Season Four live on the PTR.

    Season Four live on the PTR.

    Abruptly on Tuesday afternoon Blizzard brought Season Three to an end on the PTR and launched Season Four.

    Just as with a normal seasonal transition, all Season Three characters, paragon points, Kanai’s Cube enabled items, etc merged back into the main account, and players are now able to create Season Four characters and level them in that environment, where they can find the new Seasonal legendaries, including a new Legendary Gem.

    7/7/15 – PTR Season 3 Ending

    Season 3 will be ending on the PTR today, July 7, at 5:00 p.m. PDT. This is in preparation for the launch of Season 4 on the PTR, which will begin Thursday, July 9 at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

    Seasonal characters will roll over to non-Seasonal just as they do when a Season ends on live. Note that importing a character from live after the start of Season 4 will automatically convert your Seasonal characters to non-Seasonal; Season 4 characters must be leveled in the Season 4 environment.

    Thank you, as always, for your diligent testing and excellent feedback!

    Blizzard loader just downloaded a 45mb patch for the PTR realm, what is it?!

    …Just a new PTR build.
    Nevalistis: This is correct, and it’s a very minor one. Primarily, we wanted to get out the Mac client fix prior to beginning Season 4 on the PTR, though there are also a couple of bug fixes and tweaks. We’re working on updating the patch notes a little later this evening. Season 3 should also be ending shortly and we’ll be starting Season 4 a little later this week.

    Note that this patch won’t have any major design revisions; we’re still working on those iterations (and digging through your amazing loads of excellent feedback) and we’ll let you know when a larger PTR patch is on its way.

    Will chars be wiped?
    Nevalistis: While characters won’t be wiped, Seasonal characters will be rolled to non-Seasonal just as they are on live when a Season ends.

    Note that importing characters again will accomplish the same result and any Seasonal characters will be converted to non-Seasonal; once Season 4 begins, you’ll need to level a character to test it. This is intentional as we want players to test the pacing of leveling in the new Season with all the Adventure Mode changes.

    PTR Patch 2.3 buff.

    PTR Patch 2.3 buff.

    Blizzard doesn’t seem to have posted the patch 2.3.1 notes in the PTR forum, but they are visible in the launcher. Only a few things are changed/new, in red text and all can be seen in the screens below.

    Note that the community buff remains in place on the PTR, so leveling and gearing up a new character is very speedy with the huge buff to +300% exp, double goblins and the gigantic +2000% legendary drop rate. It’s actually pretty fun to level up a new character under those circumstances, with the legendaries raining down by the time you’re level 10 or so. It can be funny to, since there are only 1 or 2 possible legendary items of each type at low levels, thus you’ll find the same legendary chest armor 4 or 5x in a row, each with slightly bigger numbers as it scales to your increasing character level.

    These changes are just on the PTR, though Season Three ending / Season Four beginning and Patch 2.3 are due to go live in August, once the testing is complete.

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