Patch 10 Deployment Times

Get ready, patch 10 is incoming and will be deployed at the following times.

We’re in the process of bringing down the Diablo III test server to deploy Beta Patch 10. Maintenance should begin at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST, and we anticipate that downtime will last approximately 9 hours, until 8:00 p.m. PST.


Thanks terrlinde and Jarrod

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    16 thoughts on “Patch 10 Deployment Times

    1. i just want to know if the game is done(overall story,characters,items). by that i mean is it complete or are they just tweaking small things here and there?

          • The story is done and the overall game is fully playable and has been for some time. We have no real way to know how far they are along with items after the attribute change. They’ve been playing with skills and runestones and again we don’t know how far along they are – as with the last set of changes, we won’t hear about them until they’re all set and ready to go.

      • i just streamed one with live chat and asked about when the patch going out, just to see that post after 5 min 🙂

      • I will be trying my first livestream tonight on TwitchTV If the patch goes up and everything works.  Look for me to be on around 9pm pst.   Due to this being my first time streaming their me be tech issues.

    2. I’m only really looking forward to play patch 10 to see if there are some other unmentioned things that changed. The listed changes are all minor.

      Skill and runestones system changes that was mentioned coming later are much more interesting.

    3. So that’s just when the servers are going down. The patch isn’t downloadable yet? The launcher isn’t grabbing it, at any rate.

    4. Man what were these guys smoking when they thought there’d even be a chance for this thing to come out by year-end 2011…

      • My guess is that whatever delayed them back then has been resolved and now because of all their reiterations and second-guessing on the things they decided to put more time into, those things are now the new source of their delays… In other words, they should’ve just focused their attention on the old issues and left the other stuff alone so that we would’ve had the game by now.

    5. i understand these guys arent blizz north and want to do their own thing..but its kill shit, get good shit to kill more. simple. not endless tweaking of concepts and ideas. we could be talking and anticipating expansion by now……..

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