Here’s are a few videos with a Patch 2.1 Preview Video + Diablo Series Retrospective.

    Gamespot has posted a useful short video detailing the new features in DiabloWikiPatch 2.1. I doubt anything there will be news to you guys, but it’s a good summary in a short time and is well-done, the narrator’s voice aside.

    While we’re looking at videos, HolyKnight pointed me to a two-part Diablo series retrospective on GameTrailers.com. The video covers the pre-Diablo history of the guys who ultimately created Blizzard North, the development of Diablo, and its success. I really enjoyed part one, and got my occasional urge to reinstall Diablo 1 and make a new DiabloWikiRogue or DiabloWikiSorcerer. The early game play in Diablo 1, levels 1-25, is so compelling in that ancient classic, with a nice feeling of progression, and a lot of a game element very seldom found in modern titles; challenge and strategy. It’s amazing how the lack of “I can always run out of trouble” makes D1 so much more precise and technical than D2 or D3. (And the lack of fast movement around the big town tests your patience.)

    This may, of course, not be to your liking. There’s a reason that most modern games tip the scales heavily towards “accessibility” and away from “die and incur death penalties if you don’t do it right,” especially in the early game, with every patch Diablo 3 seems to become more and more modern.

    Part Two covers the Diablo 2 development and release, then continues into Blizzard North’s end and the torturous path towards Diablo 3. I found it depressing, frankly.

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