Patch 2.3 New Item Set Preview

Blizzard has posted a blog about the new and improved Item Sets coming in DiabloWikiPatch 2.3, including a nifty short video showing the new stuffs in action.

Click through to see the full preview with screenshots of the new gear and stats. Not included in this preview: additional stash space to store all this additional loot.

The full preview, with visuals:

New and Updated Sets

We’ve added three new sets and updated two old ones! In Patch 2.3.0, you’ll be able to adorn your Crusader in the Seeker of the Light set, and unleash limitless Blessed Hammers upon your enemies after descending upon them with Falling Sword. The gods strike through your Monk’s Seven Sided Strike with Uliana’s Stratagem while turning your enemies into living weapons with Exploding Palm. The Spirit of Arachyr will let your Witch Doctor unleash the frightening potential of Hex and Corpse Spiders as they ensnare and poison those who stand before you.

Some of the older sets have been updated as well! For instance, you can revisit the Witch Doctor’s Helltooth Harness set to subjugate your foes with debilitating necrosis, or wield the unbridled power of Archon when your Wizard dons Vyr’s Amazing Arcana.

New and Updated Legendary Items

Patch 2.3.0 will also have new and updated Legendary items to help slay your enemies with brutal precision. Here is but a taste of what’s to come!

Last, but not least, join us in Season 4 to find exclusive Seasonal Legendary items! We’ve got a handful incoming, including (but not limited to) one item for each class as well as a new Legendary Gem.

These items and more are on their way in Patch 2.3.0, but you can test them right now by joining us on the PTR!

The all-too-obvious joke is to ask where we’re supposed to store all these new items… but it still has to be made. And sure, Kanai’s Cube does work to save you some space with the handful of legendary items that have 1) a great legendary affix, but 2) aren’t ever worth equipping. But the Cube does nothing to help with new item sets. Of which there are three!

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  1. That was better than I expected. Very nice. The candles on the new Crusader is interesting, can’t wait to see it light up in game (+light radius?!).

    One thing I hope they do with future sets is make the female armor less revealing. It’s hard for me to look at my barbarian decked out in complete badassery except for the fact she’s wearing some short shorts….

  2. (+light radius?!) Best affix ever!!
    Yep, making more new stuff, same stash, /facepalm again.
    They are trying at least, gotta give them that.

  3. we really need more stash. each season new items…

    • The new cube will take care of quite a bit of that. Pretty much only keep legendaries with amazing rolls. All others get cubed for their properties.

      In consoles we only get 210 slots, which is the base same as Vanilla Diablo 3 ps3.

  4. Wow, that WD set looks butt ugly.

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