Patch 10 is live!

Go ahead and start patching now 🙂


Beta Patch 10 is now live! Please note that the Auction House has been temporarily disabled to address an ongoing issue, and that updates on its status will be provided Diablo 3 forums.

Blue: Patch 10 is up blue
Source: Diablo 3 forums


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  1. Yea, and not even midnight yet. Good thing I live in Hawaii! 😆

  2. Good for you! I got up at 4am to see if it was ready xD

  3. Good for you both! I’m checking to see if it’s ready and I don’t even have the freaking beta. xD

  4. I patched, but still getting error 3003… 🙁

  5. Im watching a stream atm but the monsters seems stronger than before with multiple people ingame. I hope thats true 😛

  6. Yup, these changes are a great improvement 🙂

  7. This is by far the best patch, i am overall happy with everything, looking forward to the skill system revision and hopefully to the boxmesh fix.

  8. It looks like settings are actually saved now!

  9. I wish I could try out the patch… 😥

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