The patch may be delayed, but there is some good news with it: we’re still going to get some hotfixes tomorrow that affect some important aspects of the game – like % drops in Act 3. They didn’t mention what else will be in the hotfixes slated for tomorrow, but it’s certain we’ll be seeing the changes to drops rates.

    In general we tend to not provide release dates or specific timeframes for patches due to the complexity of the updates, and the possibility that we’ll discover an issue that keeps us from releasing it on time. We discovered a few such issues late into the testing of 1.0.3b, which means it won’t hit this week as previously mentioned.

    However, we know that a number of changes in 1.0.3b have been highly anticipated, and so we spent the better part of today pulling specific changes that did not run into testing issues out of 1.0.3b, and turning them into hotfixes. These include the Inferno drop increases among a couple others, and will be applied with off-peak rolling restarts tomorrow morning. We’ll also be updating the June hotfix blog with specific changes (including new drop rates) tomorrow morning after we manage to wrangle up a cup of coffee.

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