Patch 13 New Strings

The following are NEW strings added to the game in this patch. We will contiually add to this as we go through the list breaking each section down for you. NiIce to see tips now being added to the loading screens, a new vanity title string and more.

BattleNet Public Chat

  • JoinChannelMessage Joining Channel: {s1} {s2} |4person:people; in channel
  • LeftChannelMessage You have left the channel
  • SendChatError There was an error sending your message: {s1}
  • NotYetJoinedError You are not yet in a public chat channel.
  • WelcomeMessage Welcome to Diablo III Public Chat. Join a chat channel by selecting one from the drop-down above.
  • MemberListTitle {s1} ({s2})
  • AcceptedInvite {s1} invited you to a public channel.
  • InviteButtonTooltip Invite to Party
  • PublicChat Public Chat
  • InviteToChannelDialogTitle Select a Friend to Invite
  • OptionsTooltip Public Chat Options
  • DefaultChannelText Select a Chat Channel

Conversation Skeleton King Defeat

  • Every king must surrender his crown one day. Remember that.
  • Scoundrel 1F: Every king must surrender his crown one day. Remember that.
  • Scoundrel 2: You were defeated the moment you surrendered to madness!
  • Templar 2F: You were defeated the moment you surrendered to madness!
  • Enchantress 3: Your cruelty and madness already has!
  • Enchantress 3F: Your cruelty and madness already has!

Loading screen tips

  • TIP001 Click on loot to pick it up. Items dropped by monsters or chests are not visible to other players.
  • TIP002 Join a game with other random players by selecting an unlocked quest in the Public Games menu.
  • TIP003 Stay close! Monsters will become stronger when more players join the game.
  • TIP004 Invite friends to join a game by pressing the Invite button next to their names in the Social menu.
  • TIP005 If your friends are already in a game when you invite them
  • TIP006 Choose Quest Selection on the Main Menu to start a game from any unlocked quest step.
  • TIP007 Equip followers with new weapons and abilities as they level up.
  • TIP008 A player’s shared stash
  • TIP009 Players can attack without moving by holding the SHIFT key.
  • TIP010 Press the ALT key to see the names of the loot drops on the ground.
  • TIP011 Press the V key to show or hide enemy health bars.
  • TIP012 Demon Hunters can dual wield one-handed crossbows.
  • TIP013 Some skills require specific weapon types. Check the tooltips to be sure.
  • TIP014 Click on another player’s banner to teleport to that player’s current location.
  • TIP015 Monsters
  • TIP016 Fight longer! Buy health potions from vendors like the bartender at the Slaughtered Calf Inn.
  • TIP017 All heroes start with a primary weapon attack that can be replaced by a special attack as they level up.
  • TIP018 The health potion’s position on the Action Bar can be changed by opening the Options menu
  • TIP019 Crafting the same item multiples times may yield better results. Every crafted item is different.
  • TIP020 Vendors sell many different items. Visit them all to see what they have in stock.
  • TIP021 Choose the Open to Friends option in the Game Privacy menu to allow friends to join your games without requesting invites.
  • TIP022 Banners can be customized in the Main Menu. New components will become available the more you play!
  • TIP023 Higher difficulty modes are available in the Change Quest menu once they are unlocked.
  • TIP024 Defeating Normal mode will unlock the next difficulty setting
  • TIP025 Finishing the game in Normal mode will unlock Hardcore mode
  • TIP026 New weapons
  • TIP027 Click on treasure chests and weapon racks with blue highlights for special rewards.
  • TIP028 Health globes will heal every player in a party.
  • TIP029 There is no cow level.
  • TIP030 Choosing the Open to Friends option in Party Settings will notify friends about your game when they come online.
  • TIP031 Resurrect fallen allies by clicking on their corpses.
  • TIP032 Change the properties of hotkeys with the Key Bindings settings in the Options menu.
  • TIP033 Press the J key to open the Quest Log and get details about current quest steps.
  • TIP034 Run over gold to pick it up. No clicking needed!
  • TIP035 Press the D key to show or hide all players’ health bars.
  • TIP036 Listen up! Lore books can be replayed through their tab in the Quest Log.
  • TIP037 Hold the left mouse button on open ground to move without engaging enemies.
  • TIP038 Hold the right mouse button on open ground to move while out of combat.
  • TIP039 Demon Hunters can equip a quiver with any ranged weapon.
  • TIP040 Hold the right mouse button while in combat to automatically use the attack skill that is mapped to that button.
  • TIP041 Hold the CTRL key while reading a skill tooltip in order to see more detailed information.
  • TIP042 Share the wealth! If players drop items from their Inventory
  • TIP043 Customize the Action Bar by opening the Options menu
  • TIP044 Defeating Nightmare difficulty will unlock Hell mode.
  • TIP045 Defeating Hell mode will unlock the ultimate difficulty mode
  • TIP046 Right-click on unidentified items to reveal their attributes and allow them to be equipped.

Skill pane

  • PassiveSkillsTitle Passive Skills
  • ActionBarSkills Action Bar Skills
  • New New!
  • MouseSkillsTitle Mouse Skills
  • SkillRunes Skill Runes
  • AssignedSkill Assigned Skill
  • ChooseAPassiveSkillSlot Choose a Passive Skill Slot
  • AvailablePassiveSkills Available Passive Skills
  • PreviousCategory Previous
  • NextCategory Next
  • Primary Primary
  • Secondary Secondary
  • Accept Accept
  • Rune0 No Rune
  • SkillRunesLocked Skill Runes begin unlocking at level {s1}

New Bnet Campaign

  • GameQueue_ServerQueueDialogTitle Server Queue
  • GameQueue_ServerQueueDialogDescription {s1}. You have entered the queue. {s2}
  • GameQueue_DiabloServerFull Diablo III servers are full.
  • GameQueue_EstimatedWaitTime Estimated Wait Time: {s1}
  • GameQueue_LeaveQueue Leave Queue
  • GameQueue_LeaveParty Leave Party
  • GameQueue_LeavingQueueDialogTitle Leaving Queue
  • GameQueue_LeavingQueuePartyDialogDescription Leaving the queue now will take your entire party out of the queue. Attempting to start a new game will place you at the end of the queue.
  • GameQueue_LeavingQueueSoloDialogDescription If you leave the queue
  • GameQueue_Continue Continue
  • GameQueue_TimeUnkowned Queuing…
  • GameQueue_LeavingQueuePartyMemberDialogDescription Leaving the queue now will take you out of the queue and you will leave your party Attempting to start a new game will place you at the end of the queue.
  • TrialTitle Upgrade Diablo III
  • UpgradeButton Upgrade
  • UpgradeNow Upgrade Now
  • TrialDialogText Thank you for playing Starter Edition. You may continue to play but need to upgrade in order to enjoy new quests
  • TrialBannerDescriptionLine1 Click your way to 60!
  • TrialBannerDescriptionLine2 Challenging Bosses!
  • TrialBannerDescriptionLine3 Nightmare


  • CategoryProgress {s1} ({s2}%) EX. “Category Name (16%)”
  • You You ({s1}%)
  • ProgressOverview Progress Overview
  • AchievementsEarned Achievements Earned
  • CategoryGeneral General
  • CategoryChallenges Challenges
  • CategoryStrength Strength
  • CategoryCrafting Crafting
  • OtherPlayerProgress {s1} ({s2}%) Other player’s name with his achievement progress in parantheses
  • RewardTypeDye Dye
  • RewardTypeEpicBanner Epic Banner
  • RewardTypePattern Pattern
  • RewardTypeShape Shape
  • RewardTypeSigilAccent Accent
  • RewardTypeSigil Sigil
  • RewardTypeVanityTitle Vanity Title
  • SummaryFeatOfStrengthProgress Feats of Strength: {c#FFFFa300}{s1}{/c}
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