Blue dog looks pretty tough.

    Blue dog looks pretty tough.

    The Seasonal Journey is a new feature in the patch (now for Season 4 chars only) that guides a player through achievements and grants special visual rewards for completing them. The accomplishments on the journey are all fairly standard feats such as upgrading LGems, using the Cube, equipping legendary items on your follower, finishing a Rift on T6+, etc. What the Seasonal Journey does is arrange some of the key/core Achievements into pages of 8 or 9, sorted logically to match your character progression.

    Each page you complete grants you some new visual buffs, like banner patterns or new portrait frames, and finishing the fourth page brings the most visual; a blue dog virtual pet that runs around with you in-game. Like the skeleton dog RoS:CE bonus, it’s purely visual and doesn’t engage in combat or get targeted by monsters, but it’s sort of cute and adds some visual flair.

    The Seasonal Journey is a clever feature on the whole; it’s fun to get some more splash and bang as you work your way through events, and it’s much more integrated into the game than the standard Achievements. Those all still exist and can still be viewed in their massive, maze-like interface, but you get more of an on-screen splash when you complete stages in the Seasonal Journey, and more direct visual feedback and rewards.

    The Seasonal Journey is also useful as a tutorial or educational guide, as the events on it are grouped logically and chronologically. I’m sure new or casual players will find it helpful, as it’s a big reminder of things you *should* be doing at that point in your character’s growth. A few things are irrelevant, like Transmog, but most of them are essential to build a strong character, like gearing your Follower, enchanting your equipment, killing the Keywardens and Ubers, using DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube to buff your legendary powers, etc.

    Click through for screens showing all of the Seasonal Journey requirements now present in the game, and some other related visuals. Patch 2.3 Season Journey + New Pet!

    When you ding each of the SJ boxes, and especially when you clear a page, you get pop ups in the bottom middle of the screen showing what you’ve done and what the rewards are.

    Season Journey Chapters

    As always with PTR content, these are tentative and may change in the final live Patch. These images are compiled from several screenshots of each Chapter.

    We don’t know if there’s a Chapter VII, since I haven’t had play time enough to go that far yet. Just the fact that Chapter VI only has 5 boxes makes it seem like a work in progress, with more likely to be added. Also note that Season 3 has a conquest for raising 6 LGems to rank 40, which is far more than the 3 to r30 here.

    Better than Achievements

    Going into the PTR, I didn’t expect this feature to do much for me. I don’t pay a lot of attention to Achievements and don’t go out of my way to earn them, though I do sometimes enjoy the pop ups. And it’s sometimes fun to click the last achievement to see what it was I just did, when the name is obscure.



    Given that, I’m surprised how much I enjoy interacting with the Season Journey.

    Yes, they’re just Achievements with new rewards, but the way they are presented makes them so much more visible and organized than the endless scroll list of Achievements, and the visual cues when you earn some new SJ milestone are attractive. Plus the new portrait frames are cool and doing these SJs adds a little spice on top of what you were doing already. I hadn’t bothered to Transmog anything until that was the last box remaining to be checked on Chapter 3, and I wouldn’t have bothered trying to speed run a T6 rift except that I wanted to finish Chapter 5. Now that I’m up to Chapter 6, I kind of want to switch my build to move faster so I can run a T8 under 5m… though the idea of ripping 25 legs into the Cube is a bit painful. Earning the cache mats is slooooooowwwww…

    But that’s far more motivation to earn these SJs than I’ve ever felt for normal Achievements, and they’re much more flavorful than Conquests.

    You guys have excite for the Season Journey when it’s real, when Season 4 goes Live next month?

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