Patch 2.3: Theorycrafting Kanai’s Cube

Patch 2.3: Theorycrafting Kanai’s Cube

patch230-kanais-cube1Most players feel that the most interesting new feature coming up in Patch 2.3 is the new DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube. This item is found from some special boss in the new Ruins of Seshcheron area, and enables players to break down legendary items and use their special legendary power without equipping that item.

The current design (subject to change during PTR testing, of course) is that players can break down as many legendary items as they like, but that only 3 can be active at once, 1 from armor, 1 from a weapon, and 1 from jewelry. This is basically a way to add 3 more passive effects, almost like skills, and the possibilities for adding new builds or enhancing current builds seem almost limitless.

Here’s the official infos we’ll need for Theorycrafting Kanai’s Cube:

New Artifact: Kanai’s Cube

Those who played Diablo II might remember the Horadric Cube, a unique device which allowed you to combine items. Useful as it was, it was easily surpassed in power by the item from which it originated, Kanai’s Cube. In Patch 2.3.0, players will be able to discover this powerful ancient relic and utilize its incredible potential, including the ability to break down Legendary items and equip their special effects as passive skills (which are separate from your other passive skills), convert crafting materials from one type to another, and so much more.

How many passives can we use at same time ? Does it take passive skill slot to equip?
Tyvalir: There’s been some confusion about how these passives work, so let me clarify.

With the current plan, the passives you get by breaking down Legendary items with special effects in Kanai’s Cube do not replace passive skills on your character, but are instead part of a separate set of passives that are specifically stored within the cube. You can store as many special effects as possible in the cube, but only a limited number can be active at a given time (currently, this is three: one weapon effect, one armor effect, and one jewelry effect).

Some questions I’d like clarified:

  • Do off-hand (quivers, mojos, sources, shields etc) count as armor or weapon? (“Anything that goes in your main or offhand is part of the weapon category for the purposes of the cube.” —Travis Day.)
  • I assume the legendary property on a Hellfire Amulet (the passive skill) can’t be used with Kanai’s Cube. (Travis Day confirms this is a no.)
  • Can the legendary property from a Hellfire Ring (+45% experience) be used?
  • Can you double-dip and get the same bonus twice, from wearing the item and from the KC? (I.E. from something like The Furnace.) (Travis Day says no double-dipping.)
  • Can you go cross-class on the item bonuses? For instance, can every class now get the 20% damage buff from a Calamity one-handed Xbow, or the ultimate IAS from the Flying Dragon? (Travis Day says NO cross-class items.)
  • Presumably this is legendary items only, and you can’t break down a set item in the KC and thus have it count as being equipped just to get the 6p set bonus.
  • Can you use set items that have an orange property, and get the property but not have it “count” as wearing that item for the set bonus? Krelm’s Belt, for instance.
  • The immediate, obvious ability with this is to get an armor effect you can’t get now, since your six piece set takes up that space. As someone who is maining a Natalya’s DH this season, my first thought was Mr. Yan’s Hexing Pants, and those would be of great use to all the Spin2Win barbs as well.Is everyone playing solo going to stick a Unity in the KC and get that double Unity buff even while wearing Focus/Restraint? Or will the free huge bonus damage from a Convention of Elements or SoJ be more tempting? Or how about the DiabloWikiRoRG bonus without having to wear the crappy ring?

    The defensive powers are as amazing as the offense boosts. How about a second free death-cheating passive, such as via Beckon Sail for a DH? Or imagine being immune to two elements at once: via wearing an immune amulet, and from the KC getting another amulet immunity + Ice Climbers to break all CC?

    Note that a lot of the best items have a blend of special blue affixes + their orange affix, and only the orange one comes via the KC. So items like Cindercoat or Magefist or Frostburn, or any of the weapons with +elemental damage aren’t going to work well via the KC.

    Does the Cube instantly double (triple?) the power of Witch Doctors, since all their build-defining items are Voodoo Helms (and weapons)? Mask of Jeram + Carnevil, for instance. And they could get the bonuses from Dagger of Darts + Starmetal Kukri at once.

    Does the KC mostly “fix” the Ancient Weapon problem, since this will grant the special legendary power of that weapon you have to have for your build, without requiring you to find its ultra-rare self in Ancient form. No more endless Ancient Furnace hunting, for instance, though players who need a set weapon like Bul-Kathos, IK Axe, Natalya’s Xbow, etc, will still need to find an ancient of that item to equip for the set bonus.

    There’s so much to think about with this Kanai’s Cube change that it’s hard to know where to start. What do you guys think of some ideal speed farming builds? Or ideal defensive boosts? What are the best three item properties to add to your DPS? Any builds or combos of items that sound basically broken, they’d be so powerful or synergistic?

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48 thoughts on “Patch 2.3: Theorycrafting Kanai’s Cube

  1. As I wrote in the other thread, the Furnace effect seems like an obvious choice for weapon. Means you can skip finding an ancient furnace and use another weapon instead, which would be nice.

  2. I keep thinking about speed farming options.  Krelm's Belt… it's a green, but has a legendary power?  Avarice Band + Boon of the Hoarder…

  3. As Flux mentioned it may end up being that you can only steal the orange affix off of an item, in which case many popular no property legendaries will be left out in the cold.  I'm talking about items like SOJ, witching hour, and furnace.  If that is the case then those who need a furnace would still need to find one, but at least they could then add some other weapon's legendary effect to it.  Personally I would be okay with it either way.  I am much more interested in the possibilities unlocked with the enabling three extra orange affixes!  I am also quite interested to see if class specific item properties will be usable on other classes.  My gut tells me that blizzard will not allow cross class properties, citing their usual "concentrated coolness" rationale they dole out every year at Blizzcon Q&A sessions when someone asks for his enigma back.

    • From the blue posts it sounds like definitely just the legendary property, so something like Witching Hour doesn't have any utility at all. Though obviously you could use a diff belt for the leg property and wear Witching Hour.

      I mostly pointed it out since I knew some people would think "Cindercoat!" without remembering that half the special utility of that item is a blue affix that probably won't transfer over through the Cube.

      • Oh.  I'll have to go back and look at mine then.  For some reason I was thinking it was just a normal elite damage stat and not an orange stat that said "gain ___% elite damage".  That's what I get for relying on my memory of an item i have only seen drop a handful of times.

  4. TBH this is just a silly, arbitrary feature that's no different than "stat/skill allocation" in D2. It's an illusion of customization and possibilities, when in reality, whenever we find what the best/most optimal setup is per class/build, there will be no variety and everyone will cry about this being a wasted feature.I'm not looking forward to it at all, my self. It's going to make hunting rare legendaries much more frustrating.

    • You’re that guy who sucks the fun out of everything. By the way, you could say the same about *any* customization feature. This gives players a lot more fun options when gearing up to the ideal setup anyway and you can use old legendaries when you get a new upgrade, so at least most of the process/season will be more fun than before.

      We won’t know till we try it.

      • I'm not the one who's going to be diving in trying to theory craft the next meta. I'm going to use this cube for fun and do things like Golden Flense affix while using a 1h flail simply because it looks cool and still hopefully farm GR40. I'm stating what's a fact, and you're just jumping to conclusions. I don't play D3 competitively, I play other games competitively but I worry this feature is going to -force- us to play in more competitive ways in order to keep up with what's considered "acceptable" content.I'm personally trying to push for generators to generate more resource and other more "fun" things that aren't ever going to be competitive. So it sucks for you to jump into conclusions into what kind of "guy" I am, but this is still a feature that I think you're going to regret defending later. The mystic is great but how often are you putting "fun customization" options with her enchanting? How often are you not using CC/CD/Socket accessories or a weapon without 10% damage? I think the Cube will end up the same way: whatever is discovered that's best will be all that's used and you'll cry about it.

    • Every few days someone makes a comment that seems entirely motivated by the fact that we no longer have a downvote option.

      • I'm not making a comment for downvotes. I'm making a comment sharing my opinion, because I love Diablo 3 more than you ever will and want what's best for it.

  5. Anyone willing to wager how long it will be before they reveal how limited & borderline useless the cube is? They didn't mention where the RNG factors into it yet. Willing to bet they want you to put a weapon, a piece of jewelry, & a piece of armor into this thing, all 3 get consumed, & 1 affix gets made into a passive. Have fun feeding Furnace after Furnace into this thing, trying to get that +50% dmg to elites passive!Just look at the Mystic. I thought it would be all sugar & rainbows after she waddled into town. Then they revealed how limiting the re-rolls were, and how they only work on stuff found after the patch. I want to believe in the power of patch 2.3, but the D3 team has used the old bait & switch too many times for me to get excited anymore, about anything.

    • I really hope this isn't the case, but you could very well be right here. If the Cube has some massive RNG bullshit attached to it, then it can piss right off, imo. Like the Hellfire Amulet shenanigans of having to craft 80 of them before getting a useful one. I really hope they don't do something like that here.

      • I figured it would just take the same value on the item you fed in, which is RNG enough as you've got to find a good one in the first place.  If it was RNG on the value, why would that be a bad thing? You might get 4000% via the Cube on a Crashing Rain that you found with only 3002%.

        Not all RNG is Jaydala!

        • I just notice now on the official forums that Travis says that it automatically takes the highest roll possible for the affix. Which is interesting, and good, I suppose. So they've removed the RNG factor there, but I guess it means it's just a matter of 'feeding' one copy of each legendary item into THE BOX until it's full of all the affixes, and then basically once you've imbibed a specific legendary property, then that item effectively becomes a forgotten soul to you because you don't need the item anymore (which isn't a bad thing and kind of like it already is now)p.s. "Jaydala" = best phrase ever. Bravo.

  6. I sincerely doubt that Legendary properties like The Furnaces are going to be considered a passive for this. My money is on Legendary abilities like Flying Dragon or Beckon Sail, not just pure stat bonuses. I’m also betting that the rng aspect of this thing is going to be there and act much like all the rng in the game. Will work for some, very well, while others never, but for the majority of players the “just right” spot. Also what are these Adventure clearing act only/specific bounty crafting materials? Is this going to incorporate them?

  7. I'm curious to try out the Death Watch Mantle proc from the cube.  I always liked it on my monk in the long-ago (before they buffed the damage in 2.2) but had trouble fitting it into the gear puzzle.

  8. The potential combinations certainly do have me giddy like a school girl. For a speedrunner, Flux, I look forward to putting either the Custerian Wristguard property or the barbarian Chilanik's Chain property in the cube, freeing me up to still use, say, Reaper's Wraps.

  9. So you only need one of'em cubes and can keep feeding it legendaries? Or can you have different ones? Latter would make more sense if it's an item, and would be more build/player friendly.Also, anyone else thinking this is Blizzard's way of not giving us more stash? Because you're finally going to get rid of those 'maybe one day' items that you could never quite fit into a build. To the cube(s) they go!

    • From the interface, it seems like whichever the most recent or else the highest roll of an item is the one that would be available. I doubt it would display say, 5 different Tasker and Theo and you'd pick from them.

      Why would anyone want that anyway? You'd always want to passive over the highest roll. I guess that could be an issue if there were 2 different values in an orange property, but I can't think of any off my head. Something must have an orange property with varying values for damage and duration?

      • If you only get the most recent, that's no fun. I hope it lets you choose from all the affixes you've fed it.Otherwise it's going to be the same kind of gut wrenching decision as to what weapon should I use my Gift on. For those of us who are not Gaby or Quin anyway.

        • Part of the fun in Diablo games is having to make a choice. If you didn’t have to make choices, you might as well just have cheat codes and god mode etc.

          • Picking from a list of all the affixes you’ve fed the cube sounds like making a choice to me.

  10. I doubt they are going to let us double up. 2xHalo, 2xRORG, 2xWoH…so much potential to abuse.But even still…my brain hurts from the theorycrafting. The thought of aether + actual weapon (like a GV) makes my head spin.

  11. So with this Kanai cube thingie, are they now definitely NOT brining back charms? It would be rather redundant with this implemented now…

    • No one knows, but all charms were in their pre-game state were tiny boosts to things like stat points and resistance.  If anything, paragon points replace and upgrade over them, at this point.

      Though one would hope if they brought back charms they'd be a lot more interesting than they were in their 2011 dev state.

      • I suspect the talisman, with it’s odd cross-shape, probably had some sort of geometric synergistic enhancement built in, like a bingo board. If you put a certain group of similar charms together in a similar way, you’d get a bigger bonus than if you had them in a different layout.

        Then they probably canned it because it would be too confusing for noobs.

  12. man ….furnace +50 % to elite , Soj +30 % to elite and Hexing pants +25% damage….Can i get that on my barb , now please!?!?

  13. It sounds like a neat idea. But I can't even imagine this as a 'power creep' – more like a power lunge. Are they going to massively tweak all the numbers of other things to balance this? Adding three major buffs sounds like it will open up a bunch of clever builds (which is what I very, very much want), but also allow the most powerful passives to push everyone up far more than one or two GR levels. Right? I mean, my current barb suddenly getting 50% Elite damage, 25% hexing damage, and RoRG bonus so I can use F+R with my IK/WotW? I feel like I could jump from enjoying tough 45s to blazing through 53 or 54.

  14. Has anyone confirmed if cubes are per-character or per account? Would you need to load a RoRG for each character or would a single one populate for all characters? Not a big deal in RoRG case, but would you need a bunch of furnaces if you want that bonus for all your characters. (Start hoarding now!)

    And that would bring back major death penalty of HC that speed leveling has mostly taken away if you have to reload your cube from scratch each time.

  15. I wonder how they will manage Ancestors' Grace. Death destroys the cube, or the current amulet you're wearing?

  16. Fury of the Vanished Peak grants big +Seismic Slam bonus, so it's still Ancient Hunt (for those whoe care, I don't, so I can play happilly). But I'll be able to boost myself with some other crazy wep affixes (some lightning boom-ba-boom?).

  17. I want to give a shot using The Mortal Drama passive + Obsidian ring of the Zodiac passive + Leoris’s Crown passive + high CDR to try some different crusader style. I have Ancient Furnace so I can’t wait to try it.
    Or Gyrfalcon passive,while playing with some 2 hander like Ancient Corrupted Ashbringer and stacking AS. I like differnt builds,and I hope this patch is exactly what I’m looking for:)

  18. I'm personally excited about the myriad of gear combinations now. I look forward to this and sescheron and the seasonal progression thing.

  19. Can't wait! For the less lucky amongst us, The Furnace is a legendary passive, not a primary star affix.Shame this announcement wasn't made in a few more language as a lot of native English speakers appear to be struggling over the basic concepts.There's a big, big difference between a legendary bonus and a special primary affix.Although maybe this was just super obvious to me because of my ridiculous play time compared to some…

  20. This looks promising. And finally more Torments!!! I can't stand timers in videogames, and the absence of loot doesn't feel Diablo to me.

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