Patch 2.1.2 Questions and Blizzard Answers

Nevalistis random Elite name in v2.1.2.

Nevalistis random Elite name in v2.1.2.

Lots of fan questions about Patch 2.1.2 stuff on the forums today, with some Blue replies. Patch 2.1.2 Questions and Blizzard Answers:

Just killed Nevalistist… WTH?
Nevalistis: Only counts if it’s a Death Maiden.

This wasn’t quite impactful enough to warrant mention in our Patch 2.1.2 Survival Guide… but yes, there are some new names in the random pools for Elites, and the current Community Managers are amongst them. We tweeted on this from the PTR, and Neva’s reply was funny. Also, I often joke that Bliz picks CM names with excessive vowels just to make them hard to spell, a condition that (arguably) affects me more than any other person on earth… but not this time! It’s “Grimiku.”


Elsewhere, predictable questions about the availability of seasonal and ancient items.

New Patch: are season 1 items available? So is freydhrs wrath available to non season? i thought seasonal toons were gonna get rolled over but i guess thats next patch so i was wondering if the condemn shield is available now.
Nevalistis: The Season has not ended yet, ir0nmas0n. Once Season 1 has ended, the seasonal items from Season 1 will be added to the non-season pool. That is also when characters, items, etc. will roll over, per our End of Season blog.

The earliest we currently plan on ending Season 1 is February 3, 2015.

Can you craft ancient set items?

I just tried 25 cain’s boots and not one was ancient. It was my understanding that ratio was 10%. I know you can craft ancient legendary items.
Tyvalir: Hey Scar, just wanted to jump in here to confirm that it is possible to create Ancient versions of craftable Legendary and Set items. It may take several tries, but it’s entirely doable, and the odds are the same regardless of the difficulty in which you’re playing.

As Nevalistis explained previously, you can also obtain Ancient items from Kadala, and it’s possible for Horadric Cache-exclusive Legendary items to roll as Ancient items.

Grimiku: The difficulty setting does not influence your chance to craft an Ancient quality item. Crafting has a flat chance to produce an Ancient item, and currently that chance doesn’t change. Sorry to answer that so bluntly, but I wanted to try and make sure there wasn’t any confusion.

Back at Blizzcon the devs said Ancients would occur on about 1.5% of legendary items dropped on Torment 1, ramping up to around 10% on Torment 6. I played a good amount on the PTR on T6, and can confirm that it felt like about 10% of legs were ancient from monster drops, chests, etc.

Unfortunately, I played very little PTR below T6, so I can’t speak to the % ancient rate on T1-T5. Nor did I craft or gamble enough on the PTR to get a feeling for the frequency of Ancients via those methods. It definitely felt more than 1.5% from gambling, but perhaps not as high at 10%? Perhaps a dev will reveal the actual numbers? At any rate, as the Blue post says, the rate from gambling/crafting should be the same on all difficulty levels, or it would be a stupidly-easy exploit, ala opening Horadric Caches in T6 to get Imperial gems (whcih actually worked, back in the day).

As for Caches… I either had really bad luck or it’s lower than 10% ancient rate, since I opened at least 30 on the PTR, almost all on T6 so guaranteed legendary, and I never once got an Ancient quality leg from a Cache. As with all things RMT, your luck may (and probably will) vary.

Click through for more Blue answers, including news about getting additional Boon of the Hoarder gems from Guardians, Patch time issues and West Coast bias, why the Band will nevermore tell their secrets, plus Console vs. PC patch differences, and more.

Tyvalir: Once you’ve obtained the Boon of the Hoarder for the first time by killing Greed, you can then obtain additional copies by killing Greater Rift Guardians. As with other Legendary Gems, it will only drop from Greater Rift Guardians if you don’t already have it equipped on your current character or stored in your stash.

Because your Hardcore and normal progress are independent of one another, finding this gem with your Hardcore character will only enable it to drop from Greater Rift Guardians in Hardcore mode. You’ll have to find Greed with a normal game mode character for it to drop from Greater Rift Guardians in that game mode.

why did the console version get such a tiny patch compared to PC? pc patch notes are huge, console is a little more than a page. 1 of 2 things has happened here. console users got screwed, or these are a simplified version of the real notes and we actually did get all the same changes as pc.
Grimiku: The console patch notes are in a simplified format, but for the most part, UEE on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 received the same update as patch 2.1.2 on the PC. There are some differences between them, though, but it mostly relates to content that doesn’t translate between all platforms (e.g. Seasons).

Are the new gems season only?
Tyvalir: Indeed, they are! The three new Legendary Gems listed in the notes for patch 2.1.2 will be available to Seasonal characters at the start of Season 2. As with all Seasonal items, they will be added to the non-Season loot pool once the Season is over.

Can anyone explain why Untold Secrets it was taken out? What was the reasoning behind that decision?

DiabloWikiBand of Untold Secrets was not exactly taken out, it had a legendary power added to it like Wormwood and Gundgo Gear but Blizzard also renamed it to Halo of Arlyse.
Tyvalir: That’s exactly right. The Band of Untold Secrets was renamed Halo of Arlyse, and given a new power. You can see its new description in the notes for patch 2.1.2:

  • DiabloWikiHalo of Arlyse
    • Your Ice Armor now provides 50-60% Melee Damage Reduction and automatically casts Frost Nova whenever you take 10% of your Life in damage

John Yang, one of our game designers, explained during our Legendary Workshop Post-Mortem livestream that there are two ways to add new Legendary powers to the game. We can either create a brand new Legendary item, or take an existing Legendary item which doesn’t have a special power, and create one for it.

Changing the power on the Band of Untold Secrets is a good example of how we can use the latter approach.

West Coast Bias!

How is it fair that players on the West Coast get to play starting at 11AM, but here on the East Coast I have to wait until 2?
Lylirra: Living in the future has its pros and cons. On the upside, you’re in the future! (How cool is that?) On the downside, sometimes you have to wait for us slowpokes stuck in the past to catch up. We’ll be sure to pass on your “nerf time zones” feedback to our developers, though. 😉

Even worse is people in Oz and NZ and Asia, who didn’t get the patch until Wednesday. Just another example of “Blizzard hates Australia.”

As for the Halo of Arlyse, note that it will only DiabloWikismart drop for Wizards, just like all the other class-themed legendary and set items. (You can still get anything in the game with any class as a random drop, but around 85% of drops are smart ones.) This is actually good for other classes, as removing that one ring from the loot table slightly increases the frequency of all other rings.


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  1. Maybe it’s too early to say for sure, but from the short amount of time I’ve played today I really don’t like the new M6 DH playstyle. It’s sad, because it was the only class I really still enjoyed playing on and was kinda looking forward to go hunting for ancient items. 🙁 Really don’t understand why they couldn’t have just only applied the change to new set drops instead of applying it retroactively.

    • The least active play style was the only one you enjoyed playing?

      Blizz makes set changes retroactive otherwise you'd have identical items that give different set bonuses. This could lead to confusion, and as well Blizz doesn't want players to have to find the same set items all over again.

      • Why not? I don't like passive play style and probably Blizzard neither. But why prevent those who enjoy it to have fun. If they find it too strong, they can upgrade the other builds.

    • I Just love the new playstyle! 🙂 Great job Blizz!!

    • Give it time. Almost everyone much preferred it on the PTR once they got used to it. It's so much more active and fast-paced and makes resource management a thing. Playing live last week my DH felt so slow, without ever the ability to drop 2 sentries at once and just obliterate things with spenders.

      The only real downside to the change is for players who were used to playing with very low toughness, dumping sentries on monsters, and hiding around the corner. That doesn't work much anymore.

  2. Awww, do you have to actually "Attack" now instead of just dropping sentries and running away? Poor you…

    • so what's your point ?

      being a summoner is a bad play style ?

      because that's basically what it is

      many people enjoy summoners

      they enjoy the role of "field general"; ,the positioning of pieces, the timing, the "board" awareness (in chess terms)

      • And you never did any of those things w/ Fishymancers or Marauders. If you could direct your minions around like in WoW then maybe you have a point, but pets in D2/D3 were too dumb to make a "field general" style possible.

    • Doesn’t matter, it’s a single player game, I should be able to enjoy it any way I want. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world, just that I won’t be playing as much now because of this change and that I would’ve rather they just added a new set instead of retroactively changing a set that many people preferred the way it was.

  3. Ran several rifts on T6, have not had an Ancient roll yet, from about 20 Leg drops.

    • 20 from "several"? Lucky you. 🙂

      So far my only ancients are from crafted Sunders. I'm sure the first one that drops will be a dagger or an item from the Thorns set.

    • I got about 6 ancient items from about 1.5hrs of play last night. Of course nothing worth using except a 4300dps polearm. I was actually surprised by the amount of drops rolling ancient.

  4. Still trying to understand why this patch with large and many changes is being released DURING the current season. Instead of ending the damn season already and THEN patch and wait a few weeks for the next season to begin.

    • Bliz offered an essay explaining their decision, though you’re free to not find their reasons compelling.

      Basically it's because players are impatient, and we were bitching for changes and didn't want to wait 3 more weeks. Though when you look at it that way, if we'd already waited 5 months, what's 3 more weeks?

      • “Basically it’s because players are impatient,”

        No, it’s because Blizzard screwed up in their timelines for releaseing 2.1.2 and ending season 1, with their self-imposed “at least one month notice” meaning they should have made that announcement in December, but for some inexplicable reason, they didn’t.

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