta key’s for me and a mate id be thankful 🙂

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