Patch 2.0.5 Anti-Exploit Hotfixes, and the Ethics of Diablo 3

Blizzard swooped in with a few quick Anti-exploit hotfixes today, aimed to close some loopholes in Blood Shard and legendary acquisition that were enabled, or at least greatly incentivized, by Patch 2.0.5.

This has been an issue since launch, that high level characters could join games created by low level players, blast through the content even on Torment 6, and rack up Blood Shard rewards for completing Rifts. This was an exploit a week or a month ago, and it got much worse (or better, depending on your perspective) with the new patch, since Blood Shards from Rift Guardians were finally buffed to drop bigger stacks on higher Torment levels.

Naturally, in the long tradition of “this is why we can’t have nice things,” players began to exploit it mercilessly, taking advantage of the buffed legendary return rate from gambling in this patch. It became too blatant for Blizzard to overlook it, hence these hotfixes.

  • Level 70 heroes will now receive a greatly reduced amount of Blood Shards from Nephalem Rifts when playing in sub-level 70 games.*
  • Heroes below level 70 will now receive fewer Blood Shards from Nephalem Rifts than level 70 characters.*
  • Fixed an issue that allowed crafted set items to roll for class specific properties that were not available to your class when Enchanting.*

That this fixed an exploit is inarguable, but some players are arguing that it shouldn’t have been fixed. After all, D3 doesn’t have competitive PvP or ladders, and all legendaries are BoA so it’s not like anyone can get rich exploiting loopholes for extra shards. In that case, why fix this sort of thing? If players find ways to cheat game the system, that’s their fun and it’s not directly hurting anyone else. So why make hotfixes to stop it?

Are players who complain about exploits just jelly? Is there a compelling reason for the devs to stop this sort of thing, even absent a trading economy or PvP/ladder competition scenario?

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  1. This wasn’t fixed because players exploited it copiously, it was nerfed because people complained on the forums relentlessly. Mob rules.

    I tried this last night for maybe 10 runs, and it was boring as all get out. None of us felt rewarded at all. So, of all things that could be fixed in this game…this is what gets addressed.

    • Agreed, boring as hell. I found running a rift at level 70 gives as many legs as 500 shards at Kadala anyways, that and you get forgotten souls or legs on the boss also. Besides the fact that half the time people dont wait for all parties to get in to the rift and the damn boss is dead anyways.

      • If you don’t really mind less 2-handers and blackthornes and only wants shards ( :p ), running at master with decent gear nets you 45-58 shards per run and you just melt content, plus you can get forgotten souls in the process.

        (It’s very useful for me, since I need shards, souls and RRoG atm).

        Weak mobs died at 1 hit-ish, so the lvl 1 t6 only was profitable if you were really undergeared, since you had zero chance of drops. Master/expert rifts are just better for a balance of shards + souls.

        I even got a magefist while I spent a stack of 50 keystones or so…

    • That’s it. It was boring as hell. And Blizzard don’t want people to go around doing stuff that is boring as hell because it is a minor increase in efficiency. So they fixed it. What’s the problem?

  2. The trade-off was forgoing non-gambled level 70 legendary drops as well as crafting material drops (forgotten souls). I personally feel that the trade-off was large enough that Blizzard could have left people to it, but hey…I guess an exploit is an exploit.

  3. I did this for a few hours before the nerf. The only thing I got from it was 4 forgoten souls. That’s it. I bought a bazillion items from kadala only to get 4 useless legendaries.

    Why was I doing this? I spent 2 hours before this trying to farm legendary crafting mats. I seeked for a few (born’s set, aughild’s set and shattered core) guess how many of those i got… only 1 for a piece of aughild’s and the roll i got was terrible :/

  4. I tried 5 rifts this way with a couple friends last night, it wasn’t fun because it wasn’t challenging at all. Half of the time we’d one shot the rift boss (with passive damage skills) while someone was out of range so they wouldn’t even get any loot… It was boring but very rewarding (as far as legendaries go anyway), which is why Blizzard nerfed it. They’ve stated several times that they don’t want boring play-styles to be rewarding.

  5. People somehow seem to be unable or unwilling to realize that players in any online loot-based game are always in indirect competition with each other. An exploit that allows players to receive better loot faster than intended affects everyone, not just the people choosing to use the exploit. Inflation doesn’t just happen to money, it happens to your gear’s relative power compared to the game world as well.

    The same players who used to exploit will also be the ones complaining that the game is too easy and lament the lack of content and lack of good loot. “It’s been forever since I found a decent gear upgrade!” No kidding, maybe because you compressed 2 months of progression into 2 days of farming level 70 rewards using content scaled to 69 levels below yours.

    It’s been a few months since the auction house closed and people have already forgotten what it means to a game like Diablo to have access to the best loot too quickly. I cannot fault anyone for being tempted to abuse such exploits, but to actually defend their use and even existence… *cringe*

    • This is basically my argument for fixing this kind of exploit, though I left it out of the OP so as not to steer the conversation.

      I’d add that there’s always a “Keeping up with the Joneses” phenomena, where you may not be “directly” impacted by other people cheating for huge gains, but you know they’re doing it and that makes you want to do it too, or you feel like you’re missing out. So their behavior does directly affect you by giving you the urge to emulate it.

      • There’s totally a keeping up with the jones thing.

        What, you don’t have X amount of dps from the gear you’ve acquired yet and you’re trying to be in our T4+ game? -votekick-

      • Speaking of what happens if you don’t emulate behavior, today I’m joining normal difficulty adventure mode games and opening rifts. Nobody joins me (they’re too busy split farming) and when they’re about to turn in the quest reward for act 1, they votekick me so I won’t get the cache.

        Essentially kicking me out of the rift I made and wasting my fragments. All because I’d rather rift than split farm act one over and over. =/

        Once would’ve been one thing, but this happened 3 times in one day. I’ve got the video evidence to prove it as I was streaming at the time. I did absolutely nothing to antagonize or merit getting kicked out other than not doing bounties, and I wasn’t afk since I was busy rifting. =/

  6. “some players are arguing that it shouldn’t have been fixed. After all, D3 doesn’t have competitive PvP or ladders, and all legendaries are BoA so it’s not like anyone can get rich exploiting loopholes for extra shards”

    Seriously? Why not just make every drop a legendary?

  7. Im ask myself what is the diference between that pseudo-exploit and RIFT Bosses community cause is the same thing, different color. You can get the same amount of shards in the same or less time without do any run. Or am I wrong?

    • Wrong. There is no exploit to that. People are grinding out rifts on their level and allowing others to enjoy the benefits with an option to spend rift keys. The difference is anyone can run through rifts alone or in a party get appropriate shards or loot for the level intended. Whereas getting level 70 loot in a level 1 game clearly isn’t intended.Besides the fact that if you dont have a friend to hold that level 1 game open for you, you can never do the exploit yourself,thus its more an exploit.
      Rift it forward is a community working together, helping each other out. When I am low on keys, I know I can start some runs and others with less time but more keys can share what they have and benefit also. Its synergy.

  8. Speaking of exploits, I’m still surprised they haven’t nerfed Rift It Forward. Grimiku chimed in on the official forums to let people know he enjoyed doing it, too – so maybe it is, in a manner of speaking, working as intended?

    • Why would they nerf Rift it Forward? How is it any different than jumping into a public game as they are killing the RG and getting rewards for it? Are we all just supposed to grind out every second of every rift to get the rewards? It my Rift, why not let others benefit from it if I want to let them.
      Some people run lots of bounties, some run lots of Rifts. This is those two communities helping each other out.
      Besides, the day when it feels like you have to run dailies from WoW to get tokens and thats the only way to then run RIfts…….Im out.

      • It’s exacly “same” exploit just dressed in word “community” wierd think Blizzard actually support it – so instead getting your legendaries from killing monster like you should do in arpg you get it by “playing with kadala” 😉

  9. Flux, one reason to fix this kind of stuff would be to increase the pool of “normal” games to the players who want to play “normal” multiplayer. The more people that are doing these min/max grind fests, the less people there are to play relaxed games with.

  10. I tried it for an hour last night, and I ended up gambling a poorly rolled magefist at the end. It was fun, but even while I was doing it, it felt wrong. This isn’t anything that would’ve benefited the community in any way. It takes away even more from the current risk/reward problems and tips the scales strongly towards the easy mode FTW. I’m glad it was patched, but I’m also glad I got the try it out before it was fixed.

    On a side note though, I wish they would keep some aspects of the game OP. That’s what I always associate with memories of “fun” in any game. The AA-12 spamfest pre-nerf in BF3, the ias FO sorc pre-nerf in D2, etc.. So when they “tweak” the class-specific legendary set bonuses, I hope they introduce some max set bonus that’s nerf-worthy. Overbalanced games lack a certain fun-factor.

  11. Well, making new characters is back entirely pointless.

  12. I did this for a few rifts last night, first chest armor rolled Zunis. I’m not unhappy that its gone because I kinda want to be forced to play the game properly, but at the same time I’m not unhappy I cheesed it a bit last night because… well because Zunis.

  13. double it! i mean the pledge damage

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