Patch 2.2 Hotfixes

Blizzard has listed a few small Patch 2.2 Hotfixes with a couple more coming soon.



  • The “Wortham Survivors” bounty is being disabled
  • This bounty cannot always be completed and we will be addressing this issue in a later patch
  • Monsters

  • Fixing an issue where the Gelatinous Sire will occasionally fail to split

  • The basic Healing Potion should no longer occasionally vanish from a player’s hotbar
  • Bounties

  • The “Wormsign” Bounty should now always be able to be completed
  • I guess Sir Gelly isn’t just tricky after all. The broken bounties were broken all during the PTR, so it’s disappointing the patch went live with them still not working.

    Also note that the GRift congrats screen not closing with your “close all windows” key is a bug, but it’s not on the hotfix list since it can’t be hotfixed. It must be fixed in a patch, and presumably will be, next time. (That too was a bug during the PTR that the devs didn’t have time to fix before the rushing v2.2 to live.)

    Is it too much to ask that we be able to close this screen using the spacebar?
    Click space bar to exit. (Hahaha!)

    Click space bar to exit. (Hahaha!)

    Nevalistis: This is, in fact, a bug and we’re on it! However, implementing a fix will require a patch and cannot be addressed via hotfix.

    We appreciate the feedback on the new screen, though! What do you like best about it? What would you like to see improved in the future? We have a few improvements we’re iterating on, but it would be interesting to hear what folks would like to see.

    I suppose I might be won over by that screen-filling Greater Rift congrats screen, but that’s going to take a lot. Now I just want it gone. I don’t care what stats might show on it, or extra info… just remove it from my game. It’s way too “browser popup” in flavor now, and I don’t want to feel like I need to check the popup blocker settings on Firefox every time I finish a Grift. Even if the space bar worked to shut it properly, that wouldn’t make me like it… I’d just hate it less.


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    1. I don't mind the pop up for new best scores, but every Grift it too much. And having to mouse click to close is beyond annoying.

      We got a sort of auto-pick up so they introduce a new feature that adds more clicking….

    2. the dialogue cannot be closed easily in addition to the information that’s displayed is useless. there is zero redeeming features about this ‘congrats’ screen.

      also it doesn’t ‘feel’ very ‘diablo’. makes the game feel like a cheap arcade. #bringbackblizzardnorth

      • i think they should add a max GR done of solo 2 player 3 player and 4 player to the end screen of the GR info instead of just xp and gold

    3. I love the new GR completion screen, and I'd love it more with more detailed information on the GR. That with the ability to close it with space bar like normal and it's a great addition to the game.

    4. It's a bit odd they put it in the game, given the usual "when it's ready" policy. I'll probably like it a lot once it's finished, but why they rushed the buggy, incomplete version in, I don't know.

    5. This patch is a text book Blizz D3 offering. Finally introduce features that fans/devs fought over tooth & nail for months. At the same time introduce new annoying features that nobody asked for, and introduce new conflict.

      These devs are the sorriest excuse for game designers I have ever seen. Even the bums who made ET for Atari could do better than this if they had thousands of people telling them why their game sucks and how to fix it on a daily basis. Have these clowns ever introduced even ONE feature that was actually their idea, and not either a direct port, or a Blizz translation of a player idea/suggestion?

      Removing the AH, fans were demanding this before the game even went live.
      Loot 2.0 was largely a poorly done Blizzard translation of item reworks fans were asking for since the "placeholder" items from beta sucked and worked their ways into live.

      List goes on & on, the devs don't actually develop anything. They just sit around thinking up dumb ways to screw everyone over with their ludicrous ideas, then when they get yelled at loud/long enough they introduce watered down 'fixes' and add more dumb crap.

      • Actually the guy who made the ET Atari 2600 game also made Yars' Revenge, the 2600's bestselling original title (only outsold by the pac-man port) that same year. The difference is ET went from concept to shipping in 3 months without any QA. There should be a kind of testing phase, perhaps on a realm only available to the public, where Blizzard could garner feedback from players. Imagine the possibilities.

      • So your argument is this:

        Blizzerd, y u put in ideas that no-one asked for!!!???!

        Blizzerd, y u no put in ideas of your own?!!?

        Also, if the biggest issue in the game is a single window that literally requires one press of a button to get rid of once every 10 minutes or so, you guys need to sit down.

      • "Have these clowns ever introduced even ONE feature that was actually their idea, and not either a direct port, or a Blizz translation of a player idea/suggestion?"

        Yeah, because we all know that devs listening to fans is a really bad idea, nobody wants that…

        "At the same time introduce new annoying features that nobody asked for"

        … and introducing features that nobody asked for is met with criticism as well. So to sum up, Blizzard shouldn't do what the fans want and they shouldn't try to improve the game with new ideas of their own either. What you said in so many words is that whatever they do you won't like it. Tell me this, why should they listen to people like you?

        • "Tell me this, why should they listen to people like you?"

          Tell me this, why did you reply to my entire post completely out of context? I didn't paint them into a 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' scenario. They did, by acting in the manner I described in the examples. When they choose to listen to player advice, they botch it. When they choose to do something original, they botch it. They could perfect this game easily if they just changed their attitudes and either:

          A: LISTEN to what people are telling them and DO IT. Instead they address the issue the players bring up, but not in the manner in which the suggestion was made. Using the example from my first post again, The AH. They were told by thousands of people NOT to include it in the game at all. But they know better. So they decided to trust their own judgment and go live with it in anyway. Do you see how Blizzard could have listened and prevented a lot of flack?

          Ok, so far we have an example of Blizz judgment. Bad. So now Blizz sets their judgment aside for a moment, and decide to 'fix' the game. Now this example of bad Blizz judgment is going to turn into an example of bad listening. During the AH run, players suggested it be removed entirely, only the RMAH be removed, or drops be tweaked not to take it into account. What did Blizz do? They removed (all meaningful) trading…

          Now using the above example, Blizz was far from damned if they do, or damned if they don't. They damned themselves through their own handling of things. Their problem here was they decided they weren't going to listen to community feedback, then they decided they were. Except they weren't going to 1: Remove the AH and enable D2 style trade, 2: Close the RMAH only, or 3: Introduce loot 2.0 and leave the AH be. They decided to half listen to the community and address the issue, but not do any of the suggestions. This is why they keep shooting themselves in the foot, and at this point it's downright bizarre.

          Blizz isn't damned because they listen to player feedback, they're damned because they don't do it right. People come to them with a specific problem and specific solutions to the problem, and Blizzard just addresses the problem and comes up with their own solutions. And let's face it, their ideas tend to be bad. This game survives on Blizzard following player feedback. Doing so more closely would lead to a much better experience for all.

          Some examples of Blizz ideas they came up with on their own:
          The Auction Houses…
          Loot 1.0… (800 DPS Inferno Legendary Weapons…)
          Loot 2.0… (Same 800 DPS Inferno Legendary Weapons now at 2000 DPS)
          Blood Shards… (Iffy, might be based on Gamble suggestions)
          Greater Rifts…
          Ancient Items…
          New Treasure Goblins…
          Greater Rift Clear Screens…

          Some examples of Blizz ideas based on player suggestions:
          Legendary Item Powers…
          Legendary Set Bonuses…
          Paragon Levels, then Paragon Points.
          Hellfire Rings/Amulets…
          Open World…
          Clans & Communities…
          Greater Rift Trials…

          I know I'm missing a lot from both lists, but really, that's already too much. Clearly the best game features come about as community feedback. The only tragedy is Blizzard isn't the best at implementing community feedback. They usually fight the community first, then put their own spin on it. Hence Greater Rift Trials. It's in the community feedback list, but an unpopular feature. Why is that? Because while players wanted Greater Rifts to not be linear (starting over at 1 like in the PTR) they don't like how Blizzard handled their suggestions to fix the problem.

          Also, in b4 TLDR;

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