Patch 2.1.1 Undocumented Changes Master List

Patch 2.1.1 Undocumented Changes Master List

Patch 2.1.1 documented a lot of changes, but small stuff sneaked through as well. I’ve seen forum threads on, Reddit, and in our Diablo 3 community forum, and there’s been a lot of talk of these things in clan chat as well. Here’s a compiled list, with some explanation as needed.

Treasure Goblins

Resting animation with portal.
Resting animation with portal.
Treasure Goblins show a portal open in their resting animation when you first sight them. They also open a portal every time they die, which closes (unless you get lucky with DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain) when you move near to pick up the loot. (You see this every time playing a ranged class, and almost never with a melee char.) More details and screens of this in our Patch 2.1.1 playtest article.

Some fans have also claimed that goblins have a new “streaking” animation when they run, or that Rainbow goblins will sometimes spawn a shrine/pylon when they die, I haven’t seen either, and most players think they’re untrue.

One other goblin oddity I have seen and confirmed. Snitchley, the giant Treasure Goblin you sometimes get as a bounty in the Arreat Crater, has new graphics. He looks like the Silver Surfer now, all gleaming and metallic. I’m not sure this is new in Patch 2.1.1, since I hadn’t seen him in a while, but I’ve seen him twice in Patch 2.1.1 and the graphics I just happened upon him one game and was surprised by the reskin, so I sought him out again yesterday and took the time to eyeball him before the kill, and he’s definitely gleaming and silvery now. I have no idea if he has a chance to open up a portal to Greed’s Domain — probably not since as a bounty target I don’t think he can portal out — but it would be interesting to find out.

Sentries Buffed

Sentries, the Demon Hunter attack “pets,” can now be cast on the other side of Waller walls, and through most types of closed doorways. Because the most OP build in the game needed a buff?

Seriously though, I’ve been running M6 this week on my DH and it’s super effective, and since I’m new to the gear/build I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different skill combinations. From what I’ve seen of other M6 DHs, Multishot is probably the most used skill, but I wonder if that may change thanks to this Patch fix? True, MS is great for large groups and Sentries are dumb so you don’t want them trying to target things precisely… but MS is also useful since it shoots through walls and over Wallers, while skills like Elemental Arrow and Elemental Arrow do not. But now that Sentries can be cast right by targets on the other side of obstacles, MS might seem less necessary?

Tooltips and Icons

key-of-bones-patch211New mini-circle icons show beside item sockets which have been added via enchanting.

There are also more detailed tool tips on the four Keys, showing which Keywarden dropped them. Which is helpful if you’re like me and always forget which comes from where. There are also more detailed tutorials for each Keywarden in the game start up screen, naming the area in which each is found, though I don’t believe that’s a brand new addition. And it’s not undocumented, but all 4 Keys are now group drops, so everyone in the game will get them, or no one will.

Seasonal tooltips and achievements and characters in the clan roster now show the little Seasons green leaf icon beside them. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t show on characters in your Friends list or on the armory, so if you click a link from the Leaderboard Rankings it can be hard to tell which of the characters on an account is the one tied to the Greater Rift record in question.

The “Monster Slaying” tag on game creation has been changed to “Bounties.” The match making function is the same, though.

Realm of Trials

The “beam of disappointment” is now just a “clang of disappointment” as article’d here.

The GR level key rewards have been tweaked, and while not listed in the patch they were documented in a hotfix:

The Greater Rift keystone reward from completing the Realm of Trials in multiplayer games will be increased:
Two Player groups will receive a key equal to their last wave completed minus four.

  • Ex. If you completed 20 waves, your group will receive a level 16 keystone
  • Three Player groups will receive a key equal to their last wave completed minus five.

  • Ex. If you completed 20 waves, your group will receive a level 15 keystone
  • Four Player groups will receive a key equal to their last weave completed minus six.

  • Ex. If you completed 20 waves, your group will receive a level 14 keystone
  • There are also a lot of tweaks to the type of monsters you get during the waves in the Realm of Trials, which we discussed in a previous article. Also, the changes to the Realm of Trials will be a major topic in the next podcast, so expect that on Monday or Tuesday morning.


    Haedrig’s “salvage all” buttons will not clean out Account Bound items. Blue and Yellow items from DiabloWikiHoradric Caches are automatically account bound, which most people didn’t notice until this patch made this bug/change.

    Healing potions now stack to 1000. Which means you can wait 10x as long before you have to sell off your big stack once the second stack you can’t help but pick up starts growing beside it.

    The legendary two-handed sword Stalgard’s Decimator received a damage buff to the legendary affix, raising it from (550-650%) to (550-700%). The stats on existing items were not changed, so find a new one if you want the highest roll possible.

    That’s our documented list of undocumented changes. Anything else you guys have noticed that should be included? Obviously there are bigger changes, like the buffs to WD pets, the changes to the gambling rate/cost, etc… and those are game for conversation as well, documented though they were.

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    24 thoughts on “Patch 2.1.1 Undocumented Changes Master List

    1. In terms of the cycling skills used by the sentry, Multishot is equivalent to Impale. Most of the top DHs use Multishot – Arsenal because of the boost to rockets with Maelstrom. I used Impale for a while with the cold elemental before I realized that Multishot did more damage despite not matching my cold element.

    2. He’s only running one spender on an M6 DH? This site is ran by casuals.

      Like the three people talking legendary gems. “Well, I haven’t used it, and have no idea how the gem interacts with other skill multipliers, and my characters are all T2 heros, sooo, let me give my best guess on how it works by reading the description.”

      Come on…

      • Seriously, it's stupid to say "this site is run by casuals" just because they don't use the same build as you. Have you ever read other posts in this site? They're definitely not casuals.

        • Eh, I have 3-5 Nat/Marauder, and I actually do use Rain of Vengeance. Yes, it's sub-optimal, I know. But it's more fun. You actually have to push more buttons once in awhile. Just watch out for those high Grift reflects mobs.

      • Not sure what your point in popping up with rude "noob!!!1!" comments every other post is, though one is tempted to see projection and attempted overcompensation.

        At any rate, I said nothing about my DH build, other than that I'm newly in M6 and experimenting a lot. I've been surprised just how open the build is to a variety of skills, and how non-taxing on resources, since really you just need sentries and then some skills for them to use.

        In this post I speculated that part of the appeal of MS has been that it shoots over waller, and now that sentries can be placed more precisely, MS might decline in usage. Probably that won't happen since 1) it's not lke every boss is a Waller, and 2) there's a strong cookie cutter mentality amongst a lot of players.

        But I thought it was worth contemplating and might spur some conversation, which is sort of the point with news posts here. Personally, I enjoy experimenting and trying out new things when I play a game, not just mindlessly grinding the blueprint someone else wrote.

        • Ok Flux, lets start this over. I have been a visitor to this site since 1999, and I do like coming here. My post comes in frustration over the lack of real information on this website, which has been and underling issue that I havent said anything about, but reached a boiling point with the Legendary Gem podcast and finally boiled over. I dont know if you are going to get this post or not, so I will continue to post it in threads until I am sure you see it.

          First off, cookie cutter builds exist because they are good. If you do not acknowledge that, you just look foolish. Im not advocating that everyone should play a cookie cutter build, but understand how they work, why they work, and use that information to optimize their own build.

          I dont main a DH, but I have played one. I have M6 and a wanted to maximize the output. Also, several of my guild plays DH, so I have had extensive conversations with them about DH’s. Were talking 500+ paragon levels as strictly a DH. Here is my profile to my DH. Most of my gear is hand me downs from the guildies that play DH. Regardless, I tried DH and wanted to play it well.

          My frustration over your post is that you do not discuss why “cookie cutter” builds are running MS, sentry break points on attack speed, or a good alternative to MS. Im assuming you have at least three spenders on your M6 DH, but your post made it seem like you are only running one. Maybe you are aware of sentry break points on attack speed and dont have the attack speed to support three spenders, I dont know.

          Heres the thing though, I get information from this site that I couldnt just get from the Game Guide on bnet. All the REAL information I get is from the official forums. Sentry breakpoitns, buff multipliers, elemental diminishing returns (not really, but its a term everyone is familiar with).

          Why isnt that information available on the best D3 fansite on the web? Maybe its not the best.

          Take your discussion on legendary gems. 2 of the 3 people on that podcast hadnt even used some of the gems. I didnt bother listening to the second part. It was all speculation and face value discussion abotu the gems. Where is the talk about how Bane of the Trapped is in a different buff category than elemental damage, so it is much more effective than it would lead you to believe? Do you even know what I am talking about?

          I like how you add in “mindlessly grinding the blueprint someone else wrote” at the end there. Ha. This game is played by millions, there is now originality. Also, some skills are garbage, and higher GR’s 6 piece sets are mandatory, now youre possibilities are soberly finite.

          But at least provide information that helps us stray from the norm a little. There is no discussion of game mechanics that we cant see as a traditional player. Formulas, etc. Thats not to say the information isnt available by someone who has the proper gear to test and post results. But this site refuses to go beyond copy and pasting information from the official site.

    3. I can confirm that treasure goblins now have a "streaking/dashing" effect, which last a second or two. Visually very similar to the effect you get when you get the Speed Pylon. They do not always use it, though, and it seems that just a trick they use to run away from you faster.

      • This effect is nothing new; It occurs after almost every time you freeze/stun them. If anything it might be a little bit more visible on the graphics side but that’s about it.

    4. I did see the goblin running effect, however it doesn't seem to be all kinds. I wish I would have paid more attention to the names. I couldn't believe it, but I actually found goblin packs in rifts again. One pack had the dashing effect the other did not. The ones that do are really fast!
      Also, I am 100% positive seeing goblins with that dashing effect long before this new hotfix.

      • Funny you mention goblin packs in rifts. I hadn't seen one since Patch 2.1 and was wondering if they were gone, perhaps since they'd boost the odds of finding Greed's Domain? I asked some very heavy playing friends last week and a couple had seen them since the patch, so I crossed my fingers.

        And then I got a huge horde of them last last week with my DH shortly after she started running M6… and got disconnected. I've got a screenshot showing me in the char selection screen with the "bnet connection interrupted" pop up, and my chat log showing about 20 "___________ has engaged a treasure goblin!"

        Happily, I got another bunch of goblins playing on Friday and massacred every one. Unhappily it was with a new Monk I'm making (voluntarily; DH isn't dead) and he was only lvl 50ish, so the rewards were unrewarding. Though it was still fun to see lots of them at once with their little portals all open, like they were having a group chat with Mom.

        • I remember you saying that, and when I found the first pack last night, that was the first thing I thought about.
          I rift constantly and for the past 3 weeks or so, nothing, not a single pack. Then I got two in about 3 hours last night. I have the worst luck when it comes to packs.
          The first one, I had just finished P-leveling a clan mate, I was in T4 solo, forgot to take my Boon of the Hoarder out for Bane of the Powerful, (which procs after goblin kill) and my Akarats was still in the prophet rune instead of embodiment (less regen) I killed maybe 6 or 7 out of the 24ish, the second time was again in T4 with a buddy and we were going to split up and hit them from the sides. These ones had the fast moving thing on them (Looks just like that barbarian thing that boosts speed) so I ended up chasing them killing a handful. My buddy not so lucky, right away he got caught up by waller elites and he was half dead (HC) stuck in that mess. He killed none. I have never killed a goblin pack and have been satisfied with the resulted massacre. Something always goes wrong.

    5. It´s a shame that patch 2.1.1 brought new bugs to old things, one that bothers me and I guess is not mentioned anywhere is that whenever you select public game type (Bounties, Rifts, Greter Rifts, etc.) relog it and just Join the game again it always selects another game type. For example, I played “Rifts” public game and exit the game because too many players were leaving so I wanted to join another game, I hit Join button instantly and it connected me to “Greater Rifts” game, suddenly people are popping the Key of Trials window question and I´m all like WTF! 😀

    6. Is it just me, or do Nemesis Bracers now spawn the elite and mobs in one super dense pack just behind you and pin you to the pylon?

      Anyway, I had a super weird occurrence last night. I was running Act 1 bounties on my DH to try and farm a Ring of Royal Grandeur for my Barbarian, and shortly after I finished the bounty I put the cache in my stash and pulled out another RoRG I had farmed before which had virtually perfect stats with 6% crit chance being its random stat, to roll the ASP for a socket. I ran over to the Mystic, rerolled a few times, made a few more gems, went back to reroll and…disconnected. I figured oh well, so I logged back in and actually got a queue timer which I never see. After it let me in I immediately noticed my RoRG was no longer in my inventory. Distressed, I checked through my stash to find it sitting there as if I had never touched it, with no rerolls on it, and the gems and mats I had used were back in my stash. My experience meter was where it was when I left, but the oddest thing of all…my cache was gone. Just disappeared. It seems there was some kind of rollback or something, and I assume it went back far enough to just before I got my Horadric Cache.

      The first thought that ran through my mind was "If anybody just found a Rimeheart or something and had it rolled back and lost, they're going to be…Rime/heartbroken/." *ba-dum, pssh*

      • Funny you would say that. I was Paragon 96 when I logged out. Logged back in later and was Paragon 95. Was very confused when I hit 96 again. I wrote it off as me being crazy, but I know I was 96, because when I logged off, I thought “4 more levels to 100”.

        • Ah, I'm about paragon level 400 so maybe I just thought the experience bar hadn't gone down because for me the change was so minute I wasn't able to tell the difference. At least I know I'm not crazy! Scary stuff, though. Another way the always-online model can be disadvantageous to players.

    7. Something else changed about the goblins. As I remember it, previously the goblin would bolt as soon as I approached or even if he caught a stray crossbow bolt. Now on the other hand he calmly closes the portal, looks around, slings his sack over the shoulder and THEN he runs. Obviously by then hes already mostly dead.
      A new, delayed animation to give people a better chance to catch him?

    8. Do Goblins even portal away anymore? It seems to me they've drastically increased the number of times you can 'interrupt' the goblin from porting. Before it used to be about 2 (or 3?) interrupts before the goblin would portal away. Now I think I've interrupted a goblin like 4 or 5 times in a row, and I don't think I've ever seen a goblin enter that Uninterruptable state (even on my low lvl char which doesn't have great DPS)

    9. my Stalgard’s Decimator hanged stats from around 600% to around 680% so the old iteams haw canged stats now.

    10. Goblins are _definitely_ much easier to kill now. I don’t think I had ever killed a goblin on T3 or higher before 2.1.1 dropped, but playing my monk on T5 yesterday, I found 4 goblins and the only one I didn’t kill was the one that my mystic ally engaged off-screen while I was fighting an elite (after the elite was dead I just barely saw the goblin before he ported away).

      Played different characters today on T2-T4 and they also killed every goblin they encountered.

    11. Goblins still open portals.

      Friend and I were key hunting act 1 and we found a goblin. He was streaking like some have mentioned. When he died he left a rainbow portal that we got excited about because my friend hasn't gotten his BotH yet. Neither one of us realized a goblin could leave a portal to Whimsyshire now.

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