The new patch is live on the PTR and this development spurred a flurry of questions and comments and answers from Blizzard on the Battle.net forums. A selection of the more useful action:

    First up, a long post on the Barb forums bemoaning some changes (nerfs) to Whirlwind got a topic-changing reply. According to testers, the main problem is that WW doesn’t proc enough now, which results in not enough resource to keep rolling.

    Fury management is already an issue for many Barb builds. Now it’s borderline impossible for WW. Even with BK swords, Hexing Pants, Unforgiving and Weapon Master passives, and max RCR via Paragon, anything less than GG density results in complete depletion of Fury in moments.

    Based on the above, it should be clear that the recent changes to WW cripple currently viable WW builds. The builds and skills were working fine. If anything, the two piece bonus on the Waste set could be altered to solve Fury issues and BK swords could offer a different (or stacking Fury bonus) benefit.
    Nevalistis: Let’s start with clearing some basics up:

    The changes made to Whirlwind (and Strafe) were not made because of concerns with balance. The changes to Whirlwind and Strafe were made to improve server performance. Our server logs indicate that Whirlwind was a significant factor in server performance issues experienced by all players (even if there isn’t a Barbarian in your game). The intention is to improve server performance without affecting the power of Whirlwind.

    We’re currently discussing how we can get server performance gains without affecting the power level of Barbarians. This might mean reverting our optimizations, or it might mean providing alternative complementary options for Barbarians to compensate for the change. While we haven’t made a decision yet, it’s possible you’ll see a couple iterations or different approaches throughout the PTR.

    Click through for lots more Blue replies on topics including Action Combat in Rifts (nope), Set Dungeons, the return of Stonesinger, and more.

    Action combat, not in rifts?

    I noticed that the new action combat system for kills is not working in rifts/grifts but it is working when doing bounties. Is this intended?
    Nevalistis: Just to confirm, it is intended that Action Combat does not apply to Nephalem or Greater Rifts. I’m here a bit early today, so I’ll try to get some more clear clarification on exactly what aspects of Action Combat apply to which portions of the game once there are more folks in the office.

    Is Stonesinger back in the game?
    Nevalistis: Stonesinger is listed as live in the 2.4.0 Patch notes. There is a known issue where the 2.3.0 PTR patch notes are still displaying in the launcher – we’re looking into this.

    Here’s what it says in the 2.4.0 notes, though:

    • Stonesinger
      • No longer spawns clones
      • Now summons stone turrets that fire mortars and can be destroyed
      • Now has a charge attack
      • Now has a knockback

    I’m pretty sure this means they brought him back because he never used to have turrets before.
    Nevalistis: Indeed. If he’s not spawning, though, we’d definitely like to know! He should be available in 2.4.0.


    Lots going on, with a ton of player feedback on new issues like the Set Dungeons. Separate thread for that one, though.

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