Patch 2.4.0 is coming today

Just in case you were wondering if and when patch 2.4.0 would arrive, it looks to be coming today as indicated by a Tweet from Blizzard. Note I am in the EU so that would be Wednesday here and Tuesday US should it land. Are you ready?

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  1. Well, they didn't do the regular Tuesday Maintenance this morning as expected.Are we sure about this?

  2. What I think might be happening is the patch is simply ready to go due to all the PTR testing. It might be slightly later than usual but I think (and hope) this means it's coming.

  3. That doesn't mean the patch will be released today.

  4. This in no way indicates the patch is coming today. Why the clickbait?

  5. Having said that, 2.4 is now live in the US and will be in the EU in a "few hours" (see thread):

  6. TWO POINT FOURRRRRRR! Damn Americans', we should invade for having the patch early.Excited to play all the chars and see all the new shinies!

  7. Europe got the patch this time actually also on Tuesday instead of Wednesday like usual – much excite! 🙂

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