Patch 1.0.4 System Changes Preview

I’d like to start by saying they’re getting rid of the invulnerable minion affix and enrage timers.

That being said, information has finally dropped regarding the first segment of information for the next major patch for Diablo III. Stay tuned for more analysis on the details of the information.

Also, if you didn’t notice, the current target is for the fourth week of August. That does indicate something much sooner rather than later.

There is a TLDR bulleted list at the bottom of the blue post if you are in a hurry.

Well, we’re getting closer to 1.0.4, and while it’s still a few weeks away we’re going to start hitting you fast and furious with blogs aimed at explaining the upcoming changes. To kick things off I wanted to provide an overview of some of the larger systems changes and game improvements.

Let’s get started!

So Happy Together
While many people are playing co-op, it’s still a minority of games. Ideally we would like players who want to play solo to be able to solo, and players who want to play co-op to play co-op. At the moment though playing solo is the clear choice, even for those who would prefer co-op with some of their friends.

The change we made back in 1.0.3 to remove the bonus monster damage per additional player was a great start, but we can clearly go a bit further. The first change we’re making in 1.0.4 for co-op is to remove averaging in multiplayer games of Magic Find and Gold Find. You’ll benefit from your full Magic Find stat, independent of other players in the game. We originally added Magic Find averaging so optimal play did not involve people stacking what we call “adventure stats” to the detriment of their party. While this may re-emerge as a problem, we think the current solution feels like too much of a penalty, and is doing more harm than good.

Along the same lines as the change in 1.0.3, we’re going to be lowering the health multiplier for monsters per additional player in co-op games. It’s going to be a flat 75% in 1.0.4 for all difficulty levels, as opposed to the scaling 75/85/95/110% it is now. This makes enemies far more manageable in co-op games, and rewards a co-ordinated group with a higher farming efficiency than playing alone.

Shrinking the Gap
We know there are a lot of you out there that are really frustrated by the difficulty of some of the champion and rare packs, so in 1.0.4 we’re going to shrink the gap between normal monsters and Elite packs (DiabloWikiChampions and DiabloWikiRares). The design intent of Champion and Rare packs is to provide a spike of challenge, but in general we feel like the gap is too big. Normal monsters die quickly and are usually just fodder, and Champions and Rares can feel like a brick wall. In general we’re looking to bring normal enemies up a smidge, and Champions and Rares down.

So, in 1.0.4 we’re increasing the health of normal monsters by approximately 5%-10% in DiabloWikiInferno, but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four. We’re correspondingly lowering the health of Champions and Rares by 10-25% and editing specific affixes to shrink the difficulty gap. We’re still working on those numbers, but that’s approximately what we’re shooting for.

To further reduce the gap between normal and Elite monsters, we’re adjusting some of the more frustrating monster affixes, such as DiabloWikiFire Chains and DiabloWikiShielding.* Of course there are some normal monsters that are massive spikes in difficulty too, and we’ll be making polish adjustments to a few of those as well, like reducing the damage of two-handed skeletons like DiabloWikiSkull Cleavers.

Weapons Master
One of the general improvements we’d like to make to our item game addresses the difference between an item having a chance of being good vs. knowing the item isn’t going to be good before you even identify it. In other words, there’s a world of difference between an item having no chance of being good, and some chance of being good. It’s not something we’re going to be able to fully address in 1.0.4, but giving every dropped item a chance to be good is a long-term goal. One area we felt we could make immediate improvements for 1.0.4 was with weapons.

Weapon damage is the most important stat on a weapon. It can be disheartening to get a lot of weapon drops and you know before even looking at them that they have no chance of being good. To help give weapons a fighting chance, the raw damage value on all level 61 and 62 weapons will be able to roll damage that extends all the way to the top end of level 63.

We also want to close the gap between dual-wielding and two-handers, and so we’re improving two-handed melee weapons by creating a new set of stronger affixes to compensate for the loss of stats that can come from your offhand.

On the topic of two-handers, we’re also changing how damage is calculated on a few damage-over-time skills. Many skills have text like “Deals 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds”, which isn’t exactly clear as it can be interpreted a few different ways. It also made skill evaluation difficult, particularly for skills with long durations or cooldowns. We’re switching a lot of these skills to read “X% weapon damage over 5 seconds”. Many skills already follow this format, and understanding what the skill does is very clear. As the skills are converted there is an additional opportunity: when converting to this format, choosing a value for X depends on your weapon speed. So what we’ve done in most cases is assumed a high attack speed (at least 2.0 attacks per second), chosen a value of X, and then in many cases bumped the value even higher. A skill that currently does 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds, with a 2.0 speed weapon, will convert to at least 750% weapon damage over 5 seconds. The skill becomes easier to understand, is a small buff for most one-hand builds, and a big buff for two-hand builds.

Efficiency vs. Challenge
Rather than focus on whether or not you can beat an enemy, many players would rather figure out how fast they can beat them. We’re removing Enrage Timers and the “heal back to full” behavior from Champion and Rare monster packs. We don’t think they fit well into the general philosophy of the game, which is more about trying to farm as efficiently as possible. You’re already incentivized to kill things quickly, if a pack happens to take you a long time it can just feel unfair to have the pack enrage, kill you, and then heal back to full. The original intent behind Enrage Timers was to have a few encounters that served as a “DPS check” that also add tension and excitement. Due to the randomness of Champion and Rare monsters, combined with a general philosophy of efficient farming, this was simply the wrong approach for us to take. The Enrage Timers feel more appropriate on bosses, where the setup, predictability and mechanics of the fight add the required context for the time limit.

We can’t get away from the Efficiency vs Challenge discussion without talking about death penalties. When we increased repair costs in 1.0.3 it was to make death meaningful. Efficiency is not only about how fast you kill things, but what efforts you’re putting into doing so. Dying should cut into efficiency, and that creates a meaningful challenge to stay alive in not only how you play, but the importance of how you’re designing your character. That said, we think repair costs are just a bit too high, so in 1.0.4 we’re going to be reducing repair costs of high-end items by 25%.

We have improvements coming to Legendary items, and it seems like an important enough subject to give them their own blog. Stay tuned as Senior Game Designer DiabloWikiAndrew Chambers gives the rundown in the next week or two. As a general reminder though, existing items are not changing. The DiabloWikiLegendary improvements are going to be for Legendaries dropped or crafted after the 1.0.4 patch goes live.

Stay Classy
We’re making a metric-ton of changes to classes, so we’re going to have separate blog posts for each. But in general we’re looking at unpopular skills and asking ourselves a few questions:

  • Does the skill have any control or readability issues that would make the skill less satisfying to use? If so – polish the skill more. A good example here is the Barbarian Rend ability – many people don’t use it because you can’t always tell which enemies are affected by the bleed and which aren’t.
  • Does the skill fill a similar role as an extremely popular skill? If so, buff the skill to be competitive with the popular skill. For example, Bola Shot could be a solid skill, but simply doesn’t have the raw damage when compared to Hungering Arrow, so we’re buffing Bola Shot to be competitive.
  • Does a skill have a dominant rune? If so, can we buff the underused runes to be more competitive? A good example here is the Wizard Hydra skill. The Venom Hydra is by far the most popular rune, and for good reason, so we are buffing the other runes to make them more competitive with Venom Hydra.
  • Is the skill a resource spender? In general we have found that many resource spenders just don’t do enough for their resource cost. Here I would use the example of Wave of Light, which is a fairly significant expenditure of Spirit that doesn’t always seem worthwhile. Many damage-oriented resource spenders are receiving buffs in 1.0.4
  • Would buffing the skill increase or decrease build diversity? Some skills when buffed cause other skills to become obsolete, so there’s a net decrease in build diversity – we’re more careful with those. Other skills, when buffed, add to the total pool of appealing skills, which increases build diversity. The most obvious example here is the Witch Doctor Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan, which are both receiving significant improvements in 1.0.4.

We hope you have fun, and stay tuned for each of the specific class articles in the next couple weeks.

The Outro

These are really just a few of the topline systems changes we’ll be making in 1.0.4, and we hope you’re looking forward to them as much as we are. We’ll of course have a lot more info coming at you in the weeks ahead on Legendary items, classes and more, as well as some interviews we’ll be holding shortly before the patch goes live – which, by the way, is currently targeted for the fourth week of August.

See you in-game!

*P.S. We’re getting rid of the Invulnerable Minions monster affix.

Wyatt Cheng is Senior Technical Game Designer on Diablo III, and as a member of Blizzard’s Beef Jerky Club is ordering jalapeno, habenero & ghost chili jerky this month.



  • Removing averaging in multiplayer games of Magic Find and Gold Find.
  • Lowering the health multiplier for monsters per additional player in co-op games to a flat 75% for all difficulties.


  • Shrinking the gap between normal monsters and Elite packs (Champions and Rares).
  • Increasing health of normal monsters by approximately 5%-10% in Inferno, but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four.
  • Lowering the health of Champions and Rares by 10-25% and editing specific affixes to shrink the difficulty gap.
  • Adjusting some of the more frustrating monster affixes, such as Fire Chains and Shielding. We’re getting rid of the Invulnerable Minions monster affix.
  • Removing Enrage Timers and the “heal back to full” behavior from Champion and Rare monster packs.


  • The raw damage value on all level 61 and 62 weapons will be able to roll damage that extends all the way to the top end of level 63.
  • Closing the gap between dual-wielding and two-handers, and so we’re improving two-handed melee weapons by creating a new set of stronger affixes to compensate for the loss of stats that can come from your offhand.
  • Changing how damage is calculated on a few damage-over-time skills.
    Reducing repair costs of high-end items by 25%.
  • In most cases we have assumed a high attack speed (at least 2.0 attacks per second), chosen a value of X, and then in many cases bumped the value even higher. A skill that currently does 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds, with a 2.0 speed weapon, will convert to at least 750% weapon damage over 5 seconds.
  • Switching a lot of these skills to read “X% weapon damage over 5 seconds”.

To Come

  • The Legendary improvements are going to be for Legendaries dropped or crafted after the 1.0.4 patch goes live. Andrew Chambers will give rundown in the next week or two.
  • Metric-ton of changes to classes, so we’re going to have separate blog posts for each.
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    177 thoughts on “Patch 1.0.4 System Changes Preview

    1. #1 Favorite for me: 61/62 weapons to become viable.

      Thank you Blizzard.

      #2 2h weapons buff

      Can’t wait.

      #3 Elites nerf

      My solo DH can now live in Inferno HC! hopefully?!

      • The 61/62 items with possible 63 dps is the best change ever, I can count at least 10 items I salvaged that had amazing rolls, but since they were ilvl 61 or 62, they were trash not even worth 50k on the AH since blue 63s had 200 more dps…

        • This is also the first step on making more item models available for end-game viable chars.

          Need moar look diversity, Blizzard!

          • Jesus Christ, I was too slow to log on. The Exalted Grand weapon recipes just quadrupled or more in price.

            Lawl, some of the recipes went up 30x in price.

            • same on EU server and for e.g. exalted fine conquest sword, now 1.3m, got one for 200k…and I cashed out on FB which sold for 250k just minutes ago, and u could get them for 80k a week ago 😀

      • I’m an HC only player too. It’s looking like the patch will make HC more manageable for sure.

        Although I’m up for the current challenge at least farming Inferno A1, I’ll gladly take features that (hypothetically) reduce my farming time spent before I can progress.

    2. So…

      Damage over time spells are getting buffed by now using weapon DPS as opposed to just weapon damage? Yay!

      Two hander finally getting stronger affixes? They said that would happen way before release, not sure why it took them so long.

      Elite HP lower while normal HP higher is good. Overall a nerf to difficulty, but elites are teeeedious.

      ***P.S. We’re getting rid of the Invulnerable Minions monster affix.***
      Yay! Shame they didn’t figure out to a way to keep it in the game as a less frustrating mechanic, this game needs more affixes, not less.

      • While I agree that the game needs more variety in the elite affix department, I don’t mind them dropping an affix or two if it makes for less player frustration in the end. Removing enrage timers and health regeneration goes a long towards making “bad” combinations less infurating, which is great news. The question is if they’ll do something about CC + damage combos of death or if they consider unavoidable player deaths fair game.

        • Strange thing for me, is that invulnerable minions is generally not problematic on any of my characters. Since they can be snared / cc’d in general, they can be tough but not horrible. I would say it’s actually one of the easier mods. Unless it’s combined with shocking, fast, molten and appears on spiderlings/burrowing leapers.

          • Ive run into oh so many packs with Invuln Minons + Fast + Teleport + extra health… and they suck every time!

          • It depends, I guess. On my barb I can just pop WotB and quickly burn down the boss while tanking the minions – the fight is usually over in a few seconds. On my DH it’s much more complicated – not only do I lack WotB-esque cooldowns, the minions often block projectiles aimed at the boss and force me to waste all my discipline on CC just to keep them away, which makes it that much harder to keep myself alive long enough to kill the boss.

            Perhaps the most frustrating thing is when you die and the boss heals back to full, as it means you’ve made absolutely no progress. Normally, when facing a very hard pack, you’d be able to take a “2 steps forward 1 step back” approach and try to pick as many minions off as possible before you die, until only the boss remains. This isn’t an option when the minions are invulnerable, obviously.

            So yeah, not too sad to see it go. We’ll see if they’ll add some other affix in its place or focus on balancing the ones that are left (hopefully the latter).

      • Wow, it is almost like they actually listened to the community! The only thing mentioned about magic find was regarding co-op, that’s good. The only thing mentioned about skills was buffing, that’s good. Ridding inferno of enrage timers and invuln minions!

        Great news all around and I cannot wait to read the more in depth blogs. I’m assuming this patch will be out on the 28th, which unfortunately means I won’t be playing it until I get the GW2 “new game” hype out of my system. But hopefully that just means the extended break will leave me with a clean slate for a new impression of D3.

      • They shouldn’t remove Invulnerable Minions.

        They should change it to Ghostly Minions and rather than giving the minions a shield graphic, they should make them 50% transparent. They would take 10-15% damage from all attacks (instead of 0) and all AoE/ranged attacks would pierce through them.

        The biggest difficulty with invulnerable minions is getting past them to attack the elite, which gives any skills with a piercing attack a huge boon to defeating this type and makes other single-target abilities very weak and hard to use.

      • Many DoTs already used your DPS. I know that Haunt and Grasp of the Dead did, while Rend for example didn’t. This will most likely be only a wording change in some cases.

      • Yes, the list is encouraging, but if there is something to be messed up, Blizzard will mess it up. Given their track record, various tweaks and improvements might make some of the gameplay easier, but will it make it better?

        We’ll be able to kill elites faster, but will we ever find anything that our characters can equip?

        THAT is the issue. If that isn’t addressed, they are just re-arranging deck-chairs on the Titanic.

        • Obviously. Everyone getting everything there is to get in a Diablo game would be awsome…not.

    3. A lot of good changes, but “Stay tuned as Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers gives the rundown in the next week or two” and ” We’ll of course have a lot more info coming at you in the weeks ahead…”

      Sad news: The patch won’t be out for at least another month.

    4. I wish it won’t become too easy. I had no problems with healths but of course there are some fatal combinations of affixes. It had to be adressed to.

      Overall I would like to what class changes are coming. It is obvious there are dominant skills, must-use skills that decrease build diversation. Was a big fan of Rend during the beta, I wonder what changes they are going to make about it.

      Hope that they don’t mess legendaries trying to make them useful too. Personally, I would like to use a Skorn, it looks badass. Also they should adjust specializations of legendaries. Some of them has no use at all.

      And MF, I was a big fan of it but had given up on it for a long time now. It was just the same for me with or without MF. Everyone for himself now.

      • Oh it will become much easier. Less enemy HP, the highest damage spikes on normal enemies getting nerfed, a ton of skill buffs (with guaranteed new game breaking runes/synergies), etc.

        It’s safe to say that actual PvE challenge will come with eventual end-game additions later on. Until then, it’s Diablo 2 mode – farm and experiment (assuming the Legendary buffs are done correctly and drop rates are adjusted to point of sanity).

        • Its obvious they are just getting rid of the massive difficuilty / damage spikes. Kinda like removing IM in diablo 2. Sorta stuff you just randomly get wtf i died? 1 hit killed.

    5. Oddly, I don’t really see the need to remove Invulnerable Minions. The HP nerf from a previous patch made them much easier. I often find Shielding is more annoying.

      Otherwise the changes look good. I love the idea of getting more drops from white mobs!

    6. This is progress however small it might be. I do think they are making a mistake with nerfing repair costs. Death in softcore should hurt tremendously and it’s boring enough as is even with high repair costs. If the player is dying a lot and racking up huge repair bills something is wrong with THEM not the game. If I can play hardcore only without ever having died in this game then they can learn to manage a farming run in inferno without dying twenty times like an idiot. I also like that they mentioned buffing witch doctor pets. I hope they realize that they would need to buff them out the ace with crazy stats and abilities in order to be competitive with a inferno zombie bears build. Would be nice to have effective meat shield pets for once. I also hope they look at the other totally useless WD skills and buff them.

    7. to co-op play: MF change is good, it was as I remember one od the latest changes before releasing the game and I haven´t really got the logic behind it… finally, they changed it back… when u see, someone is undergeared or swapping too early and not fighting, kick him outa game, simple as that… from the previous post they mentioned MF changes and I think they will handle the MF gear swap issue too,…

      overal good changes in my opinion, but another decrease in difficulty as I see it (especially 75% increase of hp in inferno) will bore skilled players even more, without some challenge and endgame content this can be contraproductive, even if it can and will boost coop play…

      what I appreciate in this post is avoiding the “soon” TM and it´s written pretty non elusive about the game issues, admitting what was a bad decision along with pretty normal estimate “weeks” so people know what and when they can await new content…

      I´m sure this will be a step forward (at least more forward than backwards), but still there are so many ways to improve it will take a couple more well handed patches to polish the game until PvP…

      • The MF change will destroy public gaming. People with real gear won’t want to carry people with high MF, so public games will just be full of people trying to leech off of the effort of others.

        It’s going to help for those with really high end gear with high MF, as they will feel less forced to solo. But it’s going to hurt those who play with high end gear and low MF to maximize their killing speed, at least in public games.

          • Except that all of those who don´t spend 8 hours+ a day playing diablo doesn´t. I can´t afford MF gear and if the new patch is going to make it even more impossible for me to find anything usable, then that´s it.

    8. They’ve listed only good changes which is a good sign but I’m a bit disappointed that most of this stuff wasn’t already in place in the release version as it should have been from testing and smart design decisions.

    9. The amount of win in this preview is too damn high. Which might mean that there will be some major fault in the rest of the changes, but we’ll see, hope not. I’m stoked.

      • So far the only area of concern is the reduction in mobs HP when in a party. These people fail to realise that given the new buffs to skills and items, it will ALSO be much easier for those playing solo. The reduction is implemented to promote co op, if they don’t do it, everyone will just prefer to play alone since it’s relatively easier.

        • As they said, the fact that you can play through all the game doesn’t mean you won’t want to keep on improving your character to be able to do it more easily. You’ll want to keep improving until it no longer makes any difference, even when playing solo, because you’re so powerful every ennemy melts upon entering your screen. And when you reach that point, there’s still pvp 🙂

          Seeing how inferno is currently working, I doubt the changes will take it to a point where there will not be any challenge left at all. You also got to take builds into account, as of now only a few builds do good in inferno, so if they drop a huge nerf of difficulty, that would become a few cheesy builds with which the game would be too easy and a ton of other builds that are a bit harder but still work, which is better to keep us enjoy playing (always fun to go and try a totally different gameplay with your character when you’re tired of doing the same thing endlessly).

          I don’t think we’re close to a point where they might make the game too easy to be fun. But there’ll always be players who don’t agree, I just don’t think it’ll be a majority this time.

    10. I “love” how Blizz has basically completely given up on their initial philosophy of making Inferno difficult…*sigh*
      Still looking forward to the patch but I doubt that D3 will stay in my list of games that I like to play regularly, Blizz’ new direction seems to point more and more towards the D2 approach which was fine to me for casual fun at times but nothing too special.
      Maybe the xpac(s) will deliver new input that makes the game more attractive to me.

      • Nah, I don’t think they’ve given up on their philosophy of making Inferno difficult, yet. They’re more or less ironing out the spikes of difficulty that occur when certain factors accumulate in Hell/Inferno mode. Rest assured that for every sugar-coated buff announced in these PR maneuvers, there will be triple the amount of inconveniences or hidden nerfs added to your favorite gameplay tools that will “simply be overlooked in the myriads of changes to be consolidated into the patch notes”.

        What I find highly disturbing, is the sheer implicitness Mr. Cheng is expressing nowadays when referring to the ‘plain obvious’ imbalances, insufficiencies and general failures of the game’s central, most basic mechanics. They feverishly defended those decisions pre-release by denying anyone else the ability of substantiated, critical judgement. They also had literally years of time for gaining these blatant insights pre-release and fix them accordingly.

        Merely starting a first of many, certainly not all-encompassing attempt in order to fix the very foundations of the game three months after its release simply does not sanctify this display of transcendent arrogance in their communication.

      • They did make Inferno difficult. It sucked, so that’s why they’ve been changing it ever since. It will always be far harder than D2 either way.

    11. Nerfing Inferno even further? Sigh.

      So they go from soloing being a bit more effective, to grouping being ridiculously more effective? Sigh. 75% hp increase per is way too low. At least make it 95-100%, you know, double hp for each player – that would even make sense…

      Giving in on the Repair cost? Sigh.

      Removing MF sharing? Sigh.

      On the other hand skill buffs, ilvl 61-62 weapon buff, 2hander buff all sounds good. More mixed changed than I had hoped for though.

      • I think you are the only soul on the planet that liked MF sharing / averaging. It’s a dumb and bad design. Seriously? You really liked it? interesting day today.

        • I don’t know how many people “liked” it but it is a necessary evil. public games are going to be a joke, now, because everyone will be just loading up on MF and having piss poor dps and survivability.

          Sharing MF kind of sucks when all players are trying in good faith to maximize their effectiveness while retaining some MF. But when there’s no more accountability, people will just try to use 20-40% mf items in every slot, regardless of what other stats aren’t on them. It will be fine for games with friends, but that wasn’t really the problem with multiplayer in the first place.

          It will absolutely be detrimental to public games.

          • I agree but if everyone does that, then they won’t be able to kill anything and doing it will be pointless so they won’t be doing it anymore. In the end when playing on public games you’ll sometime get a bad player with you, which from my experience was already the case simply with undergeared people trying to leech their way through content. I might be worst than it is now at first, but it always gets to a point where it just doesn’t work anymore and fixes itself to a point where it still exists but isn’t gamebreaking. On the other hand now we’ll be able to have fun playing with friends instead of thinking “damn, I wanted to do some runs to get some gold…” every time a friend asks if we want to play with them.

          • Indeed, it is not that it is a fun or great to share MF, but it effectively prevents leeching on others while you run around in MF gear.

            • I’m really surprised how many posts I’m seeing saying “removing MF averaging will ruin Public Games.” I have NEVER once played a Public Game. Why? Well, a few reasons to be honest, but the one that continues to stick out the most is “because Public Games are full of people with little-to-no MF on their gear, or they just have crap gear in general.” You’re probably saying, “well if you’ve never played Public Games then wtf how do you know that?” Because I’ve still played with randoms. Because I’ve still seen other people play in Public Games, and the people they get paired up with.

              From my experiences and runs I’ve watched, Random and/or Public Games are/were full of players with sub-par gear, hoping others will drag them dead or alive across the finish line. So if I go off of what you guys are saying, where “people are going to load up on MF gear and contribute next-to-nothing while you drag them through the Act,” what exactly is changing? Well, nothing… EXCEPT for the fact that your MF won’t be penalized for playing with those people anymore.

              Everyone needs better gear. The more people that have it, the more people who will be able to play Inferno, the more people who will (eventually) be able to farm Inferno, which means that hopefully more high-quality, non-crap gear will become available to all of us, instead of these people putting up crap gear for sale because it’s really the best they can do. If my drops are no longer going to be penalized for playing Public Games, and I can help these “weaker” player characters build up the quality of their gear while still getting high quality drops myself, than I’ll gladly start playing Public Games finally.

    12. Making trash that drops trash take longer to kill, just what we want, more tedious unrewarding crap. ilvl 51-59 garbage dropping in A3-4 Inferno is not acceptable (or fun). Period. Either that or they need to allow for a small percentage of higher level affixes (ilvl 63 affixes) to occur on lower ilvl items. This would allow players to have a little more diversity in weapon and armor choices.

      I also want to ask: why is there such a big gap between the base dps on different items of the same ilvl?

      • “but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four”

        I think it’s a good change. I hate walking through the whole map just for the elites. This will hopefully add more meaning to regular mobs so you’re not wasting time walking around the map for nothing and instead you bother with white mobs.

        • exactly and i think one of many ways how to deal with swapping MF gear,..

          however the cost of good equip with MF stat will increase even further..

      • @Chumly – For those of us who play multiple characters, getting level 51-59 ‘trash’ in Inferno can be a blessing, as we don’t have to go back to Hell to get drops for our alts.
        Besides, if you think that’s frustrating, I assume you’ve never played Diablo 2 – the higher level the monster was, the higher level loot it could drop, but the minimum level of loot was never changed, meaning you could, far too often, get ilevel 4-10 drops off Hell act bosses…

        • This. I’ve never understood all these people that have either never played a Diablo game before, or somehow forgotten how the drop mechanics worked, yet still complain that low level items drop in inferno. Apparently they’ve never seen Hell Baal drop a cracked sash. I’m fine with trash dropping anywhere in the game, as long as the *potential* of a good drop exists. Remember, this is the whole “slot machine” thing people have been wishing existed again. I think they’re on the right track with these changes.

      • Oh you think Diablo 3 was unfinished when it launched?
        Tell me more about how you would have happily waited one more year for Diablo.

        …and how then it would have been perfect, without millions of people grinding it for months and finding faults and exploits.

        • it could very well be the case that D3 killed the hack and slay genre because so many people bought it and didnt like it.
          and its blizz fault that they didnt like the game and that hack and slay games wont be bought in the future. i doubt 3 millions will buy the expansion.
          thx blizzard: you make 100 000 000 $ per month from WoW subscriptions alone. not many games had development costs over 100 000 000 $ and guess what? they are so much better than D3.
          why not wait another year and release “the best game in video game history” instead of “a game i wouldnt play if it were free”?

        • You cannot actually tell me that Diablo 3 is even closed to a finished and properly tested product. PVP is probably 6 months out. How do you release a game without fucking PVP in this day and age of gaming? A vast majority of skills/runes aren’t close to viable. Legendary items/drop rates are a mess… not sure what they were even thinking. So many features were removed from Diablo 2 (runes, jewels, gem types, elemental damage actually having an effect, etc.) and the only idea for items that was going to be new (talismans) was scrapped.

          I mean… come on. Sure, it would have sucked waiting another 6 months – 1 year for Diablo 3. But what’s worse? Adding another year on top of the 10 since D2 was released… or getting the game we got? I’d much prefer the wait than face the disappointment I experienced.

          Blizzard’s policy has always been “When it’s ready,” but this game was rushed by at least 6 months… and that’s even pushing it. It didn’t have to be perfect, but so much of D3 just feels like a rushed mess to me.

          • Some design ideas sound good on paper but don’t work in reality, others work but get broken by people who find ways to abuse them. There can always be unforeseen consequences.

            I will not argue that the game was 100% or even 80% finished because in all fairness it wasn’t. However, the decision to say “enough” and go for it is once that I think was ultimately right. I’ve put 400+ hours into the game and am still enjoying it and it will only get better as they patch it. The thought of going back in time and them deciding to postpone again makes me cringe…more than getting (or not getting rather) a crappy legendary and fighting an invulnerable molten vortex firechains etc pack.

            Plus I bought a 27″ display and paid my bills from RMAH income… wut 😀

            • Question: how much time did it take in game compared to a normal job to make that money?
              Personally I cant see making even 1/10th of my income in the game ever :/ But you may be doing far better than i expect

    13. Thank you Blizzard for taking the first step to proving me right :D! I have faith that even though D3 didn’t launch in an optimal state that over time you will improve and perfect it. Let the haters hate and in 2 years everyone will realize that D3 the same as D2 will launch as a really good game, but will grow into an industry standard.

    14. I’m a bit surprised, but I like (most) of what I’ve read here. Hopefully this is a step towards bringing back people back into the fold.

    15. I wish they would do something to address how tedious and pointless leveling is. As a hardcore player I’m working on getting a new DH up to 60 and its striking how boring the game is for the first 15-20 hours to get there. I barely even look at rares which drop way too infrequently and just upgrade my weapon every 5 levels from the AH while I race through the quests to get the best XP. At the very least, enable NV for non 60s as well.

          • If your main goal is to make leveling less boring, stop using the Auction House and don’t twink. It’s not boring making your way through HC self-found. But at the same time, you want to rush through as fast as possible in order to get the most efficient XP. You kind of need to make a choice between the two. It should be rather obvious that if you overgear your way through the game, it may be a tad dull.

            • I don’t think Twinking makes leveling any less fun… I find it the opposite to be true, at least in D2. To be fair, I know most people rushed in D2, but leveling in D2 was a lot funner because you hit milestones where you can equip the awesome new gear you were saving up for your char. D3 lacks this because all of your upgrades are very linear and hom0genous – upgrades only add more X, Y, and Z stats. In D2, you always remember those milestone levels (like lvl 42 for any of your class specific uniques) and that gives a major carrot on the stick incentive while leveling. You know that big upgrade you can equip would make you a god (i.e. Titan’s Revenge/Buriza for Zons).

              Not twinking, i think, could actually be LESS fun if you enjoy killing stuff fast and you were on a dry spell for upgrades…

          • I’m not sure the the game can be “tedious and pointless” at pre-60 while being meaningful at 60, unless you trivialize the content.

            It sounded like you thought leveling was tedious and pointless because you were using the AH to trivialize everything via the best gear available for a level range, rather than playing through it with “reasonable” self-found gear.

            If you have other gripes about the leveling that aren’t about trivialized content, that may be legitimate and my comment is irrelevant — however I’m not sure that’s the case, because I found leveling a pleasing amp-up in challenge (from faceroll to considerably less so) and pretty much the exact opposite of tedium.

          • @Fenghoang- I actually agree with you on this in general. I in fact prefer to have HC chars leveling at about 20 lvl intervals, each collecting twinks for the char behind them. This seems to be a decent alternative to the auction house… you have decent gear so that you can focus on leveling instead of getting stuck behind gear checks, plus you are almost constantly finding gear for the char coming up behind you without having access to the insanely cheap and powerful AH leveling gear (which virtually eliminates all chance of death, making the choice of HC meaningless until around Hell). All that being said, what I was trying to point out was that if you get carried away overgearing, of course it will make the game dreadfully tedious. When you’re facerolling endless waves of monsters and flat-out tanking with a DH (just for one example)… it gets pretty monotonous with a quickness.

            To clarify, I’m not against twinking (within reason), but if the guy is bored out of his mind there are few ways to make the game more exciting and rewarding than trying to make it through HC on totally self-found gear.

      • and in previous Diablo games leveling was not pointless because…? You had buttons to click, and had to make sure you clicked the right one not to screw your perfect build?

    16. Reasonable changes.Maybe you Blizzard guys actually listen your community.
      But … 1.0.3 increase repair cost 1.0.4 decrease. Whatever that’s the right way… but you have soooo much more work to do.Good Luck.Maybe after 1 year the game will be GREAT.Its still Crappy game with great potential atm.

    17. magic find no longer shared !

      Just great, now we will have people doing nothing to help the group and just walking behind picking up the loot. fu blizzard

        • speaking of vote-kick, why on earth can’t that be done outside of town?

          and why doesn’t the Inspect panel show the player’s stats in that empty box on the left?

      • you got it wrong, now MORE loot will drop with alot of MF, and people with no MF will have no benefit of yours anymore… so more drops for you, less for people walking behind…

        • are you a complete idiot !

          This was the same problem in D2 people being weak/stacking mf and not doing there share of the content clearing, just leeching from the group.

          Since mf is no longer, shared “everyone” will be stacking mf and not going for a more offensive/defensive build.

          Public games will be a nightmare with all the mf toons doing small damage and dying all the time and expecting the well geared people to carry them, fck that I not carrying those scrubs. Looks like this patch will change the game back to single player.

          • you have a point, BUT that is possible now as well, AND your MF is affected by others… so at least it takes away part of the problem. and don’t call people idiots. is impolite.

            • I’ll just do to noobs what I do now with my monk, if someone is weak and standing at the back no helping much I’ll just pull the mobs right on top of them and lol when they die. Even with the new reduced repair costs, it will still be at least 30-35k for a ilvl 61/62/63 geared toon.

              Beware all those that think they can stand at the back if full mf gear not helping much. My monk is very hard to kill and if your not helping and leeching its time for some player killing pve style. Get ready for some huge repair bills after I pull mobs on top of you again and again. :mrgreen:

              Worst thing is most people don’t even understand how mf works, most are under the delusion that it affects the quailty “stats” of the item which is wrong. Mf only gives you more rare chance and more affix’s on that rare, mf has no effect on the random stats rolled of the item.

    18. My hope is back.It still sucks that you gave us beta game.But f it… do your job… you have to do more job if you want to sell us Expansion after year… or so.

    19. Great. I havent played the stupid game for years but now that they will make more viable builds I’ll rejoin d3 again. Good news.

    20. “Deals 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds”, We’re switching a lot of these skills to read “X% weapon damage over 5 seconds”? How does that fix the problem? Both read to me… take 75% of your total weapon damage and divide it by 5, thats the weapon damage per second in addition to other forms of damage modifiers you may have.

      “…So what we’ve done in most cases is assumed a high attack speed…”, since when do most players, unless lucky with gear finding have more than 2.0 attacks per second unless they’ve used the ah and targeted the stat specifically. Certain skills can help, but this is only what I’ve found, others may have had better luck than I have.

      I think in terms of the hit rate of champ packs and rares, for a pure dodge build monk need to be lessened somewhat, I find I get pasted in co-op and single player just from champ packs as they have heavily increased attack speed and hit rate in inferno.

      • “Deals 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds” maybe be interpreted as “for 5 seconds, you deal 75% weapon damage each second” as opposed to “for 5 seconds, you deal 75/5=15% weapon damage each second”

        • This. “for five seconds” could read per second for 5 seconds, whereas, “over five seconds” means gradually over five seconds for sure.

      • Well it’s a lot less confusing for the player. Some skills like Earthquake says it does 2000% dmg over X seconds while others say 75% dmg over Y seconds, and you’re left wondering is it 75% per second or is it 75% divided by Y seconds? It makes it harder for people to compare skills, so normalizing the skill descriptions is definitely a good thing.

        And I’m not sure if I understand the attack speed thing correctly, but I’m assuming they’re going to use weapon DPS for the DoT skills instead of the weapon damage per hit? If so, that’s a good thing because that’s what I always thought that’s how DoTs should’ve worked (i.e. DoTs tick more frequently for fast dps weapons but slower weapons tick less frequently but for more dmg – DPS affects how much overall dmg is done), but I could be interpreting it wrong…

    21. awesome

      also, nice tactic posting it after the hacking incident to swithc people to happy mode 😉

    22. These are all good changes, and it seems that they’re finally listening to player feedback instead of telling us how to play the game. They’ve still got a long way to go towards making me a believer again, but this seems to imply that they’re on the right track.

    23. i like everything except nerfing the champs and elites hp percentages. we needed buffs to items, item drops and skills not nerfs to the life percentage of champs… just fix the ridiculous affixes, items and skills and it would be fine

      • i agree to some extent. however, the insta-heal was REALLY annoying, especially with enrage. as it is now, if a pack is really tough for you, and you die a few times, you have to skip it because they’ll hit enrage and when you die they’ll heal, so you can’t even chop them up bit by bit. they might be 90% dead but they kill you and here we go again…

        • oh yeah i agree, the instant heal and enrage timers felt totally wrong. overall im really happy with the current direction they are heading. im really looking forward to the class blogs, maybe it will get me excited to play my wizard again 😀
          edit: sorry that i didnt clarify that earlier, i kinda forgot about them XD

          • yeah, it will be really exciting to see what they do with the classes. Hopefully they’ll do nice changes that will increase diversity.

    24. As a pretty big critic of D3, these are the best changes I’ve heard in a while:

      – Legendary buffs — hell yes
      – Enrage Timers & Monster Heal removed — hell yes
      – elites slightly weaker and normal mobs slightly tougher — hell yes
      – better drops from normal monsters — hell yes

      All these changes are a BIG step in the right direction. For the majority of the more casual to semi/hardcore players out there, this is great news. THe die-hards will QQ about the game being to easy, but the way I see it, these seem like changes most of the community will be happy with. I might have to fire up the game for the first time in months then 🙂

      • While I do agree that these changes are good, Diablo 3 still ends up as an item grind focused around the auction house. I thought wyatt was working on lvl 60+. For example, champion levels or some kind of system aside from the endless item grind. Guess that wont make it to 1.04…

        Honestly, these preview doesn’t excite me nearly as much as some of you.

        Personally I’m really only excited for Gw2, RE6, and borderlands atm. We’ll see I guess. If they do a great job at adding more viable skills, then ill come back for 1.04 for a bit. Otherwise, I don’t really see anything amazing at the moment.

    25. ”quote” : ”The Enrage Timers feel more appropriate on bosses, where the setup, predictability and mechanics of the fight add the required context for the time limit.”

      Enrage timers have no place in Diablo. Period.
      If it takes you 50 minutes to kill a boss with your puny little weapon then you should by damn be allowed to do so.

      • My first solo Inferno Diablo kill on my Barb took me over 40 minutes. And I was damn proud of myself afterwards.

      • This is especially true for Hardcore. I like to play through content blind, but with “dps check” enrage timers i feel like i’m forced to google what dps i need before attempting the bosses.

    26. No word about MF gear swapping, thats bad. God, I hate this stupidity to change my equip before killing elites. When I imagine how a warrior is re-dressing himself, while he is running on one foot before a huge skeleton… wtf?? This is like “half-bugging” 😕

    27. @Exx – this was supposed to be a direct reply but it bugged-out.

      “So, in 1.0.4 we’re increasing the health of normal monsters by approximately 5%-10% in Inferno, but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four.”

      Hopefully you won’t be MF swapping with this new bit of information… you can, but they just gave you a four times multiplier on hitting the jackpot with trash mobs.

      • Ehm, yea… and how does this change affect the swap or not-swap MF gear problem? If I want to get the best drop from elites (they still will have the best drop chance for a good item), I will still swap the MF gear. Why? Because everyone is doing this to become an advantage. Im sorry, but for me, it still remains a must and one of the biggest stupidities in D3.

        Edit: What means the category of drop “4”? Would like to know the % of improvement from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4. If it is like “5%”, well then… lol

        • We need some help from the community. Somebody must know the drop rate for trash mobs. “Factor of four” means multiply by 4 so we just need to find out that base rate.

          What I was getting at is that IF it is significant, it may make more sense to leave your MF gear on all the time. Some of this is irrelevant, as they are going to be switching up the MF system in 1.04 as well.

        • Magic find is supposed to be a compromise in your effectiveness, and the challenge is to have high mf gear that you can compete with. Try finding gear you can kill monsters with that has high magic find on it. you might even enjoy it.

          This will be a welcome change for anyone with nice magic finding gear.

          • This will not keep me from MF gear swapping before killing the last elite in the pack. The MF gear will allways have higher MF than the “battle” gear, thats logical and thats also the point! As you say – its about effectivness. This is the maximalization of effectivness. And I hate it. But as everyone, I want the best drop. I just hope Blizzard will do something with this.

            • It may not keep you from swapping before the killing blow, but it may encourage you to incorporate some MF into your combat gear, which makes swapping less important. Either way it’s a good thing, even if they decide not to adress swapping in a more direct fashion.

          • I agree. It gets philosophical. Basically, if you want high MF, you need to compromise something. Right now you’re compromising primarily one of two things:

            1. Some stats on your gear, e.g. you lose some resistances or primary stat for MF
            2. Time, survivability and a bit of “sanity” when swapping gear

            There are many possible other options to do this, but in any even you HAVE to sacrifice something, otherwise it’ll just become one of the pimary attributes and the whole point of MF will be lost.

            Adding an item swap would just be a different way of compromise. It would save you sanity and time but would sacrifice effectivenes because you could keep gear tailored to certain mobs in there. And it might be an endless cycle, because ppl would keep 2 sets of gear for normal situations and then swap the secondary set for MF set before a boss.

            A mechanic where you can modify item properties and perhaps substitute MF for a property might be interesting but that’s a huge change to the whole item system. Maybe in an x-pack. But still, what’s preventing ppl from swapping the stats right before a boss?

            • and the possibility to search for more affixes would also help to get MF on combat gear…

            • Fix = Remove MF completely from itens. Hated it since it was introduced.
              Increase difficuilty of everything a bit to suit.
              Incresae drop rates of everything in the game to even out loss of MF.
              Keep Neph buff to encourage farming to a boss / staying in games longer still.

              Now you play the game in the items you really want to use, and if something better drops you can just pop it on. Instead of using some shit gear you dont really want to use, but because it has MF on it you have to.
              This makes item drops far more fun.

    28. So glad to see that WD pets will be viable endgame skills! Considering that it’s a pet based class, I don’t know how this was ever allowed (Monk’s mystic ally is stronger than any WD pet by far), but I’m glad they’re finally fixing it. I don’t play a WD, but my friend does and I am looking forward to playing with him without carrying his weight against monsters with 215% health. 😛

    29. I’ve got to say, i like pretty much everything i’ve read. Now hoping it isn’t just talk and they successfully fix the glaring issues.

      One thing i’m not sure about is the 25% decrease in high level item repair costs. If all goes well difficulty balance wise i’m afraid it’s too little of a deathpenalty. I’d rather want to see the cost of dying increased, but then maybe based on character level. For example 100 gold per character level (so 6000 at level 60)

    30. Are the drop rate “fixes” for Inferno only or for all difficulties? I miss finding items that are level 15, when you’re level 10-14. Gives you that “Can’t wait until I get to 15 to use that” feeling. Also the reason why I always kept 5-10 attribute points unassigned in case I found an item that needed slightly higher strength/dex/int for. I remember finding act 1 nightmare gear in act 4/5 normal on occasion.

      I want the same experience I had in d2 when my paladin was able to find most of Signon’s (sp?) set before finishing Act 4 on my first play through.

      • They just better not stealth nerf the Elite pack/Boss drops like they did last time with the misdirection of a buff elsewhere. I’m a bit wary when they mention buffing regular trash mob drop rates – which I very much agree with BTW. Most people were just skipping them, and that’s no fun.

    31. “A good example here is the Barbarian Rend ability – many people don’t use it because you can’t always tell which enemies are affected by the bleed and which aren’t.”

      Or maybe the shit dmg, only Elites survive 3 sec, it doesnt use all the Fury you generate and it cant stack.

    32. How convenient for Blizz to bury the “We’ve been hacked” news with this candy.

      Anyway, on topic : Great changes, I like the direction they are going with this.

      Also, it is spelled : habanero.

    33. 2cents

      -dont ever nerf inferno mobs.
      -repair cost should have been increased not decreased
      -invunerable was fine, enrage should be an affix.
      the rest is good news.

      happy out, but feel like they are doing to inferno, what they do to wow hc raids; nerf the crap out of them for the masses. keep it at the same difficulty or make it harder.

      “Rather than focus on whether or not you can beat an enemy, many players would rather figure out how fast they can beat them.”

      = chess vs whack-a-mole
      long term enjoyment killed by short term shiny

      my only lunatic hope is that hardcore is somehow spared these difficulty nerfs but i think that has a snowballs chance…

      • I love the idea of Enrage as an affix. Keeps the mechanic in, but means only some mobs have it and those that do have one fewer other affix. Love it!

    34. Seems like the major problem people are going to have with this patch is promoting people load up on mf and lag behind not killing anything.

      An obvious and easy fix they could put in would be to give players a mf bonus based on their gear AND the amount of damage they did to the mob. If they did 0% damage give them 30% of their gear bonus on the drop. If they did 40% damage give them 100% of their gear bonus. If they did 100% of the damage give them 150% of their mf gear bonus.

      This would promote a good gear balance AND progression.

      • no no man, it is not as easy as you make it out to be. So Demon Hunters and Wizards, who usually deal much more dmg than melee would get better bonuses just cause they hit harder?

    35. The vast majority of D3 players are not elite gamers and never have been.
      This patch is good news for us. Instead of feeling like we are at work while playing a freaking video game we will be having fun instead.

      A step in the right direction.

    36. The changes are nice, but it is not enough to bring me back yet. Items need to not be boring, have a higher probability of being an upgrade, crafting needs to not be useless, all skills need to be viable end game instead of being forced to use a select few in order to live..and a laundry list of other major issues that need a lot of attention.

      So I will still probably not be able to enjoy this game until the first expansion where these things will be addressed. Also, I am still royally pissed off with the story.

      I will be enjoying Borderlands 2 in the meantime.

    37. I liked shared magic find. The only people who don’t want it are ones who want to join public games with 300% and leech.

      Aka, the exact scumbags the design was meant to thwart.

    38. “We’re getting rid of the Invulnerable Minions monster affix”

      seriusly, this alone is one of the best changes they could have done, thanks blizzard, definetly looking foward to this patch

    39. I know I’m probably up for disappointment, and experience tells me I’m an idiot for doing so… but this patch is giving me some hope for D3 & Blizzard.

      You gotta give them credit… they actually finally listened. Sure it took like 2 months of hardcore raging and droves of fans abandoning the game, but at least Blizzard finally got the message. Obviously, I’m not expecting this patch to “fix” the game, but it’s a great start (much better than the last couple at least).

      I think all of the changes I’ve seen so far are major improvements. Though, I still believe that they seriously need to look into itemization. The mention on weapons is a great start, but they seriously still need to look at item stats. Simply put, they need more interesting, viable modifiers to break up the homogeny. Items are too monotonous when the main focus is on 1-3 stats that appear on nearly every single slot. The main offender is obvious your main attribute being such a dominating focus on item quality. That being said, I would MUCH rather them add more viable alternatives than nerf existing ones. Itemization is easily the biggest issue with the game ATM, and it’s the thing that keeps players addicted. Hopefully the Legendaries could alleviate some of it.

      I’m sure there’s still going to be elitist whiners saying that Blizzard is making the game easymode for the WoW generation or whatever. But you know what? Diablo was never about the challenge factor. I LOVE challenge in games, and I almost always play on the hardest difficulty (I grew up on the NES/SNES/Genesis era… games nowadays are cake in comparison); but Diablo was always about the killing of hordes and hordes of monsters, testing and refining builds, and finding new epic shinies. Diablo is NOT about gearchecks and artificial “challenge” that we have right now.

      Now question is, is it too late? Has the damage been done? Will people come back? Personally, I’ll probably won’t play much (or at all) for a while, but I’m glad things are getting better. The patch is a bit late to the party, and GW2 is right around the corner – so that’s probably going to eat up my free time for the next few months (years+?) at least – probably applies to a lot of others as well. But I do have hope that when i do come back in a few months, the game would be in a much better shape than it is now.

    40. The game needs higher drop rates and better drop rolls. The game also needs ways to get current items out of the economy. It seems the game will still be boring because this glaring flaw is not addressed well enough.

    41. Wait, did they just give a release date estimate? Change in philosophy? Seriously surprised. And you know he would have had to go through the higher ups to OK that statement.

    42. Anybody else get the feeling that if they’d just released the darn game a year earlier, we would have ended up in exactly the same place a lot sooner?

          • They had to spend 12 months making sure every enemy in the game explained their entire plan to us. Otherwise we would have just stood around in town hopelessly lost like we did in the last games..

          • an art asset is different than a completed act. to me it seems the further into the game, the more rushed it looks. best example: one of the few act 4 random dungeons: a square.

      • In one of developers blogs, it was said that game was in state of polish for 2 years. So yeah, it wouldn’t be much worse year ago 🙂

    43. Was that really a blizzard post or a late ‘april fools’ joke?…

      The changes sound good if so, can’t wait to start playing again, and in groups finally!

    44. Can we remove all the irrational kids from these forums please. Apparently the rest of the world is living in an accelerated time where 3ish months is the same as a year. Yeah the game took 10 years, but it wasn’t really being actively worked on until about 4 years ago. Of course things could have been better at release, but look at it this way the guys the are supposedly not still playing yet whining on the forums will not be playing when they make the same sort of adjustments they had to make in D2 to balance things. Sure D2 might not have been quite as bad, but every game is different. I see D3 being an awesome game to play down the road and all those pessimists need to go play with pandas and guilds and Darksiders 2 (which I will also be getting).

    45. Armor and weapon graphics don’t have enough variety, they should give D3 transmogrification 1.04. It would really put those less desirable legendaries to good use.

    46. All those problems with public games and people leeching with MF would be gone if one could create custom games. I don’t understand why blizzard prefers “matchmaking”.

      • Yeah, this. This would have been a big deal to me. I mean, I’ll roll with the new changes just like I’ve been rolling with the game thus far. The sky wasnt falling before and it ain’t falling now. However, it does appear that all they are doing is making the game easier.

      • not only that, but no custom games means everyone is just another warm body to be relied upon in combat and yet 100% ignored elsewhere.

        hell, i named my games in diablo 2 words that incited converstation. so i’d go through the whole game (and not have story forced down my throat so repeatedly), and occasionally once or twice in a game someone would come in, and i’d spend the next 10 minutes having a conversation with said stranger.

        in diablo 3 its – join a game with strangers, maybe say hi, and hope that 25% of people will at least acknowledge your existence, then its silence until people leave or act ends or whatever. great interaction there, almost as bad as looking for dungeon in WoW.

        • I agree, out of the hundreds of online games iv played, I have had maybe a handfull of interactions, and I added as many “friends” as I could since launch.
          I never talked to a single one of them again. interaction is horrible, hell literally a month before d3’s launch I loaded up d2, joined a baal, run, and had a 5 man conversation about how we couldn’t wait for d3 to come out, a month later the game is everything I wanted it to be.
          Right up until all my friends quit a month in and the drop rates/patchs made it so all I did was play alone and skip normal mobs, and every destructable(why are destructables still in the game?) and I would just kill a few champion packs, etc restart. Endlessly grinding for no reason, and endlessly searching for nothing, alone.

          I don’t wanna come off as a hater, because I love diablo, its why i still visit this site regularely after quiting diablo 3 for weeks, the game is good, just make it so I can play with my friends, and theres a reason to farm so much.

    47. I think Jay Wilson just had an alter ego of terribadness that was present up until now, at which point he realized the game was released in a flawed state and he became less terribad to fix stuff.

    48. I can’t help but read this patch as: “Okay, we get it, you guys hate challenge, and just want to face roll your way to shiny loot!” Which isn’t to say the game won’t still pose some challenge, but a lot of those phrases in that write up seem to scream that sentiment. =/

      • Actually, that’s the Rob Pardo philosophy of making things work. It doesn’t surprise me he intervened after all that troll whining.

        “Every player needs to feel overpowered” is one of his motto’s.

        The long term investment in Blizzard games is based on it and the “then we doubled it in Inferno” was not really in line with the usual philosophy.

        Again another influence of some bad hating trolls back in beta “D3 is too easy” yelling for 8 months long…

    49. all these changes are definitely good changes in my eyes… but it really doesn’t seem to fix the one fundamental problem that seems to be the most prevalent failing of the game, itemization issues.

      i guess adding new uniques is a start, but they need to straight up work on affixes, values, and ranges of said values more than anything… that and have more useful meaningful affixes that compete with primary affixes so they aren’t so absolutely required.

    50. The only thing that sounds good for the masses is the gap closing between normal and elite mobs.

      Now everyone can think he is Bolt & Blake again, while struggling along at 17.3 on the 100 meter dash.

      All these changes will have very little impact on the hate trolling train though. As can already be seen on such fantastic created names like Diablo hater etc.

      I kinda like their timing though. Everything is good to stomp that ridiculous GW2 hyped trash. Publishing an mmorpg in 2012 without an open world and minute long loading screens without even a mount system is pathetic.

      Not even talking about retail selling of … an on line game without servers operational for 5 months long.

      If Blizzard would do that in Titan they would be shot to pieces.

      I hope for the best for patch 1.04 but it won’t stop the hate train, even if they would include a full naked high resolution woman in each zone to unlock…


    51. I don’t believe in Blizzard anymore, and they should have known about the issues and worked on most of these things since June… but maybe game will be better.
      I don’t care too much about the quality of rares, random was always random in d2 too, killing efficiently is good though. A pity I still won’t be able to kill bosses because of enrage timers. Stupid gear scaling… need more of primary stat.

    52. you can just feel the Fear of Torchlight 2 in the air. Desperate attempt to save D3, but a noble one at that, appreciate it. 😀

      Add a Damn button to shut up followers and the Bosses.
      Completely remove the Enrage timers on skills and especially POTIONS.
      100% Winner. 😀

    53. This is good and all, but i haven’t played since a few weeks ago and I find no incentive to do so unless I have a reason to farm, which right now, I have none… i mean what? Im suppossed to just kill the same shit over and over waiting for my 40000th yellow item to finally roll a slightly better stat? honestly the item system is taking steps in the right direction, but having played d2 for so long I can safely say the reason I played that game so long was because I had items to hunt, whereas in d3 I stopped playing because there are no items to hunt, no legendarys to strive for, no reason to play public games, and no excitment when I kill something, always searching for the next shiney is not apparent in diablo 3 and unless they add pvp and buff legendarys within the next 2-3 months I might not be able to/want to play diablo anymore.

      Im only commenting because I care, and because I have played/followed diablo for 8 years now, and I don’t want to let this game disapear, but I can’t really do anything, all my friends find the game uninteresting, uncompetitive, and almost pointless to even continue playing, and im stuck alone with nothing to do and with no interest to get the epic loot. I feel like I have no reason to even play the game because I reached the entirety of its content within a few months.

    54. Enrage timers, Invulnerable Minions, and the absurd repair costs will not be missed. Not by me anyway – I’ve been saying these things need to go forever, looks like Blizz is finally listening 😀

      That said, I will reserve overall judgement until after 1.04 is released and I’ve played it. Elites do indeed need to be nerfed though, so this is looking like a step in the right direction. Just hope the item system becomes more like it did in past Diablo games.

    55. all these stupid things they’re removing… makes you wonder why they put it in the first place.
      can’t wait for patch 1.0.5 : “we changed the whole story and bosses and dialogues and fired chris metzen.”

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