patch230-kanais-cube1Most players feel that the most interesting new feature coming up in Patch 2.3 is the new DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube. This item is found from some special boss in the new Ruins of Seshcheron area, and enables players to break down legendary items and use their special legendary power without equipping that item.

    The current design (subject to change during PTR testing, of course) is that players can break down as many legendary items as they like, but that only 3 can be active at once, 1 from armor, 1 from a weapon, and 1 from jewelry. This is basically a way to add 3 more passive effects, almost like skills, and the possibilities for adding new builds or enhancing current builds seem almost limitless.

    Here’s the official infos we’ll need for Theorycrafting Kanai’s Cube:

    New Artifact: Kanai’s Cube

    Those who played Diablo II might remember the Horadric Cube, a unique device which allowed you to combine items. Useful as it was, it was easily surpassed in power by the item from which it originated, Kanai’s Cube. In Patch 2.3.0, players will be able to discover this powerful ancient relic and utilize its incredible potential, including the ability to break down Legendary items and equip their special effects as passive skills (which are separate from your other passive skills), convert crafting materials from one type to another, and so much more.

    How many passives can we use at same time ? Does it take passive skill slot to equip?
    Tyvalir: There’s been some confusion about how these passives work, so let me clarify.

    With the current plan, the passives you get by breaking down Legendary items with special effects in Kanai’s Cube do not replace passive skills on your character, but are instead part of a separate set of passives that are specifically stored within the cube. You can store as many special effects as possible in the cube, but only a limited number can be active at a given time (currently, this is three: one weapon effect, one armor effect, and one jewelry effect).

    Some questions I’d like clarified:

    • Do off-hand (quivers, mojos, sources, shields etc) count as armor or weapon? (“Anything that goes in your main or offhand is part of the weapon category for the purposes of the cube.” —Travis Day.)
    • I assume the legendary property on a Hellfire Amulet (the passive skill) can’t be used with Kanai’s Cube. (Travis Day confirms this is a no.)
    • Can the legendary property from a Hellfire Ring (+45% experience) be used?
    • Can you double-dip and get the same bonus twice, from wearing the item and from the KC? (I.E. from something like The Furnace.) (Travis Day says no double-dipping.)
    • Can you go cross-class on the item bonuses? For instance, can every class now get the 20% damage buff from a Calamity one-handed Xbow, or the ultimate IAS from the Flying Dragon? (Travis Day says NO cross-class items.)
    • Presumably this is legendary items only, and you can’t break down a set item in the KC and thus have it count as being equipped just to get the 6p set bonus.
    • Can you use set items that have an orange property, and get the property but not have it “count” as wearing that item for the set bonus? Krelm’s Belt, for instance.
    • The immediate, obvious ability with this is to get an armor effect you can’t get now, since your six piece set takes up that space. As someone who is maining a Natalya’s DH this season, my first thought was Mr. Yan’s Hexing Pants, and those would be of great use to all the Spin2Win barbs as well.Is everyone playing solo going to stick a Unity in the KC and get that double Unity buff even while wearing Focus/Restraint? Or will the free huge bonus damage from a Convention of Elements or SoJ be more tempting? Or how about the DiabloWikiRoRG bonus without having to wear the crappy ring?

      The defensive powers are as amazing as the offense boosts. How about a second free death-cheating passive, such as via Beckon Sail for a DH? Or imagine being immune to two elements at once: via wearing an immune amulet, and from the KC getting another amulet immunity + Ice Climbers to break all CC?

      Note that a lot of the best items have a blend of special blue affixes + their orange affix, and only the orange one comes via the KC. So items like Cindercoat or Magefist or Frostburn, or any of the weapons with +elemental damage aren’t going to work well via the KC.

      Does the Cube instantly double (triple?) the power of Witch Doctors, since all their build-defining items are Voodoo Helms (and weapons)? Mask of Jeram + Carnevil, for instance. And they could get the bonuses from Dagger of Darts + Starmetal Kukri at once.

      Does the KC mostly “fix” the Ancient Weapon problem, since this will grant the special legendary power of that weapon you have to have for your build, without requiring you to find its ultra-rare self in Ancient form. No more endless Ancient Furnace hunting, for instance, though players who need a set weapon like Bul-Kathos, IK Axe, Natalya’s Xbow, etc, will still need to find an ancient of that item to equip for the set bonus.

      There’s so much to think about with this Kanai’s Cube change that it’s hard to know where to start. What do you guys think of some ideal speed farming builds? Or ideal defensive boosts? What are the best three item properties to add to your DPS? Any builds or combos of items that sound basically broken, they’d be so powerful or synergistic?

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