Nevalistis replied a bunch of Patch 2.1 live chat follow up questions:

    Everything was “awesome”.
    Nevalistis: “Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!”

    (Seriously, that’s one of my biggest takeaways as I rewatch the video and take notes. LEARN SOME MORE ADJECTIVES, NEVA, GEEZ.)

    This is exactly why I am surprised that anyone enjoyed the pre-recording. Lets not kid ourselves. It was done ahead of time.
    I can most certainly assure you it was live. There’s some things we do a little in advance (such as creating the graphics and animations used before, during, and after the stream, capturing video for some of the talking points, etc.) but the actual show was shot in a live environment and nothing was scripted. The notes I have in my lap are all extremely general, mostly to make sure we cover specific points we wanted to talk about (reminders about Seasons, Greater Rifts, Legendary Gems, any details we wanted to make sure folks know about, etc.) and so I could read all the questions we took from Twitter/Forums. Sort of like cue cards, except they’re all short bullet points and acting as prompts for my terrible, goldfish-like memory. 😛

    Other talks have new information
    The PTR has been up for quite some time, and we’re ramping up for release before the end of the month. If you’ve been keeping up with the PTR, yes, it’s information you’re aware of because that’s what we’re currently working on. If you haven’t, a lot of this is probably new information for you.

    Not sure if that’s the kind of thing she usually does for blizz but it seemed pretty natural for her.
    Ahaha, glad I seemed that way. I was bundle of nerves. :X This is my background though! I attended school for video and post production as well as theatre and improvisation. I’m admittedly rusty, but I have a lot of training I’ve gotten the opportunity to use lately!

    Well, given that it was labeled as a discussion, and that it was on twitch, I was expecting exchange between the devs and the viewers.
    The majority of time was dedicated to player questions, but I understand your concern. I’ll take that feedback and add it to my notes for when we review what we can learn from this experience. 🙂

    I haven’t had time to PTR (or even play that much) so watching the video over dinner was great. It’s nice to see the developers getting as excited as the player base about release. +1 to do more streams like this in the future.
    We’re glad you found the stream helpful/enjoyable, this was certainly one of the goals! It’s also something we have interest in continuing to do if you guys liked it!

    We’re stoked to get 2.1.0 in your hands, and can’t wait to jump into Seasons alongside you!

    did they say that DiabloWikilegendary gems WOULD be viable for people who already had awesome gear?
    Certainly! We didn’t touch on this point too much during the stream (and I think it warrants mention), but not each gem will be amazing for every build. For instance, if you’re not running pets, then the Enforcer gem probably won’t be a high priority for you. People who like using their Primary skills a lot will find Simplicity’s Strength more appealing, while those who focus on their spenders probably won’t. There will definitely be some experimentation going on in the community (as there always is) once they’re available and folks find what works best for them.

    They got you running damage control huh?
    I was the primary on this project (planning, scheduling, executing, etc. though I had plenty of help from our excellent Video & Post Production team and my own team), and saw a thread in which I could gather feedback and offer insight, that’s all. 😉 I think the stream went well, and it seems a lot of other folks feel the same way. I’m also seeing a lot of great, constructive feedback on how I can make these streams better in the future. That’s valuable, and I appreciate ya’ll taking the time to let me know how we can improve these initiatives.

    I enjoyed the live stream chat (even while spending hours typing up the transcript) since it was formatted very much like our Diablo Podcasts. A host who steers the conversation with questions and guests who do most of the discussion, with back and forth exchanges. I find straight interviews much less interesting than conversations/discussions, and I think it’s more interesting to hear why and how people think about the topics.

    The timing varies, of course. This wouldn’t be the sort of “interview” to run at Blizzcon when there was a ton of new info to extract, but after months of the PTR for Patch 2.1, there wasn’t any new info (except to people who haven’t been following the news). So the value came in hearing why and how the changes were made and what the Devs were going to do in the future.

    And yes, this is just the sort of conversation we’ve pitched to Blizzard on numerous occasions. I really wanted to get a couple of devs on the podcast around the end of the D3 or RoS beta to talk about how the beta test had gone, what they’d learned and changed during the test, what had surprised them, how they implemented fan feedback into new builds, etc. Alas, those are the types of fansite requests that the CMs say sound awesome and they’ll check with the higher ups… and then it never happens. And then the devs do lame, short, superficial interviews with Wired and Gamespot type sites, answering basic FAQ type queries we fans already know the answers to.

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