Some news and notes about the new items and changes in Patch 2.3.0, plus some DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube recipes that are too good and getting tweaked.

    One of the most popular/interesting Kanai’s Cube recipes allows you to reroll a random item in any item set. You stick in say the IK helm, add the other material ingredients, and out comes one of the other items in the IK set, totally randomized like it was just dropped by a monster. This works pretty well with the six piece sets (most of which now have 7 items) since there’s a lot of RNG on the output. It’s too powerful a recipe when used with two-piece sets though, and anyone with some materials can use this to repeatedly reroll the same item, until they’ve got a perfect Ancient Bul Kathos sword, Danetta’s Xbow, Shenlong’s Fist, Focus/Restraint, etc.

    Patch 2.3.0 News: Items and Kanai’s Cube Recipes:

    We are going to be changing this recipe. The intent of the convert set item recipe is to help players who are trying to finish a set and getting redundant pieces. The intent is not to get 2 Focus and reroll 1 repeatedly until it’s perfect. As such changes will be coming before the feature launches to directly address this. — Travis Day

    You don’t even need 2 Focus. You just need one item from any of the two-piece sets, and you can roll it as long as your materials last, since the same item will keep switching to the other item in the 2P set. Though eventually you’ll get a great roll and keep that one, rather than rerolling it again. After that you’ll basically have to roll twice for each item you want, which only doubles the (very low) material cost.

    This recipe is even more absurdly awesome when you consider the almost free material cost, especially compared to the extremely high material costs of the “Reforge Legendary” recipe.

    Overpowered Rare Upgrade Recipe

    Upgrade Rare Item

    Upgrade Rare Item

    Another new recipe that’s probably going to get nerfed is the upgrade Rare. This one turns any Rare into a random Legendary, and like the Reroll Set Item recipe, it’s very cheap, not requiring any of the new Horadric Cache materials or even any Souls.

    It takes some getting used to, as you’ve got to actually pay attention to Rare drops, but it’s not too hard if you play with the item icons turned on, rather than the distracting and meaningless names. Once you can retrain yourself to pick up Rare items, and get used to snatching every rare Amulet you see, this recipe feels OP. Think about it; Gambling is about 1/10 odds for a legendary, while this recipe is 100%. Thus each Rare Amulet you upgrade is worth the equivalent of 1000 Blood Shards. For the laughably low material cost of 50 white + 50 blue + 50 yellow + + 25 Death’s Breath.

    The value isn’t as high with other item types since they don’t cost as much to gamble as amulets, but as easy as it is to rack up huge heaps of materials, especially now that there’s a recipe to turn your thousands of extra Veiled Crystals into the white and blue mats you’re always out of, this one is crazy. And yes, you can feed gambled rares into the cube, thus letting you turn every yellow item you gamble into a Legendary. (Not sure if it also works with Vendor rares, but if so it would be completely exploitable.)

    No word yet from Blizzard on this one, but once more players figure it out (and are actually able to log onto the PTR) I’m sure they’ll nerf this one, (maybe by not allowing vendor/gambled items to be used) or at least raise the material costs quite a bit.

    This and the upgrade legendary or set recipes should probably require fewer Cache materials, but cost Blood Shards as well, since they are basically item gambling. Better than Kadala gambling, since since they result in Legendary far more often, and have more target-able returns.

    Click through for some additional Bliz comments on why Thorns of the Invoker turned into a Crusader-only set, and why existing Legendary items don’t get altered.

    Crusader’s Thorns of the Invoker

    Why does the (currently useless) Thorns of the Invoker item set now only DiabloWikiSmart Drop for Crusaders?

    This change was made because the Invoker set was always intended to be a Crusader set. It was however designed in the vacuum of RoS development when thorns was intended to be a core mechanic for Crusaders. We have changed this to be a Crusader only drop because we intend to revist that set and redesign it to be a Crusader set. This change was simply made to reflect that down the line this set will not be usable by other classes. –Travis Day

    That’s a feature. They -could- have made them change to the new power, and re-roll the range for that new power, but instead they decided to let you keep your legacy legendary power.

    It could be argued that it’s simply because it would be extra work to code the item to roll the new ranges in the new power, but that’s realistically not that hard. It’s simply so you can enjoy and keep using the legacy legendary the way you were before. It gives you more options.
    Travis Day: Yes we Could change peoples existing items but it is a deliberate decision not to. When you disenchant an item we want you to be able to do so with confidence that we aren’t going to suddenly change the item into something amazing in the future. If we made a habit of retroactively changing peoples items you would see a big shift towards hoarding, people would be afraid to disenchant anything because “It might get buffed later!”.

    Sets are the exception to this rule.

    IMHO they should have just disabled Thorns of the Invoker from dropping at all, until they buff it or rework Thorns to be viable. Now it’s just annoying, especially as most of the other initial RoS class sets that weren’t very good have been buffed in the last couple of patches. But at least now it’s only annoying for one class?

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