Datamining is never this sexy.

    Datamining is never this sexy.

    Patch 2.3 is up on the server and can be datamined, but is not playable yet and won’t be today or this weekend. We can probably expect the usual, with the patch going up and the PTR turning on Tuesday early morning during the weekly maintenance. The official patch notes should be available around that time as well, though you can get a sneak peek at the item changes below.

    Any ideea when the PTR for 2.3 will be up?
    Nevalistis: It’s always interesting to see what kinds of patterns players pick up on or follow. However, plans can and often do change from patch to patch, especially where testing is concerned.

    What I can say for now is that the PTR is not going live today. If you were waiting to make plans for this weekend, go and be free! Have a wonderful weekend! We’ll keep you updated once PTR is upon us, barring any unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays.

    That is incredibly disappointing.
    Nevalistis: I understand. We’re excited for you guys to sink your teeth in too! However, there are a lot of tests and general sweeps we run before releasing PTR, such as making sure the download goes smoothly and nothing completely egregious and game-crashing remains that would hamper your ability to test. While we do want you guys to find the broken stuff, we try to take care of the big issues first.

    Like the horde of non-testers who sink the PTR server for their 2000% shinies without submitting feedback?
    Nevalistis: Feedback isn’t the only part of testing that occurs during a PTR. Sometimes, we just need people playing the game to look at player behavior, receive automated crash reports, and pull data.

    While we fully encourage players to submit their constructive and detailed feedback (as so many of you do, and we thank you for it!), even if a player never makes a single post during a PTR, they’ve contributed in some way. Just not one you may be able to see from the other side.

    So what’s coming up in the patch? We got the Patch 2.3.0 preview with the big picture news, and tons of added detail about Kanai’s Cube. But what about the changes to items and the new sets for the Crusader, Witch Doctor, and Monk? Click through for datamined details on those, which are of course very preliminary and subject to change during the PTR testing.

    Datamined info just for the item changes, since those are pretty firm. All the strings about other new features and content are suspect; see Nevalistis’ note below. Also note that datamining only higlights the changes, so existing sets with 2, 4, and/or 6 piece bonuses that are not listed are unchanged from the current version.

    Set changes in Patch 2.3.

    Chantodo’s Resolve [Reworked]

  • 2 pieces: Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 350% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times.
  • Shenlong’s Spirit [Reworked]

  • 2 pieces: When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 300%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit.
  • Manajuma’s Way [ Reworked]

  • 2 pieces: Your Hex – Angry Chicken lasts 15 seconds and movement speed as a chicken is increased by an additional 100%.
  • Zunimassa’s Haunt

  • 2 Pieces: Now the cooldown of your Fetish Army is reduced by 80% also
  • Vyr’s Amazing Arcana [Reworked]

  • 2 pieces: Archon gains the effect of every rune.
  • 4 pieces: You automatically start with 50 Archon stacks when entering Archon form.
  • 6 pieces: You also gain Archon stacks when you hit with an Archon ability.
  • Embodiment of Marauder

  • 4 pieces: instead of saying “hatred spenders” now lists “Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, and Cluster Arrow”
  • Helltooth Harness [Reworked]

  • 2 pieces: Enemies hit by Wall of Death are afflicted by Necrosis, becoming Slowed and taking 2500% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: After applying Necrosis to an enemy, you take 50% reduced damage for 10 seconds.
  • 6 pieces: Enemies afflicted by Necrosis take an 800% increased damage from your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Firebats, Zombie Charger, Grasp of the Dead, Piranhas, and Wall of Death.
  • Wrath of the Wastes

  • 2 pieces: tooltip added “per second”
  • New Monk Set
    Uliana’s Stratagem

  • 2 pieces: Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm.
  • 4 pieces: Your Seven-Sided Strike deals its total damage with each hit.
  • 6 pieces: Your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm.
  • New Witch Doctor Set
    Spirit of Arachyr

  • 2 pieces: Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal ??% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.
  • 4 pieces: Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. While Toad of Hugeness is active, you take 40% reduced damage. After Toad of Hugeness finishes his meal, you will heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 10 seconds.
  • 6 pieces: The damage of your creature skills is increased by 500%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Hex, and Piranhas.
  • New Crusader Set
    Seeker of the Light

  • 2 pieces: Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second.
  • 4 pieces: You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword.
  • 6 pieces: Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer by 750% and Falling Sword by 250%.
  • Here’s all the stuff the cube can do so far.

  • Extract Legendary Power
  • Reforge Legendary (Maybe replace Legendary affixes with new ones!?)
  • Convert Gems
  • Convert Crafting Materials
  • Open a Portal to Greed’s Realm
  • Open a Portal to not a cow level
  • Open a Portal to Whimsyshire
  • Convert a Set Item
  • Upgrade an item to your level
  • Upgrade a rare item
  • Remove an item’s Level Requirement
  • Nevalistis: I’ve said this already on Twitter, but it bears reiteration:

    Take external information and datamining with a grain of salt. When we experiment with things internally, we often leave behind remnants of those experiments even after a feature or tweak is pulled. Said details may show up in a later patch… or not at all.

    It can be a lot of fun to speculate, and I encourage that discussion! But, it’s also part of our duty as community managers to help manage (see what I did thar?) expectations. There’s already a couple of strings I’ve seen that I can confirm are not making it into this patch for various reasons.

  • Cursed Realms continue to be an internal experiment and will not be appearing in Patch 2.3.0.
  • The ability to level a Legendary up to your level using the Kanai’s Cube was pulled because it created a lot of unforeseen interactions and nasty bugs that will take too long for us to implement for this particular patch (though we may revisit it at a later date).
  • It’s early yet, though. The PTR isn’t live yet, after all! I encourage you to temper your excitement over third-party info and hang tight for the official patch notes. They are on their way. 🙂

    As Nevalistis said, lots of extra strings exist in the patch referring old stuff we’ll never see, or features that are still under construction. We got info about Cursed Realms last PTR and they’re still on the drawing board.

    There’s also still the issue of when/if/how Zoltan Kulle is going to become an NPC, possibly taking (boring) Orek’s job. You can hear all of the relevant voice clips in the following video, though that may well remain the only place you ever hear them.

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