Patch 2.2 Now Available… Soon

Patch 2.2 right now.

Patch 2.2 right now.

If you fire up your launcher the newest Diablo III patch 2.2 will begin to download, and should be playable on the Live servers shortly. (The maintenance was initially estimated to end at 11am PDT today, and the launcher now says 12:00.) There’s a lot to download and resource manage with the patch, so it might take a while to install. (My machine is currently at a crawl while it processes, and that support link goes here.)

Patch news time table.

Patch news time table.

Recall that this patch introduces the CASC system, and it took a while to run smoothly when introduced on the PTR in February. I was one of many players who found the game largely unplayable due to massive frame rate issues (slide show speed in multiplayer games) for the first few weeks of testing. The problems were eventually resolved and in recent weeks my frame rate on the PTR was identical to the live game. Hopefully we won’t get those technical issues with the patch on live, but if so at least the fixes can be made.

The full patch notes aren’t yet available (the launcher is showing v2.1 still, as though it was the new patch) but they should be virtually identical to the last PTR patch from two weeks ago, and we’ll post them as soon as they are available. We’ll also have a big Patch 2.2 guide posted shortly, because patch day is excite day. (Even if you’re trying not to play until S3 starts on Friday night.)

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  1. It's up for me. When I logged in I had a few minutes of low frame rates in town, but things settled down and I ran a quick t6 rift with my dh performance issue free. Got the Josh Mosquiera rift boss, who proceeded to drop a marquise diamond, a rare and nothing else. Hooray for beta testing!

    • Did he seem to have about 1/10 of Stonesinger's hit points? I got Josh twice in PTR and both times he spawned in a crowded area and died so fast I didn't even see his monster type. I think the drop was the same as a usual Guardian, though.

      • I didn't actually see his hitpoints (was the briarthorn cemetery rift level and I was just throwing multishots around) but he didn't seem to die more quickly than a random guardian. Maybe they fixed his hitpoints and borked his droptable, or – hopefully – I ran into some weird one-time bug thing.

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