New hotfixes went up today to all live realms. 2.3.0a hotfixes:

    Patch 2.3.0a deployed earlier today, which included a number of hotfixes:


    • Fixed an issue where Pazuzu would not spawn in the Desolate Sands during the “Kill Pazuzu” bounty (9/22)


    • The Blacksmith UI now properly displays the number of items that can be crafted when using the “Show All” filter (9/22)
    • Kanai’s Cube
      • Haunt of Vaxo is now able to have his legendary power extracted (9/22)


    • It is no longer possible to simultaneously benefit from more than one passive acquired by a Hellfire Amulet (9/22)
    • Crafted Legendary off-hands now properly roll with increased damage when they are Ancient (9/22)
    • Deadly Rebirth
      • Now properly rolls with its Legendary affix at all item levels (9/22)

    Witch Doctor

    • Wall of Death
      • Rune – Fire Wall
        • Made some optimization changes to improve game performance (9/22)
      • Rune – Ring of Poison
        • Made some optimization changes to improve game performance (9/22)
    • Fetish Army
      • Rune – Head Hunters
        • Pets spawned by this rune no longer have player collision (9/22)

    Nice to see the Hellfire Amulet days hopefully behind us as well as some performance bug fixes. The lag in Multiplayer games has been all too real this season. Let’s hope more fixes are on the way to better improve performance.

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