patch241-portrait-whimsyshireEarlier this week we posted a bunch of infos and pics of new cosmetic items and wings players have found in Patch 2.4.1 on the PTR. Fan reaction has been mixed, with some liking the new visuals and others angrily stomping their pitchforks and rabblerabbling about how Diablo 2 had no transmog and dagnabit they liked it that way. Personally I’ve got a foot in each camp, and the more time I spend in MP games with players wearing glowing wings, the more I remember that I prefer to play solo.

    That said, I was a huge fan of the gold pickup pets we had early in the D3v beta, and I think the gold pickup feature added to virtual pets in Patch 2.4.0 is one of the best Quality of Life additions since the game launched. So while I don’t care much about new transmogs and think the wings are mostly annoying, I can’t be so negative about the twenty new heel-trotters, not all of which have yet been found. Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 New Virtual Pets!

    Credit again to Lumamaster’s thread on the PTR forum where he’s been compiling and updating the new transmogs, pets, wings, and other cosmetic treats coming in the next patch. There’s a lot more there than I quoted here, so check it out. Plus a Blue stopped by today test the waters and give out a disclaimer:

    It’s great to see all this excitement over these new items. We’re very interested in hearing your feedback!

    Just want to poke my head in here and add in as a reminder that, as always, PTR is subject to change. We’re testing out a few things, including types of cosmetics and how they can be acquired. Some of these items may go live, and some of them might not, and we may change how or where you find some of them. We appreciate those of you who are taking the time to track these things down and give them a try!

    What do you guys think of the new stuffs? Anyone want to Grinch about the virtual pets? Click through for a full list of them, many of which have not yet been spotted or cataloged.

    Most of these virtual pets have been found via drops from the new Treasure Goblin, the DiabloWikiMenagerist Goblin. The new transmogs and wings are *not* dropped by goblins, not even the green Odious Collector. They all come from one specific unique enemy, such as Maghda, Uber Maghda, a Flying demon, etc. Details in the OP thread.

    1)Cosmetic_Pet_teddyBear – Overseer Lady Josephine
    2)Cosmetic_Pet_squire – Lamb: http://imgur.com/WflH6NS
    3)Cosmetic_Pet_VoodooDoll – Ms. Madeleine
    4)Cosmetic_Pet_nightmare – Unihorn
    5)Cosmetic_Pet_gluttony- The Bumble : http://imgur.com/qFiJ8tj
    6)Cosmetic_Pet_babysiege – Grunkk
    7)Cosmetic_Pet_fallenHound – Buddy : http://imgur.com/USARHXF
    8)Cosmetic_Pet_ghost – Haunting Hannah : http://i.imgur.com/F2WTBV1.jpg
    9)Cosmetic_Pet_goatman – Lady Morthanlu
    10)Cosmetic_Pet_hoodednightmare – Malfeasance
    11)Cosmetic_Pet_mimic – The Mimic : http://imgur.com/TXfM53x
    12)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Blaze
    13)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Humbart Wessel
    14)Cosmetic_Pet_spider – Charlotte : http://imgur.com/Nby0ATe
    15)Cosmetic_Pet_zombie – Liv Moore
    16)Cosmetic_Pet_succubus – Queen of the Succubi
    17)Cosmetic_Pet_crawlingHand – Friendly Gauntlet
    18)Cosmetic_Pet_cowking – That Which Must Not be Named : http://imgur.com/QEBEfMb
    19)Cosmetic_Pet_bladedsoul – Galthrak the Unhinged : http://dh-deluxe.de/files/images/ptr2-4-1/pet-galthrak1.jpg
    20)Cosmetic_Pet_yeti – The Bumble : http://dh-deluxe.de/files/images/ptr2-4-1/pet-yeti2.jpg

    UPDATE: Here is a list of the new unique enemies that were added. Try looking for them!
    FallenChampion_A_Unique_Cosmetic_02: Regreb the Slayer
    TentacleHorse_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Princess Lilian{ph}
    TentacleBear_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Sir William{ph}
    FallenShaman_A_Cosmetic_Unique_01: Graw the Herald
    x1_TriuneSummoner_C_Unique_Cosmetic_01: Nevaz
    ZombieSkinny_B_Unique_313: Ravi Lilywhite

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