Patch 2.0.5 Hotfixes

Nevalistis dropped by the Official forums to give us the newest list of hotfixes. Among the latest changes are some bug fixes, including a fix to DiabloWikiPlagued, bringing the damage back within intended ranges. See the full list below:



  • Vote Kick will no longer immediately eject players from the party without party confirmation; other members of the party are now properly prompted to confirm or deny the request.*
  • The Plagued monster affix is no longer dealing unusually high amounts of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the level 70 Hellfire Ring’s legendary proc was not dealing damage.
  • Heroes below level 70 will now receive less Blood Shards from Nephalem Rifts than level 70 characters.
  • Level 70 heroes will now receive a greatly reduced amount of Blood Shards from Nephalem Rifts when playing in sub-level 70 games.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed crafted set items to roll for class specific properties that were not available to your class when Enchanting.


  • Different Warcry runes now properly stack with one another and are no longer overwritten.*

Note the change to the wording of the hot-fix regarding Blood shards from Nephalem Rifts when  below level 70. It now says “greatly reduced” as opposed to “fewer,” which is different and yet certainly still unspecific.

This adds to the list of hotfixes we reported on last week. You can find those changes here.

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  1. “Vote Kick will no longer immediately eject players from the party without party confirmation”

    And I wondered how I was so promptly kicked out from my own game after deciding to open it to the public. Public games are cesspit of Diablo 3.

  2. I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll say it here, it’s disappointing to see them quash build options with the Monk-Only restriction on the Inna’s bonus. Regardless of class, it would require investing item slots to get it.

    • I think the change makes sense. If they let other classes access core monk abilities, why play monk?

      • In D2 it was actually quite fun to be able to use skills from other classes. It allowed for some weird and interesting builds.

        • They really didn’t implement that until 1.10, which was fun playing a Were-Barb.

          Given the outcry we’ve seen from people who are upset about droprates, allowing for interesting builds would cause nothing more than screaming when people find items that allow Frozen Orbs on their Crusaders or Witch Doctors. D2 wasn’t one of the greatest games of all time because it threw everything at you that you wanted in a week.

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